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Strength in the skies helped make America a superpower. Will sequestration clip our wings?

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I Am The American Legion - John Thompson

“I think the experience here will benefit them no matter what career path they choose.”

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'This has to happen'

National memorial for Desert Storm veterans signed into law.

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Our lasting bond with law enforcement

Just as our organization has been a staunch advocate for military veterans for nearly a century, we also stand proudly alongside our nation’s law-enforcement officers.

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Top of the world


Engineering marvel, strategic position, research station and space observatory, Thule Air Base fulfills multiple missions where the winter sun doesn’t shine.

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The Smokejumpers

The nation’s first all-black parachute infantry battalion took on dangerous firefighting missions in the final months of World War II.

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More than a story

Acquaint, or reacquaint, yourself with the The Chapel of Four Chaplains.

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4x4: A time for Legion Family values

Our family is everywhere because we need to be everywhere.

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Credentialing Crunch

Despite American Legion-led inroads, a web of state laws continues to hold up smooth military-to-civilian career transitions.

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Casualties of care

Inadequate VA staffing, surges in patient numbers and appointment cover-ups blamed for preventable deaths and national demands for accountability.

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The battle remembered

Seventy years after the cold, snowy, bloody fight that led to victory in World War II, Bulge veterans continue to find each other.

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A month of hours

When a veteran couple fell on hard times, The American Legion and The Home Depot teamed up to help complete their home.

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First Blood

Competition, controlledfears and a desperate craving for a shootdown put Eddie Rickenbacker on a path to become America’s “ace of aces.”

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The music of military service

Operation Encore blends the songwriting and playing talents of men and women who know the deeper meanings of service.

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What Louie Zamperini meant to Angelina Jolie

The American Legion Magazine interviewed Jolie via email about meeting her hero, Louie Zamperini.

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Valor was everywhere

Ryan Pitts distinguished himself on the battlefield and in the heart of a young boy fighting for his life.

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I Am The American Legion - Bill Czmyr

"Veterans need a place to live."

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The Man who was Unbroken

Louis Zamperini was many things in his lifetime, not the least of which was inspirational.

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The Oak Ridge Boys

Singer Joe Bonsall explains why the quartet, now allied with The American Legion, continues to delight audiences.

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America's Most Beloved Veterans

As voted by American Legion media audience members

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The Bakken Boom

Young veterans are flocking to the North Dakota oil patch for jobs – and employers want more.

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As stewards of the Legion’s future

The American Legion is very much alive, vital and relevant – the largest, strongest and most influential voice for veterans, regardless of war era, in this nation. 

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I Am The American Legion - John P. "Sean" Powers

“Knowing that we're doing good is going to keep me (active in the Legion) forever. That's what it's all about.”

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Gold Star son honored for paying it forward

The kindness of a 9-year-old Myles Eckert has touched America's heart.

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It really is a system worth saving

Scrapping VA will not help veterans, but The American Legion is resolved to help fix our healthcare system.

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I Am The American Legion: Bob Mastronicola

Painesville, Ohio Legionnaire Bob Mastronicola uses his role as Director of Veterans Education at Lake Erie College to help veterans successfully transition to civilian life.

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Last of the Code Talkers

In his final interview, World War II Marine Chester Nez reflected on his place in history.

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Serve those who served

Fisher House CEO calls his foundation’s mission ‘beautiful in its simplicity.’

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Antique tractor owners raise funds for OCW

Farmers who drove antique tractors in the third annual Tractor Relay Across Nebraska, donated the funds raised along the way to Operation Comfort Warriors.

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‘They are my heroes’


The remaining three dozen survivors of the USS Indianapolis disaster recall in vivid detail their nearly five days in the oil-soaked, shark-infested ocean. 

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