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What will ultimately be the outcome of the supercommittee’s failure to agree on a deficit-reduction plan?


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  1. The "Super-committee was designed to fail; the Administration isn't interested in actually reducing spending only in increasing taxation. There was no partisan intransigence as much as there was an understood "no matter what is proposed it will not have the force of law upon any future Congress because no penalties for failure to comply were written into the super-committee agreement, including the automatic cuts if no agreement was reached.

    Since the "Buck Stops" at the president's desk and he was AWOL for the entire super-committee discussion it is fair to say he didn't care what the outcome was. Had he cared he would have shown some leadership on the issue.

    Unfortunately, due to this lack of leasership our taxes are going to rise regardless of the outcome of the coming election.

  2. Whit the amount of intransigence and downright partisan politics republicans are showing I don't see any chance whatsoever that congress may come to ANY type of agreement in the near future. Seems the Republican Party and the Tea Partiers are willing to sacrifice the solvency of this nation in the name of their "protect the rich and forget the needy" agenda.

    May God protects us when the Chinese shows at our doors to cash the bill.

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