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Club Updates

It's What We Do

Friday, March 2, 2012, is a day that will long be remembered in Southern Indiana and neighboring Kentucky. Early reports of a tornado that left six Indiana counties a federally declared major disaster area figuratively placed the small town of Henryville, Indiana, on the national map . . . ironically, just hours after the twister literally wiped it away.

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Legion radio station needs your help

In many parts of the country, the noise level on 40 meters proved far too much to overcome. A nearby broadcast station did not help matters either. Craig, W3CRR, did a yeoman's job of trying to get everyone he could hear, but there was a slew of you in the West that he simply could not copy. Then again, he was using a dipole and not a hundred-foot tower. The bottom line is that we need to examine another venue for a monthly HF net.

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