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Veterans Benefits Center Headlines

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Legion to Congress: Leave VA, DoD health care alone

Commander Rehbein responded to President Obama's urgent call for national health-care reform by urging Congress to leave VA and DoD health-care systems alone.

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Congressman Filner thanks Legion for promoting VA health-care legislation

U.S. Rep. Bob Filner, D-Calif., says high-quality health care for veterans is at the top of his list of priorities.

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VA launches 10-year health study

VA has initiated a large, long-term study to carefully examine a broad array of health issues that may affect Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans and their contemporaries.

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VA claims backlog approaches 1 million mark

VA’s backlog of unprocessed disability claims grew by more than 100,000 during the past four months.

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SOC Consortium helps out military students

Consortium allows servicemembers to enroll in a participating school and continue their bachelor and graduate-level degree programs on school campuses, military installations, and armories in the United States and overseas.

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More than $60M in grant money awarded to VA facilities

VA recently awarded grants to a few medical facilities.

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Washington state VA director Q & A

Washington state VA director Q & A

"We need to close the state-federal information gap"

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Full Disclosure

Rocked by a series of sterilization scares, VA errs on the side of patient safety.

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The Secretary’s War on Homelessness

Shinseki vows to get America’s veterans off the streets within five years. Even the homeless aren’t sure it can be done.

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Cause and Effect

The Millennium Cohort Study focuses on the long-term health-care consequences of deployment.

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The Federal Hiring Gauntlet

Veterans face roadblocks to getting jobs with the government they defended.

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Still Adrift

Congress sinks hopes that Vietnam Navy veterans will regain Agent Orange benefits.

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Healing Waters

Fly-fishing therapy saves self-esteem, marriages of wounded warriors.

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