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Club Updates

K9TAL is on the air!

K9TAL is on the air! After some six months of planning, preparation, clearing, cleaning and gathering materials and equipment together for The American Legion Amateur Radio Club's shack, we finally "threw the switch" on Wednesday, Nov. 23 at approximately 1930Z. Our first QSO was with a New Jersey station. Marconi could not have been more proud of or pleased with his first transmission than we were with ours.

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American Legion looks to hit the air waves

In a span of about four months, the idea of an American Legion Amateur Radio Club has gone from casual discussion to an authorized program of the Legion. Interest in the club has taken off quicker, and with a wider appeal to a greater number of hams, than was initially expected. This is exciting and encouraging, and it has a good number of club members wondering when we are going to throw the switch here at National Headquarters and go on the air. From the initial approval for the club by the National Executive Committee in May, the plan was to be up and operating by Veterans Day, perhaps before. That is still the plan, but actuality may push the date just a bit farther out.

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