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Is Iraq now stable enough to withdraw remaining U.S. military forces?


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  1. I would invite any member of the mute House, Senate, or any other fool who advocates these changes, to spend a day with me in the woods, swamp, or his choice of environment. Of he survives, I will donate my benefits to him for the remainder of my life. Did I mention that we would both be equally armed and totally without communication. Any mentally deficient takers can reach me by email. sfcrvn @ yahoo com.

  2. Let Iraq defend itself, if it needs help let it spend its oil money to hire someone to do the job. If it chooses to hire terrorists or engage in terrorism that's what we have drones and Tomahawk missiles for.

    Bring our troops home and use them where they are actually needed to secure our borders from narco and illegal alien traffickers. If the government put half as much effort into securing our borders as it is currently doing protecting Iraq from itself and starting an additional war with Libya we wouldn't have foreign narco-gangs killing American ranchers, we wouldn't have blatant Mexican Army incursions (officially labeled accidental entry) into American territory and we would be able to put a stop to illegal aliens entering the country to steal American jobs from this nation's citizens.

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