Keeter Stadium in Shelby, N.C., will host the Legion Baseball World Series permanently starting in 2011.

Shelby wins Legion World Series bid

The countdown to see if Shelby, N.C., or Bartlesville, Okla., will permanently host The American Legion Baseball World Series is finally over. The National Executive Committee announced today during the Legion's Spring Meetings that Shelby won the bid.

"We are extremely excited and looking forward to being a partner with The American Legion statewide and locally," said Eddie Holbrook, co-chairman of Shelby's Baseball World Series Committee. "We look forward to putting on the best World Series the Legion's ever had, becoming a complementary partner with them and making the Legion proud that they selected us."

More than 100 people involved with Shelby's baseball committee traveled to Indianapolis by bus on May 1 to support their winning presentation, given to the Baseball Subcommittee, and show enthusiasm for the opportunity extended to them. The committee's presentation illustrated the immense community support, the large volunteer force of 300 people and the extensive plans for future growth.

"The baseball committee from Shelby had a real vision for the future, and I think that's one of the things that separated them from Oklahoma," American Legion Baseball Chairman Larry Price said. "They are not only looking at three to four years down the road, they are looking at forever."

The committee's immediate plans as the host city involves creating a new scoreboard and constructing a building specifically for World Series staff. The building will feature offices for game preparation purposes and seating that overlooks the playing field.

Additionally, Shelby's baseball committee members are in the process of representing Legion baseball in the best possible way. They are working with the town to build a new water tower where the base will be in the form of a bat and the tank will represent a baseball. More importantly, the water tower will read "Shelby, home of The American Legion Baseball World Series." Shelby will also provide additional World Series exposure throughout the United States with one of its local trucking companies that has more than 100 trailers traveling across the country daily. The sides of each trailer will read the same as the water tower.

Above all, staff from the Legion's National Headquarters foresees stronger sponsorship opportunities, game attendance and coverage now that the World Series will be in one location as of 2011.

"The National Americanism Commission and Baseball Subcommittee view designating a single site for The American Legion Baseball World Series as an exceptional opportunity with unlimited potential to boost recognition of the program across the country," National Americanism Chairman Joseph Caouette said. "This is a milestone in American Legion Baseball history."


  1. I have nothing against Shelby at all. However the reasoning for picking Shelby is flawed. Bartlesville would have been the logical choice because of its geographic location to the rest of the nation. Maybe rather than the national committee making their off the cuff decision based on who gave the best presentation, they should have asked the teams themselves. After all that would have been the American way. :)
  2. I want to personally say that Bartlesville would have been a great site also. Our Team from Tucson, AZ was there in 2007 and experienced a awesome celebration. We will never forget the Parade of Champions through Downtown and the incredible hospitatlity that was provided by our Host Families and Organization. It was a 1st class operation by sincere people who love youth and American Legion Baseball. Thanks Oscar Romero Post 7 Manager
  3. I personally think making this a permanent action is wrong... The National Convention moves around so should the World Series...
  4. I have had the pleasure to serve the American Legion as a Regional Tournament Director and/or Asst. Director for the past five seasons; and following my tournament in Chillicothe, OH in 2008, I took the opportunity to drived south to Shelby for their FIRST World Series (they did the Regional that year as well). I was quite simply OVERWHELMED with the organization, enthusiasm, hospitality and promotion of this great event by the folks in Shelby! Simply put, they hit it well out of the ballpark in every category. The only downside to choosing Shelby is going to be in my pocketbook as I now have to very seriously consider budgeting at trip to North Carolina every year. Job well done by the Selection Committee....and HooRah Shelby! Derrick Ater Chairman, State of Idaho American Legion Baseball
  5. Funny thing international hookup media in thirty ballparks in California with capacity of greater than 25,000. Also, a lot of the High school players can not play legion ball until the high school season ends by Federal Law.
  6. We have been to 15 ALWS since 1993 when Rapid City, SD won the tourney--we have seen many wonderful fields and have experienced many "host communities" that have been both extraordinarily admirable and exciting. We missed going to Shelby,NC but we will be there in 2011. Your city must be so proud to have been picked as the permanent host! Congratulations to you all.
  7. I have been The Virginia State Baseball Chairman for the past 18 years, and have attend just about every World Series during that time. I was in Shelby, N.C. in 2008 and I was most impressed with the hospitality extended to The American Legion Baseball Program by the entire City of Shelby. The attendance was outstanding by baseball fans from far and wide. Those memories are in My Personal American Legion Baseball Hall of Great Experiences. Bob Netherland, Virginia
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