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Do you support Arizona’s tougher new immigration law?


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  1. I’m from Arizona. I can tell you this is not a benefit for us, nor a benefit for any of the other states. You better get this one issue RIGHT! It is not a matter of race nor if you lay claim to any political party. It is a matter protecting our sovereignty and your children’s future and their children’s future. We citizens need to act as one united for the preservation of America and not get suckered into some feel good for the moment political agenda.
    There is a huge amount of propaganda and myths circulating about illegal aliens, particularly illegal Mexican, Salvadorian, Guatemalan and Honduran aliens. Not to fail to mention every other nation of those seeking to enter the U.S. for other reasons that are NOT American friendly. Such as terror groups from the middle east. Send your request to for all 10 things you need to know.

  2. I live in a state that is having a problem with illegals, officials believe around half a million.

    I believe every state has the right to capture, fingerprint into a database and deport illegals.

    A friendly served4 years in the military. When asked him about the Dream Act he asked me what is it. i explained it to him. He said then i don't understand why we need a dream act bc they can already get a legal citizenship status by joining our military. My son said let's not discuss illegals in the parking lot. We taxpaying US Citizens are losing our freedomsr

    We welcome and salute every immigrant who comes here via legal channels...that process is to prevent the spread of communicable disease. A lady recently said her child was exposed by an illegal kindergartner who had tuberculosis..the entire class must be tested. Allowing uncontrolled immigration is a tremendous burden tot he deficit..dream act is project to increase deficit by 25 billion by 2021

  3. This is not just about an invasion of the U.S.A. by
    foreign nationals. This is about our possible freedom.
    We have too date 18 million illegals in this country
    a large portion of them are entering this country with weapons. If only 1 out of a thusand have weapons, thats
    180,000 possible foreign troops in our country.

    It would only take about 15,000 thousand or less to
    invade a base like fort hood and completely take over
    the weapons for their own use. could the movie Red Dawn be coming true.

    How many of these illegals are Al Quida or drug lord

    Could or congress and senate be taking the road that
    Benedict Arnold once took.

  4. that the States finally start taking a strong position against, in this case, the failure of the federal government to defend and protect U.S. citizens. It's a shame that politicians are using illegals as political pawns and cheap labor at the expense of the integrity of America. If this is not stopped soon, it will eventually become even more violent and law breaking. Noone wins when the law is not enforced.

  5. I know that the only way to stop this is to severely penalize the businesses that hire illegals. Fines are not sufficient. There must be jail time involved for it to stop. The social security system will collapse unless this is stopped. These businesses pay off the books naturally to illegals and avoid social security taxes,healthcare,local taxes,city taxes,state taxes and federal taxes. The IRS should work in conjunction with ICE and resolve this matter to save our nation and its people.
    I know thousands of veterans out of work that would love the opportunity to have these jobs the illegals are taking from us including myself.
    Perhaps an organization as large a The American Legion can help the veterans by speaking up in a loud voice.Maybe they can get the VFW and AMVETS to join them. That would be a blessing for all the vets they represent.

  6. my son liked working outside He's been out of work since August and goes every day applying for jobs.

    these jobs pay $7 to $10 an hour. Roofing, construction, house painting, landscaping. I just had my house roofed..there were about 10 men roofing it all spanish speaking. It's like that every where you go...mexicans mostly they are reported to make up 87% of all illegals in the USA. 25% of kindergarten children are hispanic...estimated 37% of that number are estimated to be illegal aliens. It's costing us a tremendous amount for building schools, teachers, teachers aids, supplies etc, not to mention free meals. Then there are the illegals who rape, drive drunk, no license, no insurance, kill and maim other on our highways. San Jose CA has a lawsuit against them for impounding illegals cars...this makes me angry when US CITIZENS are convicted of such crimes. Tell me that is right.
    We must contact our government repeatedly to tell them what we want.

