Nike Air Max 1 online a temporal gradient

Nike Air Max 1 online a temporal gradient
Atlantic Ocean off Bermuda moments after its launch. As if, Jason said, it had hit the Event boundary and bounced back.
But it hadn't bounced. "When they recovered it they downloaded a full week's worth of data."
"How is that possible"
"The question isn't what's possible but what happened. What happened was, the payload spent seven days in orbit and came back the same night it left. We know that's what happened because it happened with every launch they tried, and they tried it repeatedly."
What happened What are you talking about, Jase Time travel"
"No . . . not exactly."
"Not exactly"
"Just let him tell it," Diane said quietly.
There were all sorts of clues to what was really happening, Jason said. Ground-based observation seemed to suggest that the boosters actually accelerated into the barrier before they vanished, as if they had been drawn into it. But the recovered onboard data showed no such effect. The two sets of observations couldn't be reconciled. As seen from the ground, the satellites accelerated into the barrier and then dropped almost immediately back to Earth; the satellites themselves reported that they had progressed smoothly into their programmed orbits, remained there for the allotted . Cheap Nike Air Max 1 span of time, and returned under their own power weeks or months later. (Like the Russian cosmonaut, I thought, whose story, never officially confirmed or denied, had become a sort of urban legend.) Assuming both sets of data were legitimate, there was only one explanation:

Time was passing differently outside the barrier.
Or, to turn the equation around, time on Earth was passing more slowly than in the universe at large.
"You understand what that means" Jason demanded. "Before, it looked like we were in some kind of electromagnetic cage that was regulating the energy that reaches the surface of the Earth. And that's true. But it's really only a side effect, a small part of a much bigger picture."
"Side effect of what"
"Of what they're calling a temporal gradient. You grasp the significance For every second that passes on Earth, a whole lot more time passes outside the barrier."
"That doesn't make sense," I said immediately. "What the hell kind of physics would that involve"
"People with a lot more experience than me are struggling with that question. But the idea of a time gradient has a certain explanatory power.
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