What is Heroes to Hometowns?

The Heroes to Hometowns program is a transition-assistance program for U.S. servicemembers who have been severely injured in the global war on terrorism.

What is meant by severely injured?

Severely injured refers to servicemembers who suffered blindness, hearing loss, amputation, severe body burns, traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress, paralysis, permanent disfigurement, hospitalization, multiple surgeries or spinal-cord injury.

How can I help?

By forming a Hero Transition Team.

What is a Hero Transition Team?

A Hero Transition Team is a community-based support team to rally and coordinate assistance for a servicemember leaving the military and entering civilian life.

How do I find an American Legion post in my community?

Through the Post Locator.

Can I help if I am not a veteran?

Yes. The American Legion is willing to work with anyone for the benefit of our severely injured servicemembers.

Does The American Legion help veterans and servicemembers who are not severely injured?

Yes. The American Legion is an advocate for all veterans. Please contact your department service officer for assistance with non-severely injured veterans.

Why should I register the Hero Transition Team on the National Guard Web site?

The National Guard is a national partner in the Heroes to Hometowns program. As such, the National Guard has provided its Web-based resources to aid in our outreach to military members and their families.

Why should I register the Hero Transition Team for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award?

The Presidential Volunteer Service Award is awarded to Americans who volunteer through certified organizations. By registering your volunteer hours, The American Legion’s service to severely injured servicemembers is tracked and nationally recognized for the benefit of your local Hero Transition Team. Add this Service Key. WCB-24899. as your Certifying Organization to log your hours for The American Legion's Heroes to Hometowns.

Why should I publicize our Hero Transition Team?

The more people know about your Heroes to Hometowns program and your team, the more sources will be available to help the returning hero and his or her family.