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National Commander Headlines

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'A Commander for Everybody'

New York's Fang Wong assumes leadership of the Legion.

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A thousand stories of troop support to tell

Transition assistance and military support are among the most important values of the Legion. We need to tell those stories on every level.

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When given the opportunity to succeed

GI Bill allows veterans to pave their own road to recovery.

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VA budget: Good, but could be better

While sacrifices in spending must be made, they shouldn't come at the expense of those who have already sacrificed.

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Serving America’s Veterans Every Day

New commander shares his vision and values in acceptance speech at 92nd National Convention.

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Who we celebrate on Veterans Day

Veterans Day provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on the diversity found in the armed forces and in our organization.

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ROAR: How is your VA regional office?

National Commander Jimmie Foster asks for your input on how to break the VA backlog.

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A couple of words worth sharing

Remembering the value of saying thanks.

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