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As tensions mount between Israel and Iran, should the United States take a more active role?


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  1. I think the approach President Obama has taken is correct. He has given Israel our full military support if the need arises. He also is trying a nonmilitary approach but I believe is perfectly willing to use whatever military force is needed if that is necessary.

  2. We have too many problems stateside to worry about anyone else right now. Have to take care of your family first before going off to save another one.

  3. The idea of using only military power is narrow thinking. There are numerous instances in history where it has proven to be sheer folly, and extremely costly both financially and in human terms. And not all of these instances have been in distant history.

  4. This country needs to remember history, and observe that wars fought over religious beliefs and ideologies can never, ever be won. Ask the British. Ask the Irish. Ask any devout Jew or muslim.

  5. We should have responded to the act of war that they perpetrated when they invaded our embassy and took our citizens hostage. As soon as those hostages were released, an hour after Reagan was inaugurated, we should have invaded. Caving in to terrorists and selling them weapons painted a huge target on our backs.

  6. People try to couple one's sentiments about Israel to one's sentiments about Jews. Jews are fine, wonderful people. I grew up in Brooklyn. Should be enough said. But Israel? What, outside of almost sinking the Victory and killing American sailors has Israel done for us?

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