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Are military retirees being asked too much if TRICARE fees and deductibles go up?


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  1. Our Service men and women should not be asked to sacrifice any more than they already have!

  2. IF they want to change it, change it for the new volunteers and thenew volunteers will decide whether it's worth it or not.

  3. I was draft in 1969. It was the service or Canada. I feel sorry for you people :( They wanted me to reup they promise me a lot of things. I said No. The way this country is going? I'm glad I don't have grandchilds

  4. Could respond in a way that adds to the dilemma. Could respond in kindness Could respond the way the elected try. I just see men who don't put flowers on their own grandparents grave trying to crap over mine. If COLA is a device for some but not for others then there should be 0 COLA allowed. If city's are going bankrupt because they can't pay the city pension funds. If 18 states are bankrupt and, elected dignitary's declare the cost of military and their programs are to blame. Then I will be accused of being a whistle blower. When background checks are nothing more than an excuse to sideline anyone that tells the point to point issue. When that occurs the reason to serve is voided. The reason to have the boy/girl scouts and, many of the programs that were built around merit and volunteer service is questionable. Position the main points back to the center Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way. This administration wants followers but, based on what merits? Funding by government is broken. TRICARE is broken, the red tape is not the question. If your not part of the solution you are part of the problem. That is the problem every one has self serving suggestions yet who has the solution? No-one in the US Government that is a proven fact. MIT is offering free tuition. Sign up.

  5. When I enlisted in the Army 1979 I did because it is what I wanted to be and do. I trusted my wife and daughters would be taken care. We wouldn’t have to worry about the future medical and other benefits. Now since my retirement in 2009 I feel disgusted and betrayal how our service members and veterans and families are treated. That 1% who raised our right hand and served with enormous sacrifice this great country of ours. We who put our families through so much and lost family time that will never be recuperated. To see our elected officials take away little by little benefits earned with blood, sweat and tears! TRICARE Prime away from retirees and put them in TRICARE Standard. Now they talk about raising TRICARE fees and even suggesting changes about VA benefits. This is unacceptable! A downright slap in the face to the military community!

  6. Come on, Troop! Did you really expect the people who run/ruin this country to live up to thier end of the deal?? I think it's going to get a lot worse in the coming years simply because there are fewer and fewer of us who served in war/peace time military. I had 31 years in, active and reserve time, and I'm starting to wonder if I'll even get the retirement I've earned!! Don't get me wrong, if called back to war, I'd do my best to answer; but, I'm really starting to wonder why. Washington's not looking out for our nations best interest, hell, all of them on both sides of the alise are looking out for the "PARTY" and not the folks who actually pay taxes, work for a living, and it seems fight our wars. I shudder when I think what kind of country I'm leaving to my grand-children.Z2yTs

  7. I took a oath in the sixties to support and defend the Constitution. We fought the communists and trusted our government. It appears now, our Constitution is being endangered from our own government. I think Legion members need to stand together to protect Tricare, and the values Veterans served to protect. And make sure the young vets coming home, never have to take the crap we did.

  8. The politicians can not get enough money from the people to keep up with their insatiable spending habits. The country is 13 billion in debt and the politicians want more money so they can spend more. Why not go after the serviceman and the vets? We have served and are getting the politician's thanks by taking what they can from us.

  9. It is costing, and will continue to cost, over 1 million dollars per year for each servicemember in Afghanistan. If we leave 15,000 there, that's 15 billion dollars that could be used elsewhere in the defense budget. That's not counting the lives of the troops who will be murdered by our "friends" while they try to train them. Get out of Afghanistan, and stop looking for ways to punish those who paid up-front for Tricare.

  10. You are so right! Did you notice that you hear very little about the war in our media? Why do you think that is? We could easily bring back our troops and police our own borders. I'm noticing the drug problem getting way out of hand in this area I live in. It doesn't seem like we're doing enough to stop the proliferation of drugs. I wonder how many troops in Afghanistan could become police officers paid by the federal government to fight drugs.

  11. Tricare is like the rest of the insurance, the ceo needs his end of the year bonus for this reason lets go and get it from the one no body cares. Insurances, Banks, politician are the license professional thief.

  12. Now that the Democratic Senate has passed their Nuclear Option, meaning only a simply majority of 51 votes will pass ANY Senate legislation, its apparent the rules of 1932 German government has returned. Only the able body will survive judgement at the whim of the Progressive loyalists! Unless we stand up to the traitors now, by 2020 this country will be worse than any third 3rd country.

  13. Benefits should not be reduced. Fees and deductibles should not be increased. My daughter, whose
    ex-husband was/is Army has had difficulty finding doctors who will accept TRICARE. The reimbursement schedule is not as good as you think it is. (This is from a former LCDR/MC/USNR who has seen government medicine in the Navy, through VA Hospitals in New Haven, Chicago, and Ann Arbor, and who practiced medicine in private practice for 33 years.)

