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Feb. 9, 2014 Net Report

HF Net report
Sun. 09 Feb. 2014
7238 KHz
NCS W3CRR, Craig
Net commenced 2213 UTC
Net terminated 2315 UTC
Under favorable conditions, 22 stations successfully checked into this month’s 40 meter net. Most were clearly heard with signals in the S8 – 9 range and higher. A number of new stations checked in, including at least three who heard our operation by chance while tuning across the band. We welcome them heartily. It was also a special honor to hear from Wally, W4XLT in Brunswick, Ga. Wally served as a radio operator aboard a B-26 Marauder bomber during the closing days of World War II. He’s my “hero of the week”, but – to all, as always – thank you for your service.
Submitted by Craig Roberts, 10 Feb. 2014
Stations logged* were:
K1THP - Dave, Farmington, Conn.
N3BPM – Steve, Owings, Md.
N4TGZ – Bruce, Ashland, Va.
W9GDH – Greg, Cameron, Wis.
K4IZN - Mike, Deatsville, Ala.
W2EWK – Gene, Patchhogue, N.Y.
W8RMJ – Phil, Germantown, Oh.
K9PNP – Mitch, Princeton, Ind.
W4IM – John, Salem, Va.
K8CAM – Craig, Xenia, Oh.
AC8KO - Bill, Romulus, Mich.
N9HKN – Bill, Glenview, Ill.
WA2GJU – Chuck, Buffalo, N.Y.
KB3YPY – Ken, Lexington Park, Md.
W4XLT – Wally, Brunswick, Ga.
KI4TNN – Walter, Pensacola, Fla.
K8KX- Marv, Waverly, Oh.
KI8Z – Ed, Lawrence, Mich.
KB3QBA – John, Curry, Penn.
W4JCL – Jim, Zephyr Hills, Fla.
KD8LPT – Greg, W. Va.
KB3YLX – Lance, Upper Marlboro, Md.
* At least two other stations attempted to
check in but were not copyable.


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