Should U.S. troops return to Fallujah to stop al Qaida?

Yes. We should not stand idly by and let terrorists regain control there or anyplace in Iraq.
8% (225 votes)
Minimally. American advisers and possibly Special Forces elements should be deployed to help the Iraqis root out the terrorists.
15% (426 votes)
No, but we should send Iraq any and all weapons necessary to remove this insurgency.
23% (659 votes)
No. Our nation is in a fiscal crisis and cannot afford to provide troops or weapons in Iraq.
54% (1543 votes)
Total votes: 2853


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  1. These people just don't care. Infidels and anyone who isn't Muslim will be eliminated one way or the other that is their belief!!

  2. Bush policy was different form Obama's in one key respect. Bush was not ashamed to promote American democratic institutions as a model and although he stopped short of making the mistake of imposing a strict american view of democracy on Iraq he favored an inclusive Palriamentary system that offered all Iraqi's political equality to that extent that is possible in the Middle East. Obama has gone into business with Iranian clerics and Islamic Revolutionaries all the way to Libya. Obama continued to back the Muslim Brotherhood and seeks that terrorist group be reinstated in Egyptian politics. If Obama is not an Islamist he certainly acts in accord with them. To include the OIC a 57 country Islamic bloc that published a paper earlier last year that seeks to define American free speech is Islamophobia. Doubters might wish to consider the recent reinvention by Obama's minions in the media that continue to push the notion the attacks on Benghazi's american presence was stimulated by a video made by a refugee Coptic in the USA. Bush was sensitive to Muslims and Islam, he didn't bend over for them.

  3. Very unfortunately there is no way out of this catch 22 mess. The USA will always be the first to send in the troops for the cause of freedom. Wait, is our freedom at stake here? Is oil the main objective? Like I said CATCH 22!!

  4. This is correct. Don't ever go into something like Iraq unless you have total support and have "ALL INTENTIONS TO WIN". If it is worth fighting, then it is worth doing what you have to do to win.
    Ask no questions and take no prisoners. The politicians treat the people like a disposable box of tissue. It is time to stop.

  5. The "common man" in Iraq really doesn't much care who wears the boot on his neck,grinding his face into the "sand of his fathers" I fought there in 90-91, I'm not sure we did a good thing in running Husseian(? Spelling is not correct) out of power/Didn't see any of this political infighting/tribal warfare/outside "Warriors of God" blowing up civilians. I'm not trying to pick a fight with either political party;Just saying we have enough on our plate without trying to refight a war we should not have been involved in in the first place. I'm not all that impressed with the POLS ( either side ) we have sitting in place in DC. I have my ruck packed/ammo in place/ready to cut and run higher in the hills to my "Happy Place" whenthey finally go to far with all the political nonsence they feel is much to important for simple people to understand, much less have a say in. In my youth, my Dad always worried about a "Race War" I'm worried about a have-have not war. And guess which side has the money and police/military/ on thier side????

  6. No. Lets learn about our recent military involvement in other countries. Helping Iraq now only, win or loose, means another Islamic group will, sooner or later, move in and move in we (the world) will be no better.
    John Orr Omaha, NE

  7. Nothing and no one in Iraq is worth any injury to our kids! I have the utmost respect for our military and their capability they represent the best of all of us and have nothing to prove. We could have won in Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan but elected officials must have the will to win! Don't deploy troops (that's all of us) to secure a draw. Nettie123 points are well taken.

  8. Check it out guys. We have been following this same blueprint since Truman sent troops to South Korea and they're still there. We have built their economy but look at ours. We are actually still in the cold war. Vietnam was a place originally to demonstrate our will to stamp out the spread of communism but it was a very bad choice and did not work. I spent a year there myself. McArthur warned Kennedy that he would never win a ground war in Southeast Asia. The politicians were warned over and over not to go in there. What does it take ? Also, all of these moves into conflicts since Korea have been unilateral moves. Why do we continue to allow this ? Vietnam cost 925 billion dollars and what did we get for it ? If we send troops to the Middle East they will die for nothing or be disabled. If we send weapons, they will use them against us. We cannot possibly select their leaders and government. I say if we have a politician who advocates going into Iraq, Syria or any place over there we mark their name and vote them out.

  9. We had no business going there in the first place. We could have kept Saddam Hussein on a very short leash until the Second Coming for a tiny fraction of the cost of invading and removing him.

    Does that mean we now bear some responsibility for what's happening now? Perhaps, but no way should we send more of our soldiers there. I really wish there was another option - sending limited support to the Iraqi government to fight al Qaida - this "any and all" stuff is kinda broad, don't you think?


  11. I think that there are quite a few people that don't vote. If they did maybe things would be different. Maybe not? Look around. How far do you think they need to look before they could find zombies to shoot?

