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52 students graduate from Legion College

On Friday, 52 Legionnaires from 32 states earned their Legion College diploma at The American Legion National Headquarters in Indianapolis.

"You have successfully completed the work so go back to your individual departments, districts, counties and posts and make a difference," American Legion National Commander Fang A. Wong told the graduates. "You have the tools. Now it is up to each of you to use them in a positive way."

Legion College enhances one's knowledge on and appreciation for The American Legion, and it teaches the core values and contributions of the organization, its Auxiliary, Sons of The American Legion and many subordinate programs. It prepares young Legionnaires for leadership positions in posts, districts, counties and departments through education, development and motivation. The curriculum challenges student leaders to think critically and creatively about issues confronting the Legion.

National leaders launched the week with sessions and lectures focusing on mentoring, recognizing and building leadership traits, and putting good leadership practices to use. These skills and techniques were practiced and reinforced throughout the week in a small-group environment and in student-led meetings and presentations.

Small-group workshops provide students basic leadership training in a volunteer environment. Core subjects include mentoring, leadership styles and opportunities, time management, conflict resolution and legal issues.

The first two Legion College sessions convened at National Headquarters in Indianapolis in July and December of 1946. Additional sessions from 1947 to 1949 trained hundreds of future Legion leaders. Two more sessions were conducted in 1954. After a long hiatus, Legion College was reinstituted and convened in November 1999.



  1. Is the American Legion openly practicing age discrimination by offering preferential treatment to younger legionnaires by placing their acceptance into the National College above legionnaires our country before Granada?
  2. Why do they not come up with a Online version, so others can take it. We only have it once a year, and some patrons can not make that time. Should be more opurtuinty for a better quality legioneer.
  3. Hello. I was curious to know how long this college is for? Where was it held, and where do you stay? How many get picked to go?
  4. I would take it from your name you are in the Department of California. Each Department selects one person to attend each year and it is one week long. You go to National Headquarters for the training. If you are really interested in finding out more you can contact the Department Adjuntant and have him send you my contact information. Since I am the most recent graduate and I am starting a Departmetn Legion College.
  5. I found one of the more challenging issues was the way each group found a common ground to build from. We were all challenged to find solutions by thinking outside the box and I thought that Class 13 excelled. I look forward to keeping in touch with the many new friends I made.
  6. Two items: First it would have been nice to add the names and departments that graduates are from. Second I am delighted to see the diversity that exsists at the College. This diversity speakes volumes about the American Legion and how we accept veterans into membership.
  7. As a Student of the Class 13, 2011, I was glad that I requested to attend,I learn alot,I highly recommend it for all young legionaires who plan on advancing, through the chairs, and plan to make a diffence in the American Legion. K. Starks Dept. of Mass. Dept. Historian
  8. This is an outstanding Program. The College is demanding, challenging, exhilarating, and rewarding. I'm proud to have participated. Skip Clark Dept. of California
  9. We get to meet a lot of future leaders and discuss our ideas with them. Definitely a great place to build the future of the American Legion.
  10. The College gave us students some new tools and insight into the American Legion and I'm PROUD to be a graduate of class 13. Shawn Daugherty Commander, Post 382 Navarre, Fl
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