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MAY 18, 2012 MEMBERSHIP INCENTIVE Post visits to be rewarded T e District Commander Post

Visitation Award is an incentive for personal visits to posts by district commanders and vice commanders. T e desired result is a personal visit to each post in a given district by either the district commander or, in bigger districts, one of the district vice com- manders. Personal contact at this level sets the example for post member- ship workers to make the personal contacts necessary for a successful membership program.

CRITERIA. To qualify for the award, the district commander and/or vice commanders must visit each post in the district during their year. For districts with more than 30 posts, the district vice commanders can assist in making visits, but the district commander must visit at least 30 of the posts personally.

CERTIFICATION. A list of posts in each district can be obtained with the assistance of department headquar- ters. T e list will be mailed in spread- sheet format to each district commander. At the completion of the 100-percent visit requirement, the district command- er will send the completed spreadsheet

MEMBERSHIP INCENTIVE Post Excellence Award continues National Commander Fang Wong has

continued the Post Excellence Award program, which honors posts that show excellence in membership participation, youth activities, community service, and support to veterans and U.S. troops. T e award promotes membership

growth, demonstrates Legion values to youth, and increases the Legion family’s visibility through community-service projects. Many posts may already qualify for a Post Excellence Award because of their programs and activities.

CRITERIA. Standards to be achieved in each area include: Membership – Post membership must

be at least one member greater than the previous year. Post offi cer must attend district meetings. Youth Activities – T e post must

sponsor and actively participate in at least one primary youth program: Boys State, Legion Baseball, the Oratorical Contest, Boy Scouts of America or Junior Shooting Sports. Community Service – T e post must

organize a community-service project that involves Legion-family members. Potential projects abound; for example, a post could focus on a Children & Youth service, or fulfi ll a strictly local need. A monetary donation may only be one part of a project. Service to Troops or Veterans –

T e post must organize a project sup- porting troops or veterans, involving Legion-family members outside the post. Projects could include Legion programs such as the Family Support Network or Heroes to Hometowns. Or

they could simply help a local veteran with needed improvements to a home. A monetary donation may only be one part of a project.

CERTIFICATION. District command- ers must certify posts as having fulfi lled the four specifi ed criteria. District commanders will submit a list of posts meeting the criteria to department headquarters. T e list should include post name, post number, address and com- mander’s name. Ideally, the last two criteria will be accompanied with copies of press releases, submitted to local media, that raise awareness for the projects. T is ensures that the projects were not only accomplished but that an attempt was made to enhance the Legion’s public image. T e copies submitted should include a date-time stamp, showing receipt by the media outlet. T e depart- ment adjutant will transmit information as posts qualify. Each qualifying post receives a

certifi cate of recognition, mailed to the department and awarded to the post. District commanders whose districts have at least 50 percent of posts reach certifi cation will receive framed certifi - cates recognizing their achievements. District commanders whose districts achieve the highest percentage of recognized posts will receive additional awards. In the event of a tie within a department, all district commanders with the same percentage will receive recognition.

to the department, which will forward it to National Headquarters by Aug. 1, 2012.

AWARDS. Each district commander who achieves the 100-percent visit requirement will receive a certifi cate recognizing the achievement. T ere are fi ve categories of recognition, and fi ve additional prizes awarded based on a drawing of the eligible district command- ers in each category. T e categories are: districts with up to 20 posts, districts with 21 to 35 posts, districts with 36 to 50 posts, districts with 51 to 65 posts, and districts with 65 or more posts. T e commander drawn from the group of 100-percent commanders in each category will receive a giſt certifi cate from Emblem Sales. T e amount of the certifi cate recognizes the increased diffi culty in achieving the award in larger districts.

 Category 1 (up to 20 posts) – $100  Category 2 (21 to 35 posts) – $200  Category 3 (36 to 50 posts) – $300  Category 4 (51 to 65 posts) – $400  Category 5 (65 or more posts) – $500 LEADERSHIP TRAINING

2012 Legion College application available online; deadline July 31

Applications for the 2012 American

Legion National College are now available online. T e college takes place Oct. 28 to Nov. 2 at National Headquarters in Indianapolis. T e week of training enhances

knowledge and appreciation of T e American Legion, and teaches the core values and contributions of the organization, the Auxiliary, the Sons of T e American Legion and many subordinate programs. T e Legion National College prepares Legionnaires for leadership positions in posts, districts, counties and departments through education, development and motivation. T e curriculum challenges student leaders to think critically and


After 11-year battle, Mojave Cross settlement approved

T e 11-year battle over the removal

and transfer of the Mojave Desert Veterans Memorial has come to an end. T e U.S. District Court for the

Central District of California approved and signed a settlement agreement between the Department of Justice and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to exchange one acre of land at Sunrise Rock for a donated object of equal value. T e original memorial site on Sunrise Rock will move to Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 385E in Barstow, Calif., so that the post can restore the memorial. Litigation surrounding the Mojave

Desert Veterans Memorial has been ongoing since March 2001, when a lawsuit was fi led in the U.S. District


Recruiters to be honored with ‘I Serve with PRIDE’ pin

During the 2011-2012

membership year, National Commander Fang Wong will award his National Command- er “I Serve with PRIDE!” pin to any Legion-family member who signs up eight mem- bers. T ese can be any combination of new members, members who transfer from their department headquarters post, or current members who renew. A new member is defi ned as any

eligible person joining for the 2012 membership year who was not a member of the Legion during the 2011 membership year. T e national commander’s goal is to

recognize those in the Legion family who actively recruit new members into

the nation’s largest veterans service organization for the 2012 membership year. To maintain

the integrity of the national commander’s pin-incentive program, only one will be awarded per individual. T e certifi cation form for

this program may be

submitted now. Upon receipt, national Membership staff will

confi rm the names and mail the pin directly to the person who earned it. T e “I Serve with PRIDE!” pin-incen- tive program will end on June 30, 2012. supereightincentive

Court for the Central District of California arguing that the display of a cross in the memorial violated the Establishment Clause of the Constitution. In April 2010, the Supreme Court reversed a lower court decision, sending the case back to the district court to reconsider the previously suggested land exchange. Liberty Institute has played a

signifi cant role in the 11-year Mojave battle, fi ling briefs on behalf of T e American Legion and other organizations in the case, as well as in similar cases across the country. T e Legion has been a strong supporter of the cross, fi ling crucial amicus (friend- of-the-court) briefs in favor of the cross staying put.

creatively about issues confronting the Legion. Along with the application,

candidates for the Legion National College must submit an essay of 500 words or less explaining why they want to attend the college and how they will apply the knowledge they will acquire. Comments can be either printed or handwritten, and must be provided with the application on an additional sheet of paper. Applications and essays should be

mailed to Internal Aff airs, P.O. Box 1055, Indianapolis, IN 46206, or faxed to (317) 630-1413, no later than July 31.

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