  12. Where were you guys when MR I hate America was voted into office. He lied and lied and lied, before he ever got into office and we now know his not Christian like he said. But, we still don't know where he was born. You go ahead and cry about what he is doing while I cry about what YOU did in voting for him!! Its possibly only a matter of days till DHS and the Military is going to be pounding on your door.. Why else would DHS need 1.6 billion hollow Oh training, I forgot... :-p

  13. We had a saying when I served; "Nuk'em till they glow, if it worked in Japan it will work in Iran!" Maybe if we just wiped them off the face of the Earth (like polio) we can have a better planet.

  14. Our nation has/continues to change. We havn't been able to support any action/conflict/war as a nation since WWII. That said, until we can commit to any action from start to finish we should just stay home until the rot here is completed


  16. I was there during Gulf war. They wanted nothing to do with you and only wanted you to do their dirty work and get off their sacred soil. How low do you have to stoop for a barrel of oil.

  17. SEND GEORGE BUSH & DICK CHENEY! Their lies got us into this 2nd Vietnam and their spending (remember the "loan" from the Social Security surplus?) emptied the federal coffers! Well over $2-Trillion spent on Iraq, so far.

  18. letem kill each other, by the way its you left wing jerks that give this country a bad name!!!

  19. Been there, done that. Why would We want to do it again? Haven't WE spilt enough of our blood over there with no thanks from this administration? They want to cut the pensions of Our honored veterans and then expect to send new blood out to be shed. Let the character in the WH and his minions go there first - Lead from the front.

  20. This is not a voting issue. The commander & chief will make the call.
    What do you think he will do?

  21. you have to be kidding we try to fix their problem before it is time they take care the self

  22. Why hould we provide them a third party target for both sides to shoot at? Stay out of their domestic affairs. If they want to slaughter one another over which faction is beter loved by Allah let them. In the end our treasure, blood and misery will not be appreciated. They will do what they want. What they want is to live in feudal backwards society that sustains their backwards culture and way of living. The only smart ones are the ones who leave...

  23. We can do no more over there the way things are. Let those constantly fighting factions kill each other out. They don't need our help and this country can't fight a war anymore without full,total and unwavering support. To believe we could return over there and accomplish anything would be a fool's errand, and a costly one at that. We need to straighten out our own mess right here at home, because if we don't, things could well get just as bad in our own streets. Let Iraqis' get their own mess straightened out...if that's even possible, since they've been at each others' throats for thousands of years anyway.

  24. Whoever proposes sending US troops back into Iraq is smoking something a lot stronger than pot. Diplomats are wasting time and money in Iraq, but at least they aren't being killed (yet). US policy in that region isn't being set by Obama or Hillary Clinton. Look at the oil companies who are competing with the Brits, the French, the Chinese, and the Russians. Let the Chinese get their noses bloodied this time.

  25. Heck.NO ... why bother .. the U.S. CREATED, TRAINED, ARMED,FUNDS and RUNS al Qaida !!!

    Search each point I just made online and learn the admitted and published truth. We had to have an enemy for a profitable war for the elite ... so we made one. DO NOT send ANY MORE US troops to slaughter over there.

    Hell, the Government has finally admitted the Tonkin Gulf Incident never occurred and cause a huge number of my peers to be slaughtered senselessly. They've also finally admitted that we provoked the Japanese endlessly until they finally attacked so we could enter WW2.

    Enough is bloody well enough !!! Search these last two points and learn the published truth. Like I said ... enough is enough !!!

  26. Peace to all who serve
    No way would I serve with my hands tied behind my back. We belong no where if we do not fight to win.
    Rules of engagement my ass.
    God bless and protect those in uniform.

  27. Had we kept a small force in Iraq as our military leaders had hoped for, this would not have happened. Biden, through his lack of leadership and failure to negotiate a Status of Forces agreement, has blood on his hands.

  28. Islam is the biggest threat to our way of life. No more Americans should be sent to fight for Muslims. They oppose Western Civilization and our Constitutional liberties.

  29. Wow - lots of bigots for members, I guess. I'd like to know how educated you right wingers are.

  30. Educated in the REAL WORLD, not by mass media indoctrination. Personal experience are the biggest bigots are the ones who scream "BIGOT" the loudest. You're the first one to scream.

  31. Don't send our troops anywhere under this dangerous dud Obama.

    Obama thinks the military is only there to have a Marine hold an umbrella over his head to keep him dry while the marine gets wet, or to fly him and the first lady around on their extravagant vacation trips.

  32. When are we going to learn. Does History tell us nothing. WE gained nothing by going to Vietnam or Iraq. They dont want us there and they will always be fighting and civil wars in the region. Dont waste the LIVES of our men and women over a lost cause.

  33. When are we going to learn. Does History tell us nothing. WE gained nothing by going to Vietnam or Iraq. They dont want us there and they will always be fighting and civil wars in the region. Dont waste the LIVES of our men and women over a lost cause.

