What issue that was neglected during the government shutdown would you place highest on Washington’s agenda?

Immigration reform
14% (137 votes)
Civil war in Syria
1% (13 votes)
Worldwide phone and computer tapping by the National Security Agency
16% (158 votes)
40% (390 votes)
Energy independence
12% (113 votes)
Something else?
16% (155 votes)
Total votes: 966


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  1. Congress spent so much time breaking down the affordable care act that they didn't actually do anything with the budget. We need to clean house, and get representatives in who listen to the people rather than party politics and special interest groups,

  2. The fact that we do not have budget and continue to just kick the can for hard decisions down the road. We must address Entitlement reform as well as our deficit or we become a second rate nation with someone else holding all the purse strings.

  3. It's way past time to put politics aside! I realize it's a little more involved than a house-hold budget; however, the basic's apply. You have x-amount of money coming in/X-amount of money going out. Balance the check-book, you a##-holes. Drop most of the foriegn aid, it's going to people who hate our guts, don't just give lip-service to the health care system in this country, figure out a fix. (Not on the backs of the middle class that's left)Figure out how to replace the money "robbed out" of S.S. over the years, Fix Medi-cade/medi-care, if you uncover fraud, put the offender away for hard time, not so country club! I guess I'm saying "use what little common sence you have among you to FIX some issues and not just kick it down the road!! I doubt there are enough balls in the whole group to get any thing meaningful done but I guess we give them the chance. ( sooner or later I see very bad things happen to our elected officials)

  4. The first thing that needs to be done is to get them out of the back-pockets of all the PACS that feed them - followed by cutting all the pork that goes out there for most often non-sensical programs just to keep the votes coming.

  5. The fact that U. S. Army Sgt. Bowe Robert Bergdahl is still being held since June 30, 2009 as a POW by Taliban forces is truly disheartening. There is never any news reports about this soldier. I can only imagine how his parents feel every second of the day. I realize this has nothing to do with our governmental situation, but we should never leave anyone behind. I pray for his release.

  6. Why wasn't there any commitment to reducing the deficit so we don't add more debt for our descendants to pay.

  7. Veteran's fought for "We the People". Current elected congresspeople fight for "We the Rich". Until we elect people who will fight for "We the People", we will be stuck with "We the Screwed".

  8. We as a country have got to elect persons that WILL draw the line on spending & live on what we take in. Simple rule of thumb,get a budget & STAY WITHIN IT. How absurd it is to have to borrow funds that you will never pay back.

  9. The economy is still the biggest problem facing government and citizens. The legislative and administration branches of government need to put politics aside. Just solve the problems, the public is tired of the political in fighting that doesn't solve problem but does create them.

  10. Put a lid on the comments, this is not the place for your political comments. Go get a job and quit waiting for a veteran's handout.

  11. You need to check your browser or quit hacking the web site. Your browser must have given you a bum re-direct.
    EVERY vet who posts on this site has earned every dime this Govt. sends them. Some of these vet's served their country and still can't get the "sign up" promises fulfilled. I'll hope you learn to appreciate the people who have saved your right to make un-informed comments.

  12. Just like Social Security checks, our pension is NOT a handout. It was earned for 20 plus years of service. Oh yeah, I do have a job, have had one since retiring 13 years ago, thank you very much.

  13. Veteran's handout!!! What are you some kind of stupid jerk? What do you mean handout. Obviously you were never in the military. Veteran's earned everything they get.

  14. Yes you have earned everything you get. I tried in 1968. Didn't even finish boot. Thank you and all other REAL vets for serving our country!!!!!!!!!

  15. I was due a check ride on the 1st from the FAA. Which i of course did not get. And now they are so backed up they can not get me in for a while. I have lost 24 days pay and counting.

  16. How about all the cover ups . It's the old deflection game. Not to forget the veterans getting paid.

  17. How about the fact that almost 6 Million Veterans were not going to get paid on November 1st due to the government shutdown. Anyone wanna take a bite at that one?

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