Deputy Director of Healthcare Jacob Gadd and Past National Commander Ronald Conley speak with a staff member about the dental services offered at the Anchorage VA Hospital during an American Legion SWS site visit. Photo by Loren Holmes

What are your health-care concerns?

The American Legion’s System Worth Saving Task Force is currently selecting their focus for the six-month cycle of site visits of VA medical facilities from April to July.

The task force wants to hear from veterans on veterans’ health-care issues and concerns they currently have. To share input on health-care challenges and concerns, please email the Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Division at or contact it by phone at (202) 861-2700.

Created in 2003, The American Legion’s System Worth Saving program was designed to evaluate the timeliness and quality of VA health care. The reports from the VA medical facilities site visits are compiled into a publication for distribution to the White House, Congress and VA leadership and include findings and recommendations to improve the quality of VA health care. Currently, the System Worth Saving Task Force’s focus is on veterans rural health-care programs, and the official report will be available for distribution in May 2012.

To learn more about the System Worth Saving program, please go to


  1. When I transitioned from the Navy to civilian life I had to deal with the Military and VA health care systems. Absolutly horrid experience, fighting all the red tape, lengthy waits for appointments, waiting all day in the waiting room, etc... I sucked it up and went to work with the VA provided prothetics until I was able to procure the health insurance I could afford. If only the government run clinics and hospitals were run half as good as Mayo clinic. I dread the day I have to retire and rely solely on the VA or Military Treatment Facilities. I just hope I have the means and wits about myself to check out.
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