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What effect will a higher federal debt ceiling have on the U.S. economy?


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  1. Congress needs to learn that they work for the American people, not to further their own interests as they have done for many years !! Social Security and Medicare are programs we older folks have paid into for decades, so those benefits should never be "on the table" for cuts. Social Security would be more solvent and self-supporting if the politicians had not somehow gotten permission to borrow money to blow on pet projects. That money will probably never be returned to the trust because the self-serving jerks don't care to see to it that it gets put back. Medicare is also something we paid for, and are expected to use to help maintain our health as we get older. The fact that the baby boomers are retiring now, and everyone knew how many of us were born in the postwar boom, are facing disaster if Medicare is cut. They were too busy making themselves rich to care about the real issues. Hope they have great lives with their system; the rest of aren't going to be that lucky !!

  2. we need to cut back spendig. hard working americans need jobs to stimilate the GDP WE NEED TO LOOK BACK WHAT WE DID BACK THEN AND WHAT WE CAN DO NOW TO IMPROVE THE ECONOMY.

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