  7. The capitalist corporations with the express approval of our government have been helping bring in illegal workers since the railroads were built. The capitalist corporations with the assistance of our government have been destroying unions from the very beginning of unions. Unions and United States citizens are the backbone of this county. The unions have enabled a living wage,our first children to go to college,our first homes,healthcare and a shorter workday and workweek so we had time to spend with our families and improve the quality of life for all.
    The multi-national corporations are even worse. They do not have this nation's interest in their bottom line.
    All illegals must be deported to make room for the legitimate legal immigrants that are on waiting list to come here.
    I am a veteran who has been laid off several times and replaced by illegals in driving positions no less. I have a clean commercial driver's license and they have no driver's license.

  8. the Arizona law is not about illegal IMMIGRATION it is about illegal Immigrants. Your construction of the poll question leads to a skewed response.

    The checking is okay. Border enforcement (immigration) is a Federal responsibility.

  9. may we please have he same immigration law as say mexico has. Or just may be use the law from the country of origin, that covers all the bases. Better yet I believe that we should just enforce the laws we have on the books. There can be no amnesty as the constitution has rules for citicenship and there is no easy way. thats why thay call it hard.

  10. I'm an immegrant, I came here leagal, I served in the Army, I have no problem if anyone askes me for an ID
    since I have nothing to hide...

  11. In case anyone hasn't heard, our newest supreme court justice is member of La Raza. If someone doesn't do something soon the country we fought to preserve will no longer exist. What you don't value, you lose.

  12. The Constitution gives the Congrss the power to make and regulate federal law; but it also gives the states the power to pass their own laws as they see fit. Illegal Immigration across the borders of Texas, New Mexico, arizona, and California cry for state intervention to do something to aid the federal government in stemming the tide of illegal immigrents. I seriously believe that all states need to join this battloe and (even though I disagree with a lot of what the Demacrates propose) I have to agree the time has come for a national ID. I believe there should be a code for violent offenders, spousal abusers, and habitual drunk drivers.Forigner's that don't want to comply can be deported! I am tired of paying high taxes so people can come into this country illegally and get free housing, free medical care, free education, and free welfare because "it's discriminatory to deny them." And how many of them are agents of enemy governments that would like to destoy us from within?

  13. Anyone who opposes the actions of government officials to protect Americans from non Americans does not know what this country is all about. I did not take an oath to protect people from another country invading the U.S. Our jails are full of them because they are commiting crimes against our countymen. Arizona did not make it aginst law to be in the U.S. if you are a certain race. They made it against the law to be in Arizona if you are in the U.S. illegally. The illegals are not upset about the law. It is the same as existing federal laws. They are upset because Arizona intends to actually enforce the law and stop their illegal and destructive behavior. I lived most of my life within sight of our Southern border. I finally moved because I got tired of my car disappearing and the illegal gangs in all of the parks.

  14. From what I've learned about the Constitution.. What the federal government doesn't address, is left up to the individual states to pass the laws concerning those issues, until it goes against our constitutional right.

  15. I like the idea that Arizona is trying to do something, but I see many problems with it that could tear this country apart again. I feel the law should go after those who hire the illegals. If they can't find work, because we won't hire them, then they'll go home. The businesses that hire them should be responsible. There are laws in place for these businesses to check if these people have the proper work visa in this country, and if a business doesn't check them properly then they should be fined or three strikes and put out of business. The constitution is the almighty law for this country, and its citizens of this country and DOES NOT apply to those who are not citizens, which we are allowed to discriminate against them, and Congress should remember that instead of pleasing everyone.

  16. Why is it Americans get 12 years at hard labor, while we give illegal immigrants drivers licenses, health care, food stamps,...?
    Come on, people, be real!

    I worked overseas for several years. I made sure my visas and work documents were up to date; I played the game, why is it so much to ask that everyone does the same?

  17. I took that oath 3 times, and never was there an expiration date. Give me back the country I swore to protect and defend.

