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Our Other Immigration Problem

Fixing the naturalization process will turn an American weakness into a strength.

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Sen. Daniel Akaka: Bring VA Up To Date

Senate Veterans Affairs Committtee chairman Daniel Akaka speaks with The American Legion Magazine about the committee's approach to the second half of the 110th Congress.

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VA Home Loans: The VA home loan advantage

A mortgage-lending employee speaks to The American Legion Magazine about today's VA home loan, what veterans need to watch out for, and how the program remains one of the most valuable benefits of military service.

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America needs an historic investment

History proves that one can never go wrong by betting on America's GIs. And employers rarely go wrong by hiring veterans.

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The Majority's Right To Rule

Why the power to protect our flag will eventually be reclaimed by the American people.

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Spiritual Pathways

Ancient traditions help mental-health professionals connect with American Indian veterans battling PTS.

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The value of volunteering

It really doesn't matter in what way or how often you volunteer. What matters is that you do volunteer.

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Do You Need A Career Coach?

A career coach can be an invaluable resource in today's competitive, constantly changing and often difficult market.

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The beauty, the brains and the strength

How an unassuming, churchgoing soldier from Utah captured America's heart in Las Vegas.

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Damned if we don't

Too costly to repair and hard to remove, America's 80,000 dams just keep getting older.

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Honor students with medal program

One of the best ways to perform service to God and country is to take an active interest in developing America's youth as patriotic, freedom-loving citizens.

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A well-regulated militia

At a time of extended National Guard war deployments, state defense forces cannot be forgotten. In fact, they should be strengthened.

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A Place to Call Home

Institutional children's homes have nearly vanished across America, but not in Ponca City, Okla., where The American Legion still fulfills an oath made long ago.

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The Strongest Generation

Army Vice Chief Gen. Richard Cody says that never before have so few Americans bravely protected so many.

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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): Signature Wound of the War

"People think this is new. It's not. Go back to World War I. Same kind of discussion back then. We need to figure this out. VA and DoD are going to work very closely on this. There is tremendous synergy on this." - Dr. James B. Peake, secretary of VA, in a recent interview with The American Legion Magazine

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Patriot Slave

After finding a little-known Revolutionary War hero in her family tree, a genealogical researcher wants to restore his legacy.

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