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All U.S. troops will be out of Iraq by year-end. Is this a good thing?


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  1. Good or Bad... We need to repair our homeland. Don't just talk, run for office, take a stand and make a difference. We did it on the battle fields of other lands and we can, NO MUST, do it at home. Our ancestors did it with less. We all know it is necessary to return to the values that made our country strong.

  2. I would like to see the troops home ,but at what cost.We already return once, we need to finish what we started.If we bring back now we will have to go back at what cost.Also if we bring them back to what unemployment,could be then 20% After we bring back we should have a plan and make them have jobs or used them for the border to make us safe. This only a polical plan and one the country or it's soldiers can't afford.I retired after 20 years so I think it has to be though out.

  3. I don't think it makes any difference except for the American lives that will be spared. These people have lived the way they do for thousands of years and what we do there will make no difference. They will be under the grip of another dictator in less than three or four years after we leave. More American lives lost trying unsucessfully to police the rest of the world. Leave them alone and let them wallow in their own misery. Perhaps when they get tired of it they will rise up and fight for their own freedom and democracy.

  4. Although the US had good ample reason to enter Iraq and depose SH, in typical fashion we proved again that our DOD can not function alongside the Dept of State.

    Our military did find chem weapons, but not not allowed to say openly, They had to wait for the French inspectors to arrive. This gave Iraq more than enough time to clean the locations.

    An idiot would have predicted the problems we had with the resulting Govt vacuum.

    Getting out is long overdue, even though we left a lot of blood.

    Strategic interest - yes for going into Iraq, no for for going into Afgan, Lybia, and other african hot spots.

  5. The Politicians, some of them, are complaining about the gross amount of dollars the Military has spent on this War at the present and in the past. My question now is: Who is footing the Bill for these Contractors after our Military leaves?? My guess is us - the taxpayers, that were paying for it before - so what are these Politicians going to complain about now !! Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  6. Our US Constitution says "to provide for the common defense." Has anyone ever shown how invading.....
    While this is true, we put in place elected officials to decide that for us. Now while you or I may think its not correct to have gone in; making it sound like it is illegal is not valid.

    All arguements about when we should pull out are fine. One thing we should not forget is based on going in there we took ownership of the needs and support of millions living in those countries. The United States has always made every attempt to cover those needs. That also has to be considered.

  7. Our US Constitution says "to provide for the common defense." Has anyone ever shown how invading, occupying and nation-building Iraq have provided for "the common defense"? Most of all, our boys and girls should have been withdrawn at the moment the Iraqis adopted their "constitution" subordinate to sharia - why are our armed forces defending countries (Iraq and Afghanistan) whose constitutions are subordinate to sharia, since sharia is antithetical and hostile to democracy and pluralism?

    On another note, I believe that the federal government hiring private security contractors to provide security - security for anyone in or for anything of our government - is just further evidence of the crony capitalism that has turned our Congress into a cast of marionettes for global corporations and those who run them. If the standard detachment of US Marines is insufficient to secure an embassy, then the US has no business placing an embassy in so hostile a country.

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