  18. I took that oath 3 times, and never was there an expiration date. Give me back the country I swore to protect and defend.

  19. I am from Arizona and I am as concerned about the illegal immigration and drug routes through my State as everyone else. We must establish security and protection for all Arizona Citizens and we must do it fast. However, we must do it the right way - the State does not have the authority - in accordance with the Constitution - only Congress has that Authority. So, let us work through Congress to get it done - send letters, make calls, gather at public functions and demand that our Congress do something now or vote them out of office in the next election! I am sick and tired of the "What is good for my party" attitude in Washington DC. Let us put people in office who have the "What is good for America" attitude and get things done correctly once and for all!

  20. This is not about racism,it is not about profiling,it is about the law and entering this country legally as most of our ancestors did!It is about speaking our language,working,paying taxes,social security taxes, and being an American.I am fed up with seeing protestors crying that we are denying them their rights while carrying an Mexican flag.Come to America,but do it legally,pay into the system for the benefits you want,same as the rest of us do.If they come into this country illegally,they are criminals,especially if they bring drug and guns.It is about states going bankrupt.Try serving this country in the military,be a hero,not a drain on our economy.Get a job here,get paid above the table,not in cash to avoid paying taxes.Don't send the money home to Mexico,put it into our economy.If you didn't see the news today,you might want to purchase an AK47 of your own to protect yourself against some of these illegals.If they want to fight a war,go to Iraq so some of our guys can come home.

  21. I have lived in AZ my whole life(59 yrs) and watched it deteriorate with all the freebies we give out to people who are not citizens. My ancestors also came from another country(legally). They went through Ellis Island and became citizens. Any state who thinks we in Arizona don't have the right to say NO and STOP, then by all means, let them take the illegals to their state and let them support them. First they had better plan to learn another language, so they can cater to them and speak to them. Get used to for English, press 1. After they take the illegals to their state and have supported them for awhile, get back with us about how you feel. After you watch your city start looking like a 3rd world country(a very poor one), then get back to us. Bottom line, Arizona can no longer afford to support them or we will be bankrupt!!!!!!!! Check out Mexico's immigration laws before you complain about ours.

  22. Why and HOW did this become a race issue? My family came over here in the 1960's from Holland and did it legally. My Dad was required to have a job BEFORE immigrating. Both parents had to read, speak, and write English BEFORE immigrating. Our leniency has been perceived as weakness and now that someone wishes to ENFORCE existing is labeled racist. I am a proud US Army Vietnam veteran married to another Vietnam Veteran and we are both American Legion members and immigrants -LEGAL immigrants.

  23. It's a case of STATE rights; since our state militia (national guard) have been inducted by the Federal gov. for our war in Iraq; it's up to the people to defend our borders, and our way of life.

  24. I served 23 years in the military to support and defend the constitution of the United States and its citizens. This is a Nation of laws and the people coming into this country illegally are willing to break our laws from the moment they set foot in this country. I have no problem with legal immigration. I believe we need to get our Congress to do something, other than pat themselves on their backs, pass automatic pay raises for themselves. They need to do some actual work and fix the problems with legal immigration. The law passed by Arizona is almost a duplicate of the Federal Law with the exception that I believe Arizona will actually follow the law unlike the Federal Government.

  25. There are more than just Hispanic Illegals. Here in California the problem is out of control. If the Feds can't take care of the problem, it leaves the States without any option. If the people of Arizona aren't complaining, why should we. I think this is just the start of more states taking control of what is happening. No amnesty, close the boarders.