  14. I always find it interesting that our politicians waste the American tax dollar, then attack the active and retired military to make up the difference. I, for one, am sick of it. Manpower cuts that disrupt a professional military family's livelihood and, if lucky to actually make it to 20 years, then you're benefits are whittled away a little bit at a time. All of this and we still have a presence in Afghanistan? If the government needs money, then get us out of a war we can't possibly win. Some say this is not another Vietnam--nonsense.

  15. I know we where all promised something for free when we enlisted and managed to serve up to or beyond 20 yrs. of service. They took the dental and thank goodness the left medical even if it became Tri-Care. I agree some type of increase, but not one to totally make it unaffordable. I think it ludicrous that OBAHMA CARE or ACA is going to wipe us all out by forcing Tri-Care rates to change. Shame on Vets who support a president-who believes in I THE GOVERNMENT, not WE THE PEOPLE...Shame on members of Congress not falling on the same sword as Vets and not earning a retirement for service-but steal it by giving one term and receiving 100% for life and not playing by the rules of having to be force in to the ACA...God Bless our souls and the our brothers in arms who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

  16. USAF ret.

    Thank you for stating it so succinctly. 100% agree with you ... Have you thought of running for President?

    CSM Ret. MA ARNG

  17. I think you had better do some thinking and educate yourself. The impetus to increase Tricare fees has been used by the last two administrations. President Bush first recommended increasing fees for retirees during the early Iraq war time. To blame the current president is convenient and easy, but not very smart or very wise. It is nearly all politicians from both parties who are eagerly selling us down the river.

  18. Oh,here we go. We know what side of the fence you're on don't we? We hurt an Obama lover who thinks everything social in nature is a good thing. But, you're doing what you do best, start telling people they're not smart or wise. Funny you didn't throw the word "racist" in there too. What you did get right is all politicians from both parties are selling us down the river. Start talking (writing) like a retired MSgt.

  19. From the Eisenhower through the Reagan administrations, I was promised free medical care from the government for life for myself and for my wife if I would reenlist and stay in the US Army for 20 years or more. I've kept my part of the promise and reenlisted 4 times and completed 27 1/2 years of US Army service. In 2002, my wife and I began receiving social security benefits with each of us currently having $104.90 deducted from our social security earnings for medical insurance! Additionally, I paid into TRICARE Prime for myself and for my wife until I became TRICARE For Life eligible. My wife and I are not dead yet, we are still alive, but the government now wants to renege on it's promise to provide us free medical care for life! Does the government intend to continue to chip away at our military retirement benefits until there is nothing left??!!

  20. When I first raised my right hand and swore and oath to protect and defend the constitution, it was implied that if I served for at least 20 years I would never have to worry about medical care because Uncle Sam would provide it free. Well, when I retired after 26 years, my medical care was provided by TRICARE, which I had to pay for. And when I turned 65 it was MEDICARE, which I also have to pay for. Where's the 'free' medical care I thought I would be getting. True, retiree benefits are eating up a bigger portion of the DOD budget, but I sacrificed by giving up 26 years and bigger paychecks in the civilian economy. Now I think it's time for Uncle Sam to pay me back.

  21. All career military personnel pay… their benefits including [health care] fees upfront in service and sacrifice!

  22. It's the same old story. There's always money for welfare, but the first thing cut is for earned benefits like military retiree benefits and social security. The only time Washington appears to care is when they are in need of a military fix to a political problem that they have created. A pox on all of their houses!

  23. It seems that the only vets who benefit from being retired are the medically retired vets. I was fortunite enough to conclude 27 years of service without a service connected dissability. Over those 27 years I finished with 20 good years. I have a small pension. Yet I can not use the VA hospital 47 miles from my home. I am a Category 8 vet. I only get care if my income falls below the poverty level. The VA did not even accept my application. I am glad Tricare does not cost me the arm and leg my earlier civilian health insurance used to cost me. For the government to squeeze more healthcare taxes out of me later when I go onto medicare, I am a long way from the healthcare for life I was promised in 1969. We military retirees are but a small segment of the population geting smaller everyday. Yet I feel like we are being asked to give up more and more because our service means nothing to our legislators or our president anymore.

  24. I agree.I served 4 years in the Marine Corps so I'm not eligible,But I have friends that went the distance and earned retirement benefits.I feel they should get what they were promised.

  25. I agree. The VA is getting tto strict on their wanting everything to be service connected. Therrefore, it's becoming more difficult to count on them. Tricare is now wanting to increase fees and/or reduce quality of care every year.

  26. our joking, right. Why would they give up anything, whey voted their benefits for themselves. I believe the people should vote for the benefits Congress and Senate receive. Have you ever noticed that Congress or Senate never have to abide by any laws they vote for the people. No they are looking at removing the concurrent pay option again. So us vets that served our full 20 and are disabled on top can only receive the greater of the two. I worked for one and earned it, The other is a entitlement, a compensation for the daily pain and suffering. I am listed as unemployable, 90% disabled. Congress and the Senate does not care about us, we are and always be expendable to them. We can't individually buy their votes but collectively w have the power to remove ant and all from office and remind those in power who protects their butts when all else fails.

  27. It is just another example of the expediency of the government taking away promised benefits from those least able to financially support it. As I get older, I find government promises are of as much value as a warm bucket of spit.

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