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Missing in America

At funeral homes across the country, an unknown number of veterans’ ashes go unclaimed. Legionnaires are helping to give them proper burial and honors.

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Spinal Cord SuperCenter

Minneapolis VA refines the art of rehabilitation.

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Respect the wishes of our fallen heroes

On Memorial Day, images of freedom's cost hold our attention and stir our souls. Floral wreaths are delicately placed beside marble monuments.

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The threat of a new missile age

The risk of electromagnetic pulse devastation is greater than ever. Why does Washington dismiss it?

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River City: 91st National Convention

Where past and present meet.

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So much more than a speech contest

Between visits to post, district and department functions, along with national meetings and events, I will give more than 200 speeches by the time my tenure as national commander is up.

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Death of a Specimen

Former VA researchers are enraged their Legionella samples were destroyed.

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Advance appropriations for VA care

Since 2001, the number of veterans using VA health-care services has increased by 2 million.

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THE POWER OF POWER: The Domestic Dilemma

America must make complicated and costly decisions to reverse its dependence on foreign oil.

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THE POWER OF POWER: The Post-Petro Economy

Thirty years after Three Mile Island, America confronts its fear of going nuclear.

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Many in western Wyoming want the energy industry to proceed with more caution.

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An Unsolved Medical Mystery

No one knows exactly what causes Lou Gehrig’s disease, but we do know veterans contract it at a higher rate than others. Last September, strongly encouraged by The American Legion, VA finally connected the dots.

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Boutros Boutros-Ghali, former United Nations secretary-general, has said that the next global conflict will erupt not over oil, but over water.

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Ethanol has been cast for years as America’s economic and environmental salvation. But there are two sides to the cost-benefit analysis.

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Operation Freedom Car

The March issue of The American Legion Magazine included a special pull-out poster featuring American Legion Racing and No. 76 driver Jerick Johnson. The poster is available here as a free download. Just click the links below.

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A legacy of stepping up in tough times

If you think Legion membership and compassionate support for veterans can only flourish in the good times, you might be surprised by how the organization performed through the Depression.

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Eight Thousand Mysteries

Revelation of a U.S. POW held in China during the Korean War gives hope to families that have waited so long for closure.

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How to Fund a War

Some called it "Operation Tin Cup." But it worked. Two budget advisers to President George H.W. Bush describe the way the United States managed the Gulf War's costs.

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Is Empire a Dirty Word?

The founding fathers’ answer may surprise you.

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Spirit of the GI Bill renewed

The American Legion's greatest accomplishment, many say, is the GI Bill.

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Smoke-Free or Freedom to Smoke?

Once glorified on the silver screen and accepted in society, cigarette smoking has since been driven to the brink of illegality. It all started with a study by a VA doctor.

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Parallel Universes

More than three years after Katrina lambasted their VA medical center, New Orleans veterans find themselves poised to provide hope in a city yearning for recovery.

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The Battle to Train the Enemies of our Enemies

Peace activists and their allies in Congress tried to shut down the School of the Americas. Now they vow to close its successor, WHINSEC.

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Nothing to Lose

Homeless veterans in America are not criminals or misfits. They are individuals who have served America, and we need to help them find their way back home.

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Brain Trust

A $4.6 million DoD grant to develop a new TBI‑diagnosis device came with a breakneck deadline.

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Kick for Nick

19-year-old Nick Madaras was killed by a roadside bomb while on patrol. But his plan to share soccer with Iraqi children didn’t die with him.

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Legion, Sears partner on Heroes at Home fundraising

Sears’ Heroes at Home is committed to bringing warmth, safety and accessibility to homeowners who do not have the financial or physical resources to complete home repairs and other necessary improvements.

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Red Christmas

The fact that some of the stuff we purchase may be painted or assembled by people imprisoned for their religious beliefs should give us all pause, especially at Christmastime.

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A tale of two clauses

Attorneys for the ACLU and other groups continue to chip away at our country's Christian heritage, filing and winning frivolous lawsuits that have banned the Ten Commandments, Latin crosses, Boy Scouts of America and the Pledge of Allegiance from public display, gathering or utterance.

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What we mean by pride and purpose

There are two words that have always accompanied my travels as a Legionnaire and will continue to do so this year, as national commander. They are "pride" and "purpose."

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