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The Air War in Vietnam

Built for jet-powered nuclear retaliation, Air Force and Navy aviation underwent an extreme makeover and emerged far better equipped to fight from the skies.

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The Vietnam War in Nelson DeMille


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The Vietnam War in Nelson DeMille


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The Vietnam War in Nelson DeMille


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The Vietnam War in Nelson DeMille

The best-selling author and American Legion member reflects on the combat experience that led him to a life of writing.

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I Am the American Legion

Horacio “James” Baca

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The Will to Drill

If the United States embraces its own petroleum reserves, North America could become the new Middle East.

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The Mysteries of Tonkin Gulf

Declassified documents, other records reveal inconsistencies in the sequence of events leading to U.S. entry in the Vietnam War.

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Against all odds

In the Jim Crow South, John Stokes led a strike that helped bring about an end to segregation.

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View of the revolver that Frank Kowalski had to purchase, and get a permit for during his time serving in Vietnam before the official start of the war.(Photo by Sandy Huffaker)

‘I had to go to the library to look it up’

In the mid-’50s, Frank Kowalski and hundreds of other soldiers were ordered to a largely unheard-of country called Vietnam.

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Camp Lejeune’s Toxic Legacy

A legislative victory for Marine Corps families exposed to contaminated water won’t end one father’s quest for answers.

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A Case For Civility

Today’s partisan rancor is nothing new. But it’s getting worse, as seen on the campaign trail, talk shows and the Internet. How do we bury the hatchet?

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New leadership, higher standards and military technology are helping to restore the reputation of America’s most hallowed cemetery.

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Why we went to war in Vietnam

Interpretation evolves about America's most controversial war.

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Hometown Hero

Pearl Harbor survivor Frank Curre died on the attack’s 70th anniversary.

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Spartans of Senegal

Trained by U.S. forces, West Africans fight to keep terrorism from creeping in.

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The Contender

How competitive shooting at an American Legion post gave a teenager the confidence to achieve his dreams. 

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‘Because of the common cause’

USAA CEO Joe Robles shares the organization’s recipe for success during tough economic times and how its relationship with The American Legion helps. Since January 2011, USAA has been the Legion’s preferred provider of financial services.

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A Memorial Like No Other

Born into political and artistic controversy, the Wall has become an enduring symbol of the Vietnam generation’s service and sacrifice.

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‘All is well, safely rest’

On the occasion of Taps’ 150th anniversary, the origin of America’s most recognizable bugle call is sounded by the song’s top expert.

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America's Choice

Running for his second and final term as U.S. president, Barack Obama believes that greater investment in education, science and infrastructure is the prescription for America’s economic recovery.

Mitt Romney, the GOP presidential candidate and former Massachusetts governor, has a competing vision. He vows to massively reduce spending without cutting the military budget.  

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On the Brink

On the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the men who served as America’s shield reflect on how close the world came to nuclear war.

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Ed Dyer, vice president of military programs for Indianapolis-based Allison Transmission, Inc.

A matter of priorities

Former tanker, retired general defense-industry executive considers the economic ripple effect and national security threat of major DoD budget cuts and the end of U.S. tank production.

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Black and White and Read No More

A longtime reporter observes the twilight of American newspapers.

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U.S. Marines scramble from  a CH-53 helicopter during the  SS Mayaguez operation.

The Last Battle

The Koh Tang Beach Club searches for answers, salves painful memories of Mayaguez incident.

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Capt. Michael Stewart, commander of Able Company, 3rd Battalion, 66th Armor Regiment, 172nd Infantry Brigade, takes a break with his men during Operation Iron Mountain Goat II out of Combat Outpost Bad Pakh in Afghanistan’s Laghman province.

Back to A-Stan

Legion writer, OEF veteran returns to the war zone, where the sands have shifted since his U.S. Army tour.

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Harold Thomas, a Vietnam War combat veteran, successfully completed treatment after ending up in Judge Stephen Manley’s court on drug charges.

Restorative Justice

Veterans treatment courts make differences in the lives of those who served.

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A German Model 1942 helmet found with a U.S. mortar embedded in it is just one of the pieces housed at the Wilson Research & History Center in Little Rock, Ark.

10 Million Puzzle Pieces

Math is not on the side of an Arkansas lawyer who has poured his heart and soul into building the world’s largest collection of military headgear.

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