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Should action be taken against for-profit colleges who use deceptive practices to lure veterans with the GI Bill?


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  1. All colleges must publish the rates of all students. No one should pay more than any other.
    I used my GI bill in the 70's and 80's, and when I changed my major I was then told that I was immediately disqualified for any future benefits under that bill. Never was anything like that told to me in advance.
    For profit colleges are throwing money away on professors who aren't worth their pay, programs that do nothing but bait in grants, and support students who can't pay their bills because of college fraud.
    After attending college for 7 years, I can't get credits because the colleges can do what they please with their credits. If one year after graduation they decide you weren't in compliance somewhere, they can force you to take more classes, and even disallow your credits. With that kind of black mark, no other college will accept your credits. 7 years, shot.
    Post Secondary Education is not for education. It's for money. Pure and simple.

  2. Why should "action be taken"? Is more Big Government Nanny State intrusion into our liberties, and the costs to taxpayers for government to form yet another cumbersome and costly watchdog bureaucratic empire, what we Legionnaires desire and promote? When it comes to choosing a college, or anything else, let Caveat Emptor (buyer, beware!) apply.

  3. I was sad to see that 65% of the respondents feel that action should be taken against schools that turn a profit **when no illegal activity is occurring**. Veterans have the same right to make mistakes as anyone else, and unless the school is behaving fraudulently or breaking a law, they should have the right to market to whomever they please.

    This being said, I made the mistake of inquiring into online education through the top 3 rated schools of this type, and I ended up having to threaten to send a letter to my Senators to get one of the schools to finally stop sending me emails and calling me. High pressure is not illegal in and of itself, but when money is on the line, too many people push the boundaries beyond common sense.

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