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Where can the federal government make the most headway on reducing the deficit?


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  1. The debt should not ,at this time ,be a major focus rather first a lot of money should put people to work as was done in ww 2. The taxes from the employed added to raising taxes on the top 2 percent would be a good start then on to Medicare by tweaking including lower prices for drugs by negotiating and bidding would put the focus on lowering future costs.

  2. Last I knew, one must contribute to Social Security before one can receive any of their money back. Key word, "their."

  3. I couldn't choose between any of the departments to cut funds for their all important. What I think we need to do is stop giving those 146 countries in the world foreign aid and not let Congress vote to let illegals have access to the social security system that we have payed into all our working lives.It appears that we as a Nation are letting our politicians destroy everything that we spent our lives defending. of course that is only my opinion.

  4. I'm tired of hearing about all the money we give out in Foreign Aid. I don't remember authorizing the President to give MY money away. I don't remember ANY President discussing how much money he would GIVE AWAY during an election campain! I think such things should require a public vote on a case by case basis. Some students can get federal "grants" for education but most receive loans they have to pay back. Ok, we'll give a LOAN to a Foreign Government for Aid! And you get no more till that one is paid in full! Are Federal Loans counted to the Federal Deficit? And, NO MORE FOREGIN AID TILL THERE IS NO DEFICIT!

  5. A large amount of greatly needed American dollars could be realized by reducing Congressional and White House salaries and expense accounts. Why should these persons live like King and Queens, when we taxpayng citizens lives very close to our much less resources.

    And Why does our current U.S. Congress favor exorbitant tax exempt salaries for CEOS of American financial institutions and other commercial and non commercial enterprises, and then not have sufficient resources to take adequate care of our returning Veterans of a non-Constitutional warfare, brought about by eager and very greedy American business enterprise at the expense of our American military men and women and others?

    I am a 81 year old Veteran of the "Koren conflict" and an active member of the
    American Legion.

  6. If you want to balance the budget create jobs and lower taxes all one need do is raise tarifs on underpriced goods coming in to the US from the rest of the world.
    The money raised funds the gov. the increases in price makes it profitable to make the item here ie more jobs.

  7. (1) The government is paying out $113.BILLION dollars per year to illegals. What is the VA budget? (2) They give illegals free health care, free schooling, now in Calif. the Supreme Court ruled they must give illegals free college - who pays - WE ALL ARE and it is only going downhill. There is no question when President feels or finally realizes he will not win next election he will behind congress's backs issue an executive order giving amensty to illegals, simply for votes - he figures around 10million votes - that is a huge hump to overcome. So if the President, the Congress was actually serious about reducing the deficit it could be done swiftly . no political points probably. If Congress would only remember why they are there and that is suppose to represent us - that has long gone. I am sure this will never be posted but helps writing it. Pres.Obama, "This is no longer a Christian Nation" and he is still playing King - May GOD bless America!

  8. there are many places the government can look at to cut back on, one is first of all their pay - cut the pay of congress and the senate in half, $100.000 a year is plenty for any man or woman, two, stop giving aid to our enemies, three, make all the countries who owe us money pay their debt by paying China, and stop all aid to ILLEGAL aliens. Send them back from whence they came.
    There should be no need to cut into what our senior citizens have worked so hard for so many years to attain.

  9. End all government subsidies for not growing crops. In a world where people are starving it is unconscionable to pay people to not produce crops. Additionally, the government should not be in the business of providing subsidies to sucessful corporations for any reason. These businesses are capable of advertising their products, expanding operations and researching new developments without government largess. Additionally, the government should not prop up failing businesses. If a corporation cannot stand on its own productivity and fiscal management it should be REQUIRED to go bankrupt, not bailed out by the government.

    Secondly, there should be no government money spent on welfare, of any kind, for illegal aliens while simultaneously putting in place a federal system to check the citizenship status of every person applying for a job or already employed with all those discovered here illegally immediately deported.

    These savings should dramatically reduce the national debt.

  10. In order to reduce our deficit: The best way is to bring our troops home from the Middle East ... instead of having to fight these wars for the oil companies. These are dastardly, expensive and unwinnable war(s) in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq.

    Then we can use ONLY a SUFFICIENT number of OUR troops here in the USA to protect our borders and homeland. We are sacrificing the lives of our own young men/women for oil interests of Exxon/Mobile.

    We have sufficient amounts of petroleum reserves here on the North American continent ... plus the largest of natural gas reserves of any other continent.

    Also, "WE THE PEOPLE" should insist on continuing to perfect and to promote solar, hydrogen and natural gas developement and usage, whenever combustible engines are involved, and whenever it comes to generating electricity.

  11. I think the federal government could save billions of dollars by stop giving money to foreign countries that are not our friends amd allies. Our leaders in Washington seem to believe they can by friendship - some of these people are taking our monies and laughing at us as theu use it for things we do not believe in.

  12. Taking our elected officials in Washington off of the fed payroll and putting them on their state payroll is a first start toward more accountability. The state will govern what their retirement will be, what their salary will be, whether or not they get a raise, how many holidays off they receive, etc. Once on the state payroll they become more like the citizens they are supposed to be serving and know their continuance in office now really depends on performance. They will be more in tune with state issues and less inclined to just go with the flow.

  13. This is the best idea I have heard of in a long, long time. This idea needs to be passed around all members, friends, and families. Get the word out to the country on this, that we the people are fed up with the way things have been run in Washington with Representatives who do not represent the people who elected them. They have to be made accountable to us, not to corporations, not to illegal and unconstitutional pledges to the Norquist Party, but to US!

    Why is it such a mystery? STOP SPENDING what we don't have! There are thousands of social and corporate mandated expenses that benefit only a few and bury the rest of us. The beneficiaries that never put anything back should be identified and defunded immediately.
    One sure fire way to stop this favoritism is TERM LIMITS. We have stagnant elected officials in office who have outlived their usefullness and have evolved into a society unto themselves have become a major part of all of the problems we face. Two terms and go home and find a job.

  15. If they would stop giving our money to illegal aliens and all poititians take a 80 percent pay cut and also all polititians go on social security. We could save millions. All of there pay and retirement money is stolen from the taxpayer because they work for us and they did not have our vote on any of it.

  16. if they would auit the illeagle alian problem that alone would solve the problem, with their welfare tate they live in the national debt would also be taken care of, i have no problem with those who are here leagaly, but theothers its time to quit their welfare state

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