Marty Justis, executive director of the Legion's National Headquarters, praised American Legion Riders for their performance in this year's Legacy Run. Photo by James V. Carroll

2012 Legacy Run - nothing firm yet

Coming off another successful Legacy Run that came to a conclusion in Minneapolis, Legion Riders met Friday to discuss the Run and offer thanks and comments to Legion staff and the Legion Riders Ad-Hoc Committee.

But a large part of the conversation centered on the 2012 Run. Indianapolis - the home of National Headquarters and the starting point for all six Legacy Runs - will host next year's national convention. Staff and committee members were quick to point out that no plans are set in stone for 2012.

"We are in the process of planning a Legion Riders expo with a ride of some sort, but these are all conceptual options right now," stressed Scott Miller, National Headquarters' program developer for the Legion Riders. "Nothing is etched in stone right now. But we want to come back in a couple of months and be able to come out with a plan for 2012."

During the meeting, Miller said The American Legion and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation will work together to increase rider safety awareness and training. "The goal within the next year is to work with MSF to do regional training around the country," Miller said. "We want to provide you the tools to train folks in your community."

Also, National Headquarters Executive Director Marty Justis praised the Riders for their efforts on the Run, which raised more than $336,000 heading into next week's national convention. "This was the safest and probably the most efficient Run I've ever seen, Justis said. "I've been on every one of them, and I want to congratulate each and every one of you."




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  2. I want to add my vote to a four corners run. A run starting in the four corners of the country and ending up in Indianapolis would really show the country our dedication to our veterans and their children.
  3. I've been on 3 Legacy Runs and I must say this was the safest & best organized one yet. As for 2012 I would encourage the organizers to consider a 6 or 8 point run from all around the country. This could generate the largest participation and national exposure ever. When they arrive in Indy, let them take a lap around the Brickyard and park all the bikes in the infield, because that may be the only place around to park that many bikes in one place.
  4. HOw about starting At Mount Rushmore at Keystone, S.D. and visit VA Hospitals on the trip to Indianspolis. How much more American to start a mounment with president wathcing over us as we depart on our mission and what a great place to ride. The VA hospitals could be mapped out for the 5 day run. We visit and make the day of our veterans remember we do not forget them ever. Lest We Forget!!
  5. I'm a new member in Ok. I noticed something about safety and want to let you all know that here in Tx and Oklahoma we have a same program that is like the one you mentioned, but want to give you the name as I'm legion, Patriot Guard, and ABATE. ABATE is the one focused on biker safety. Feel free to contact me at
  6. I have not been on the Legacy Run before, but I will be attending the 2012 Run. This is my second year in the ALR and I like the idea of and indy based run and changing routes daily. I've heard so much about the run and can't wait to go on my first Legacy Run.
  7. I did a little checking on google map and came up with one idea for a route for 2012. On this route we could visit several VA hospitals. One in St Louis and one in Corydon Indiana that I know of. The whole trip would be less than 1200 miles. We would leave Indianapolis and go to St. Louis Mo. From there we would go to Nashville, Tn. From there to Corydon, In(near Louisville). From there to Cincinnati, Oh. From there to Columbus, Oh. then Dayton, Oh. From there back to Indy. I think it would be great to spend a little more time at VA Hospitals. The visit this year to the American Legion Camp was great. Thanks Gary
  8. I am thinking a route through the southeastern part of the US (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and end back in Indianpolis. That is a area that the event hasnt travelled to and 2013 will be in Texas. maurerrp47
  9. first, thanks to the staff for all of the work y'all have done. how about basing all of the runs out of Indy? say we roll of Indy each morning and head out 150 miles or so and return on a different route. then the next day head off on a new route and return route. sort of like the petals on a daisy. this would allow riders to keep the same hotel room all week (weekly rates are usually cheaper than daily) and benefit folks in that they would not need to carry so much gear on the bike for the day trips. VA Hospitals, Legion Posts, etc could be the stops. i think a 4 corners run would be much harder to coordinate. if each route is to mimic the past Legacy Runs, then each route would need someone to scout out the route, arrange accomodations, fuel stops, chase vehicles, and lead the run. in essence, i think it would be like arranging 4 Legacy runs. how about the folks that dont live on the coasts? thanks
  10. I feel a 4 point run would be a great idea! It would show more of a force for all to see!!!
  11. I would suggest a "Four Corners Legacy Run". From Maine, Florida, California and Washington State into Indianapolis. Lord what a arrival that would be!!!! The last two years I was on the run and I think we could do it. And we could visit so many Legion Posts!!!
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