  34. The present administration has no understanding, nor any respect for our Military, and must bring our American soldiers home from any country that hates us with such passion. Wasting American life on people who have been fighting within themselves for centuries can not be justified. Let them destroy themselves from within, God Bless the United States.

  35. The only Reasons the Russians did not beat them is we gave the our enemy who we fought shoulder rockets and other military hardware. We should stay out then and we should stay out now. As said before let them kill each other off. They love fighting the war. They do not deserve peace. All we do is make the leaders rich and fuel the fighting. Look how the Democrats are treating our men & women who came back. They enable the poor and keep them on the reservation by telling them they will get more hand outs. There are over 80 departments that just deal with keeping the poor, poor. Obama will not approve the pipe line for more jobs. The jobs require no tax payer funds. That is why Obama will not approve. He looses control. Just ask yourself "what doesn't the government control?" this tells it all. We must take care of our own vets first.

  36. No, no and no. Never should have been there in the first place. Send all those tough guy REMF's, Cheney, Giuliani, Clinton, Wolfowitz etc. etc. Oh wait, they probably have other priorities.

  37. No we should not send our troops anywhere until we are allowed to "WIN The War". If it includes killing, our Government doesn't have the nerve for fear that someone will be offended. War is killing or be killed.
    We haven't won since WW11.

  38. Send them a nice present like the one we sent to Japan when they pushed us too far only this time no regrets, apologies, and no reparation pay. These people think if someone doesn't share their beliefs they need to die. No tolerance for others. Well let them fight it out in the after life.

  39. There is no way to win this religious war, and there never was. The Sunnis and the Shiites have been killing one another for 4000 years and it will never stop, no matter what intervention is tried.

  40. Sending troops in with Barrach Obama as commander in chief will be a waste of money and a hazard for our troops, his friends are winning.

  41. I meant to say Our politicians continue to take all those that have served including myself for granted and it needs to stop.

  42. Enough has been done in Iraq and our elected officials that lied in order for our men and women to be killed, maimed and captured should be held accountable. This has not happened. Until all those involved are forced to bear the responsibility of lying to the American public, our standing in the world will continue to suffer. No troops should be on the ground, as many have aforementioned, these people have been fighting since the beginning of time and our being there will on escalate their hatred for America even more. Our politicians continue to take all those that have served including myself for granted and it needs to start. We have failing infrastructures throughout our country from bridges to schools so on and so forth. The old adage of charity begins at home and spreads abroad has been charity begins abroad and then spread at home is why we have fiscal problems now. Lets build our country by taking care of home and stop worrying about others that quite frankly-wishes for our demise.

  43. As previously stated, these people have been killing one another since the beginning of time and they're not going to stop. We just need to protect our borders and eliminate any potential for trouble right here in the good ol' U.S.A..

  44. With this president! NO, he is not committed to our military. I would never send our warriors into harms way with an Muslim, liar, with sealed records and his advisors he appointed are also liar. Hillary Clinton is one to start with, Benghazi. God help our men and women from political leaders like this.

  45. Wasn't it "your President" (Bush) who sent our troops into Iraq based on their cooked-up lies? Obama is bringing them home - and not spending the billon$ to feed their contractor friends (Halliburton, etc.). What have you been smoking? You right wingnuts are the ones ruining this country.

  46. YOUR president is saving all that money by cutting veteran's pensions. That is why we are racking up all those "surpluses" so we can meddle in Syria, get people killed in Libya, play footsie with Iran...

  47. The budget is written and passed by CONGRESS, not the President. MY President has to take what he can get. Read the Constitution you claim to care so much about.

  48. Years without a budget due more to socialists who reject any compromise unless the other side does all the compromising, and the so-called president threatening to reject anything that is 100% of what HE wants. Laws changed by Executive Orders, etc. I HAVE read the Constitution and UNDERSTAND it. More than I can say for "liberal" socialist hacks.

  49. When our President never served in any branch of the military, can't even pronounce corp (kor) a body of troops rather than corps (korps) a dead body of a human being, don't listen to Generals in the war zone, don't even believe the outcome of his own foreign policies, all just to get reelected, should this man be called COMMANDER IN CHIEF????

  50. And if it weren't for that (in 2007 - don't forget who was in charge of Congress before then), there wouldn't have been any sense of urgency whatsoever to get our guys out of there, period.

  51. Speak for yourself. I think the neoconservatives have just about used up their "we care more about the troops than those damned liberals" points. It's a very good thing they're not in charge any more.

  52. We have sacrificed enough of young men and women lives and maimed thousands more. The world was better off when Sadam ruled Iraq even though he was a tyrant. Iran is responsible for many American deaths and we are dealing with them. We still have troops in Japan, Korea, Europe years after the wars end. When will this nonsense stop?

