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National WWII Museum opens new attractions

National WWII Museum opens new attractions

The National World War II Museum in New Orleans opened a theater, live show and restaurant during a weekend celebration that included Hollywood actor Tom Hanks.

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2009 History Contests winners

Winners of the annual National  History Contests were announced during the National Executive Committee Fall Meetings in October.

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Full Circle

Dachau survivor Werner Kleeman has a war story like none other.

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Silent Conversation

Offerings at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial tell the unspoken stories of a generation.

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'MAN IN SEA' monument honors divers

U.S. military divers honored with monument on the grounds of the Washington Navy Yard.

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Mission accomplished

A World War II veteran’s overseas grave receives a rare visitor.

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A March Through History

Bulge veterans retrace their steps, tell their stories during commemorative march in Belgium.

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The Korean War at Sixty

Memories of shared sacrifice can and should sustain an alliance that remains in America’s best interests.

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50th Anniversary Korean War issue resurrected

Historical issue now available online.

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The Unknown Revolutionary

Alexandria tomb with Legion roots often overlooked today.

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Military Monikers

In a world of uniformity and discipline, a nickname can ease the stress, break the tedium and, of course, stick with you for life.

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