  26. Why and HOW did this become a race issue? My grandmother came over here in the 1920's from Poland and did it legally...she was required BY LAW to report her whereabouts at all times. One time she moved from the upper peninsula of Michigan to Indiana -and the FBI was on her doorstep, because 3 mos had gone by and she had not reported her move...and guess what folks. She was white. AND here legally. She had an accent and was required often to show papers. Our leniency has been perceived as weakness and now that someone wishes to ENFORCE existing is labeled racist. Sorry illegal IS illegal. You get no protection from MY constitution. AZ has to build 37 schools to educate this influx of illegals and AZ has to pay for that...they needed to do something. I am a proud legion member, a vietnam veteran and grand-daughter of immigrants -LEGAL immigrants and I AM NOT a racist. Titus don't accuse me of that. BTW did you serve?

  27. This is not a racial or ethnic issue as some have tried to make it out to be. Arizona absolutely had the right to do something in order to protect their citizens from the myriad of illegal immigrant crime they have been experiencing for years. This bill would not have been necessary, if our Federal Government had not failed undertake it's responsibility to secure our national borders against foreign incursions. For many years our prospective and elected representatives have talked about securing our borders, but have done nothing. So, when one of our suffering border states finally says they've had enough and take some action, they've become the unfair target of many of these same "do nothing but talk" representatives! If they can do it better, PLEASE STEP UP TO THE PLATE! It's high time our government provided the American People the basic border security they deserve!!!

  28. My father was an immigrant back in the late twenties. The USA is the land of opportunity and our doors are open who wish to come here legally. We are also a home for those who live under oppression form nations who do not belive in liberty. Our soldiers have died on many foreign shores in the defense of liberty. What we are dealing with is political correctness, a form of ORWELL'S NEW SPEAK IN THE BOOK 1984. This has to stop. If you are not a citizen, or have a GREEN CARD, you do not have CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS,in these United States. If you are here on a VISA,you do not have CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS in these United States. If you have none of the above you are here illegally and you should go home. There are some here who want you to stay. It is not because they are your friend it is because they want to use you presence politically. The illegal immigrants coming across the Mexican Border ar mostly Mexicans!!! I have no problem with profiling. We have to protect our nations soverignty.

  29. titus1928
    God bless you for standing up for the people of color. We fought for all the people of the america but there veterans that feel they only fought for white americans.
    Again, thank you titus1928 and god bless you. You are true veteran.

  30. Regretably, jhsantana, attitudes and responses of many are hard to influence and change once a person believes what they do. But as a Legion Member and one who believes we fought and defended Americans and not just people of color or whites, making statements and or re-enforcing misperceptions helps no one. It only enflames the fires of hate, discontent, and prejudice. As a sworn member of the Legion, I would hope your comments reflect non-members attitudes. If they do not, I would like to know what Post you belong to and ask the National Leaders to make a special visit to determine worthiness to continue operations.

  31. First of all, this is Arizona STATE law passed by the STATE legislature and does not affect any other state in the union. I live in Az. and we have an ongoing problem here. We have a congress that does not have the backbone to tackle this issue and that includes republicans as well as democrats.
    As for opinions and comments let me be very blunt. If you live in Arizona and do not like this law, that is fine. If you do NOT live in Arizona and do NOT like our laws, tough! Watch our nightly news and see what is going on in Phoenix and around the border and then you can state your opinion.

  32. POlice will be stopping anyone who looks Mexican. That is a NAZI LAW. eVERHYONE HAD DO CARRY IDENTY PAPERS IN NAZI GERMANY.



  33. As a Legion member, Titus, I find your comment as typical of those who have not been correctly informed or not read the AZ Law or understand that it is an exact wording of the Federal Law. Please, before you make pronouncements and or state the same thing you have written above, to others - who have not read the Law or asked to be informed make sure yourself you know what the Law reads and its origins. Asserting that the AZ Law is a Nazi Law dishonors those who faced the Holocaust as well as makes those of us who have sworn to defend and support the Laws of our great Land. Should you need to know exactly what the Law states and what AZ Law Enforcement can do under the Law, contact the Maricopa County Sheriff's office. At any rate, please do not misrepresent either the intent or the application of the AZ Law.

