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The Meaning of Normandy

Remembrance is all that matters to the people of tiny Hemevez.

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‘We are not giving up on him’

 A Colorado community and The American Legion rally around the family of an Army veteran lost in last year’s historic floods.

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I Am The American Legion: Richard Brown

It’s so rewarding giving back to the community, to my fellow veterans and seeing the positive changes that we make in The American Legion.”

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The flag’s meaning to our forefathers

"I do not believe that there is a single thing in our flag that does not stand for honor, justice and righteousness, and there will never come a time when there are not some people in America who will not be willing to stand by the flag"

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A Question of Power: The Robust Presidency

Contemporary challenges and a demanding public require a robust presidency.

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A Question of Power: The Imperial Presidency

The United States is at grave risk of embracing an imperial presidency.

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Sixty Years of Freedom

On the eve of their last official gathering, Korean War ex-POWs reflect on their time in captivity – and the lives they built at home.

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Photo by Lucas Carter

I Am The American Legion: Judi Beischel

Coast Guard veteran Judi Beischel has been a part of The American Legion since birth.

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The ‘greater meaning’ of Memorial Day

We don't just honor those who fought, we honor those who sacrificed everything for America.

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Last Rites

As demand at national veterans cemeteries soars, VA scrambles to add burial space – and one community takes matters into its own hands.

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World War II veterans of the Normandy invasion sign autographs and meet visitors from multiple nations during a D-Day anniversary event coordinated by the AVA near La Fiére Bridge in France, site of one of the bloodiest small-arms battles in U.S. military history. Photo by Jeff Stoffer

Amis des Vétérans Américains

Normandy association to unveil new monument, host Liberty Banquet for 70th anniversary of D-Day invasion.

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Full Command

At the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership, cadets focus on earning others’ respect and setting an example worth following.

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Get connected with social media

Social media channels offer alternative platforms to receive Legion message

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Ahead of the pack

Virginia post adjutant has an early start on Legion’s centennial.

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I Am The American Legion: Al Ford

Al Ford first went to an American Legion post while on a double date. He liked it and joined.

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On the Edge

Doctors are prescribing too many opioid painkillers to young veterans, leading to addictions and accidental overdoses.

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I Am The American Legion: National Chaplain Daniel McClure

National Chaplain Daniel McClure talks about faith and service.

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The bond we share with student veterans

Student Veterans of America works side by side with Legionnaires to keep the spirit and purpose of the GI Bill alive for post-9/11 veterans.

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Joe DeLaCruz, chairman of the Department of Oklahoma’s emergency relief program, looks over the tattered remains of a scrapbook in the aftermath of the tornado in Moore, Okla. (Photo by Henry Howard)

Crisis Management

Dating back to 1969, the National Emergency Fund has helped veterans rebuild lives shattered by tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural disasters.

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A Marshall Plan for Afghanistan

Houston activist known for her place in “Charlie Wilson’s War” rebuilt a village to show the world what happens when basic needs are met.

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During his time as an Army photographer, Bill Jones documented the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the United States dropped atomic bombs on the cities to end World War II. (Photo by Lucas Carter)

The Power of Pictures

Bill Jones kept his photos of the atomic bombs’ aftermath a secret for nearly 50 years before sharing them with the world.

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Videographer Hope Hall tapes President Barack Obama working on a document in the Chief of Staff's office in the West Wing of the White House, June 4, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)

A Lens on the Government

Former American Legion Oratorical participant focused on the White House.

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I Am The American Legion: Dr. Peter Tzrop

The commander of Post 121 in Bardstown, Ky., went to great lengths to solidify the bonds between his post and the local National Guard unit, 138 Charlie Battery.

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Under the Canopy

While the civil rights movement was happening in America, 1st Air Cav Sgt. Fred Steen and his men were breaking barriers of their own in Southeast Asia.

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A place to gather...and much more

Traditionally black American Legion posts in Missouri, Illinois and Florida cherish their history and camaraderie.

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Chaplains are the Legion’s hands and feet

The inspirational story of the Dorchester's Four Chaplains still resonates today.

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The Face of America

The four giants of Mount Rushmore tell our nation's grand story.

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I Am The American Legion- Terry Woodburn

“It’s the diversity (of The American Legion). It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat, you’re a Republican, you’re independent, what your skin color is, what your religion is. They still work together for what they think is right for the organization.”

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Sometimes, it does take a rocket scientist

Former aerospace engineer and retired Air Force general brings a unique mix of experience to USAA, The American Legion’s preferred provider of financial services.

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"Find in my favor"

Angered by VA’s uneven approach to Agent Orange claims, Vietnam War Navy veterans say they won’t quit. 

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