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An Unsolved Medical Mystery

No one knows exactly what causes Lou Gehrig’s disease, but we do know veterans contract it at a higher rate than others. Last September, strongly encouraged by The American Legion, VA finally connected the dots.

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River City: 91st National Convention

Where past and present meet.

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Today’s warriors need us more than ever

By my second day in the war theater of Operation Iraqi Freedom, I realized I was surrounded by reasons why The American Legion matters today as much as ever – maybe more so.

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Tailored for Space

Blue Star Banner company in rural Delaware takes pride in a legacy of accomplishments and patriotism.

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So much more than a speech contest

Between visits to post, district and department functions, along with national meetings and events, I will give more than 200 speeches by the time my tenure as national commander is up.

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Monumental Challenge

The Supreme Court’s decision on the Mojave Desert cross may set a precedent for veterans memorials everywhere.

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Death of a Specimen

Former VA researchers are enraged their Legionella samples were destroyed.

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Out of the Darkness

At last, more military sexual trauma victims are speaking up and getting help.

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The Homecoming of José Pequeño

Doctors gave him 48 hours to live. But José Pequeño survived severe brain injury and struggled through a 33-month recovery in several VA hospitals. Finally, just before Christmas, the warrior and his family came home.

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Spirit of the GI Bill renewed

The American Legion's greatest accomplishment, many say, is the GI Bill.

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Missing in America

At funeral homes across the country, an unknown number of veterans’ ashes go unclaimed. Legionnaires are helping to give them proper burial and honors.

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Smoke-Free or Freedom to Smoke?

Once glorified on the silver screen and accepted in society, cigarette smoking has since been driven to the brink of illegality. It all started with a study by a VA doctor.

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Spinal Cord SuperCenter

Minneapolis VA refines the art of rehabilitation.

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Parallel Universes

More than three years after Katrina lambasted their VA medical center, New Orleans veterans find themselves poised to provide hope in a city yearning for recovery.

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Operation Comfort Warriors keeps pledge

One of my favorite clauses in the Preamble to the Constitution of The American Legion comes at the end: “To consecrate and sanctify our comradeship by our devotion to mutual helpfulness.”

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Respect the wishes of our fallen heroes

On Memorial Day, images of freedom's cost hold our attention and stir our souls. Floral wreaths are delicately placed beside marble monuments.

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The Battle to Train the Enemies of our Enemies

Peace activists and their allies in Congress tried to shut down the School of the Americas. Now they vow to close its successor, WHINSEC.

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Pillar II: National Security

To those who have sworn with their lives to protect the United States against enemies near and far, national security is a deeply held value.

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Nothing to Lose

Homeless veterans in America are not criminals or misfits. They are individuals who have served America, and we need to help them find their way back home.

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Pillar III: Americanism

As an organization dedicated to God and country, with a membership of military veterans that takes deep pride in the U.S. flag and all it means, The American Legion has always been a stalwart champion of patriotism, morality and citizenship.

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Brain Trust

A $4.6 million DoD grant to develop a new TBI‑diagnosis device came with a breakneck deadline.

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Pillar IV: Children & Youth

The American Legion has been a staunch supporter for the children and youth of our nation since its founding in 1919.

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Kick for Nick

19-year-old Nick Madaras was killed by a roadside bomb while on patrol. But his plan to share soccer with Iraqi children didn’t die with him.

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Masters of Disasters

Since 9/11, thousands of emergency responders have flocked to the curious mock town of Disaster City to train for terrorist attacks and natural disasters.

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Legion, Sears partner on Heroes at Home fundraising

Sears’ Heroes at Home is committed to bringing warmth, safety and accessibility to homeowners who do not have the financial or physical resources to complete home repairs and other necessary improvements.

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RAPID FIRE: Remembering 9/11

On the era in which we live.

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Red Christmas

The fact that some of the stuff we purchase may be painted or assembled by people imprisoned for their religious beliefs should give us all pause, especially at Christmastime.

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America's Next Commander in Chief

Candidates Obama and McCain sound off on national security, veterans issues and the flag.

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Boutros Boutros-Ghali, former United Nations secretary-general, has said that the next global conflict will erupt not over oil, but over water.

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Up to the Challenge

National Commaner Dave Rehbein leaves the laboratory to lead The American Legion.

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