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American Legion Legislative Division staff will provide written testimony the House Subcommittee on Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs, which is conducting a hearing on accountability in VA claims processing, fraudulent claims processing charges and other legislation pending before the committee.


  1. I have had a claim in to the VA since June 2010,received letter stating that VA received application for benefits dtd July 2 2010 for Lung Cancer and metastatic disease of the T-12 vertebral (Spine), on July 06 2010 submitted additional Physicians statement to support Claim, receiverd call on July 20 2010 and wanted all info and any additional info on my application I faxed all info, on Aug 27 2010 received letter stating the VA still processing my application for Compensation, on Oct 21 2010 rceived letter requesting more info on Diabetes meiiitus, on Oct 26 received letter stating still prcessing Compensation, sent info requesting that this be withdrawn on Oct 27 2010. on Dec 28 2010 received letter stating still processing application for compensation. on March 29 2011 sent Statement in Support of Claim (VA Form) Requesting claim be expidited due to the nature of my condition and that the Cancer is speading. Nothing fron VA since Dec 2010, I e-mailed VA last week, still working.

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