  34. Well player if you do not like the law that the majority of the people in Arizona want(legal people that is) then I think you should pack your bags and move. But wait other states are thinking about passing same type of law. The pople of this country are tired of being door mats and as a retired Federal Officer and ex-cop,ex-Navy I am glad people are standing up for there country. Any country in the world will ask for a persons I. D. and in most you had better have one, so America woke up and now your mad I have traveled all over the world and its about time we started checking IDs

  35. I live in a small city near the Canadian border and I feel racism and profiling big time. I am a white and my family is white. We are constantly hounded by the authorities at the border for Identification and proof of citizenship. They say "We look like Canadians". So I show my ID.
    What part of ILLEGAL do people not get? If the government does not enforce all the laws, I'm running for office so I can have government officials and law enforcement not enforce slapping idiots like you in the head. Notice I called police, Law Enforcement. That's what they are supposed to do. ENFORCE the LAW. And brother, it is a very real law. I've seen it.
    Since none of the "outraged" have posted a clue as what should be done, here is one idea;
    Close down the borders with force. Legalize everyone inside the borders (That want to be American)
    Sending home those here illegally would be too complicated and costly. Then, re-open the manned entry points to legal immigrants and visitors.

  36. It's nice to see that someone (the Arizona Legislature and Governor) have the guts to stand up for United States of America citizens particularly since the U.S. Government (the Federal government) has neither the guts nor the inclinations to stand up to ILLEGAL immigrants. The Fed could easily pass legislation that provides HEAVY fines (1/4 million dollars and up) and incarceration (minimum 1 year in prison) for hiring ILLEGAL aliens and denies citizenship to children born of ILLEGAL immigrant born in the USA. Additionally, insuring NO free education, medical care, welfare, medicaid would go along way to curbing ILLEGALS.

    Until this happens more states, e.g. Florida, should follow Arizona's lead.

  37. I live in a small city near the Canadian border and I feel the racism and profiling big time. I am a white male and my family is white. We are constantly hounded by the authorities at the border for Identification... They say "We look like Canadians"... So I show my ID.

    What part of ILLEGAL do people not get? If the government does not enforce all the laws, I'm running for office so I can have government officials and law enforcement not enforce slapping idiots like you in the head.

    Notice I called police, Law Enforcement. That's what they are supposed to do. ENFORCE the LAW.

  38. SCF
    You did something wrong that is why they stopped you. They stopped me because I was brown and going for a walk.
    Again, I'm for secure a border and we should get the problem fixed.
    DMZS- This law does nothing to protect us from drug and human smugglers crossing the borders. It is protecting us from being asaulted from dishwashers, maids , and farm laborers.

  39. I am white and every time I am stopped by a policeman I am asked for ID should I contact the ACLU

    Az is doing what the feds refuse to do

  40. I am amazed how many think we should simply abolish our borders and let the massive flow come in until this country is no longer as we know U.S.A. I am sure the people screaming about civil rights are educated, at least enough so they can understand what ILLEGAL actually means. Term limits: there will be many in this November up for re-election - my view is the current office holders (all parties) are and have been a large part of the problem - to vote for any of them is saying, go ahead do as you please like you all have been OR bring in new people, ideas, etc., and yes not all will be good so their term limit would be the next election. GET INVOLVED, STUDY HOW THEY VOTE, AND MOST OF ALL - VOTE.

  41. Here's how the law will work. Each morning our racist sheriff, Apraio, will post an APB for a Hispanic male, 20 to 40 years, 150 to 225 pounds, short dark hair,wearing sneakers and a t-shirt, wanted for questioning.
    Of course, the Maricopa County Storm Troopers, the lemmings that aimlessly, have never worked at the carnival so guessing age, weight, or height won't be their specialty.
    however, they will be able to spot Hispanic males.
    Just like it was easy to spot black males in the 50's and 60's in mississippi.
    OH WAIT!!!! Sheriff Arpaio has been racial profiling for 3 years. His officers go into hispanic neighborhoods and stop brown people and hold them and then release them after they show ID.
    In the meantime this law will not do nothing for troubles at the border.

  42. Regardless of what you think, it's the right thing to do as they have been breaking the law for years and people like you have been aiding them, so you're just as guilty of breaking the law. Thousands have taken the time to study and become citizens legally, if they could do it so could others.One thing I'd like to see is to have Mexico pay for all the FREE medical care it's citizens have had while being in this country illegally. With ten million five hundred thousand, that would be quite a piece of change, wouldn't it.Your own country doesn't even care about you,fewer they have to be concerned about, if they care at all.

  43. I am a U.S. Citizen and a veteran. I have lived in
    Central America for the last 55 years, and believe me,
    the immigration laws in Mexico and other countries in
    Latin America are a lot more strict than the laws in
    The United States.

  44. Stay out of Az Am Legion. We don't need more racists coming to Az. You are still living in the 1950's. My father, who was a ww11 vet, was denied membership into the Am legion because he was brown. He was not allowed to use his VA loan to buy a home in white neighborhoods. I'm a 100% disabled vietnam vet and brown. Now when I go for a walk I must carry I.D. just in case I'm stopped for being brown.
    I'm for protecting our border against drugs and illegal entry. But the new law implies, "show me your papers" if you are brown. Nazi Germany also said" show me your papers" to the jewish people.

  45. I've been an American citizen all my 60 years of age. If you are illegal, no matter what color you may be, you don't belong in this country without a legal citizenship. No phoney Social Security Cards! Pay taxes, and respect the flag and the USA! What Arizona has done is a move in the right direction. The other states should do the same! What happen to Homeland Security???

  46. I get asked for my ID everytime I travel to a foreign country. I am Proud to show my USA ID. I am also proud to show my USA ID here in the States if asked for it. The only people afraid to produce an ID are those who are ashamed of thier country or those who are criminals.

  47. I do not believe any person who is in this country illegally should be deported promptly. However, the Arizona law is not the way to go about it. There are thousands of Hispanic people in this country who are native born Americans or who are here legally. They have the same rights as I and the rest of us do. They should not have to prove their citizenship under any circumstances that the rest of us would not be required to do so.

  48. This covers South and North America, just ask anyone living in South America, they'll tell you they are Americans, and they are right, but that doesn't make them a U.S. Citizen.

    We're not talking about Legal Immigration where a person comes through the proper facility. We are talking about illegal immigration, where people are just sneaking across the border.

    imo, Az is doing the right thing. We are among the few nations that allow this sort of thing to happen.

  49. Do you not know that you are required to carry ID on your person. This is the same for Visas and Green Cards. You are required by law to carry some form of Identification. What part of that do you find wrong? If you are stopped by an officer the first thing they ask for is, if your are driving, a drivers license. If you are stopped out of a vehicle they ask for ID. This crap of people thinking their rights are being invaded because Arizona wants the Illegals out is stupid. If you are so worried about these people then MOVE TO MEXICO

  50. I have absolutely no confidence in our Federal government to write legislation that will not be totally self serving, i.e., vote getting. The self serving elected have shown no interest to do anything to solve the illegal immigration situation until they are pushed to the wall. Arizona is doing some pushing.
    I applaude them. More states need to come in to line on this to prod the fed's into action we the people are begging for. Protect our borders! Enforce laws already on the books! Amnesty the 2nd time? I hope not.

    E. Thornburgh

  51. If the Federal Government will not enforce the law, which IS their job, then the states must act accordingly to protect their citizens.

  52. It is disgraceful that our polititians have allowed illegal immigration to continue just so they can acquire
    votes for their own benefit!
    We need term limits so hopefully they would do what is best for our country.

  53. The American Legion should schedule an event in Arizona and go on record in support of Arizona's effort to enforce the U.S. Government's immigration laws.

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