  53. We need to put that whole are in the rear view mirror. It didn't take a genius to know that we could never accomplish our goals in this area of the world and it was apparent from the start that this would never be anything but another Vietnam. As a Vietnam veteran I find it disturbing that we so readily jumped into another un-winnable conflict that has done nothing but cost the lives of thousands of our kids.

  54. We should give up trying to reform the governments other nations. If people want democracy and understand it they will get it for themselves, those who want to live in a top down world and have been taught to always submit to authority for centuries by religious beliefs neither want nor understand what we call freedom. It's time we cast our pearls elsewhere. Mace is right.

  55. I agree. The people in Iraq/Afghanistan have been submissive to their harsh, cruel religion and their equally harsh leaders for centuries. We cannot bring them freedom or democracy overnight because they have no idea what those concepts mean, much less what to do with them. Why should we spend more blood and lives of our own people in a vain attempt to give them a gift they will either ignore or trample underfoot?

    If they want freedom, let them fight for it themselves. That is what this nation and other nations had to do to free itself from a way of life it found oppressive, and may have to do again one day. Wars have been fought in that region of the world for centuries, from the Crusades to the Soviet invasion to the 2 Persian Gulf wars of the last 20 years and where has it gotten anyone? A people who hate and mistrust anyone or anything not like themselves and who think they are doing God’s work by strapping bombs to themselves and blowing up schoolchildren. I say leave them alone unless they pose a direct threat to our citizens, and if they do become a threat, then deal with them in the harshest terms possible.

  56. While it pains me as a vet that was there when we took Fallujah... I do not think we should go back. Once we leave again, it will simply fall again.

  57. Back in the 60's I thought we should make a huge glass bowl out of the entire Middle East (ie: sand turns to glass at the temperature of a nuke explosion). We have more Gas & Oil here in the US than the whole M.E. combined if we would just quit passing regulations against getting it.

  58. Hell no,stay away from the war torn country . We have done more then enough!!!!

  59. Iraq couldn't wait for the US to leave; They had every thing under control; no need for American's to be there. Does this current up-tic in war really a surprise to any-one who has served in this region?? The only reason we have any interest in the whole middle east is the fact they are floating on a sea of oil! Both Gulf I&II was more about oil than nation building! These people have been killing each other for 4,000 years; does anyone think thats going to change at this point in history?? I, for one, can't see why or how putting troops back on the ground will solve this mess. We've already lost more kids there than the whole area is worth/as far as I can tell. Hell, we spent billions training up the police/Army to handle these issues and now anyone is shocked to learn they can't!! We might as well have handed those dollars to the politicans running Iraq/ That's where most of it went anyway. When will the US learn: YOU CAN'T TRUST THESE PEOPLE!!!

  60. Bring all of our troops home, Let them kill one another off, then we wont need to worry about them at all!

  61. I feel much the same way. It is time to stop sending our men and women into a country that could care less about Democracy. Your politicians are only trying to fill their pockets with oil money. Although only one of my candidates got into office(local), you people voted for these incompetent fools in Washington. It is about time you realized the terrible mistake you made and NOW LIVE WITH IT. We have enough problems coming about because of OBAMACARE and lets hope that the Republican Party gives us a candidate who is qualified to be President. Give us a MAN/WOMAN we can stand behind who has some military knowledge, takes responsibility, and can put us back on track to becoming a nation we can all be proud of. Until then, LIVE WITH YOUR IGNORANT CHOICE.

  62. I totally agree with old man from the hills, we never did belong there and we sure the hell better not go back, we stick our noses in too many other countries business and at the hands of our sons and daughters. It's wrong!

  63. Comment above is right on. My son served in both Iraq wars. Also served several tours in the Mid-East. He is home safe now but how many sons and daughters were not as fortunate? What more could I add to the previous comment?

  64. I agree let those people take care of them selfs. We have our own problems in this country, people starving, no place to live. I spent a few years over seas and I saw what happen to the aid we sent to these countries.

  65. No way we should we do anything more than we already have. I have a grandson in the Marines that spent tours in Iraq for nothing. Let the
    Iraqi"s figure out what to do, its their country, not ours.

  66. This country entered Iraq all on the wrong pretense. Iraq had nothing to do with the 911 attack on this country. In the ten years we were there, 4,500 American lives have been lost, $800 billion has been lost, and numerous others have been injured with many having been injured permanently. Iraq needs to learn how to defend itself and its own citizens. The United States has done enough fighting in that country.

  67. Yes we did train police in Iraq to take over when our troops were pulled out, we should have left a small force as a warning to AlQeada and Islamist extremist. Iraq has no air force or drones which is needed there now or there will be another AlQeada base.

  68. NOTHING BUT AIR POWER .TILL EVERYTHING IS BLOWN UP ..NO MATTER WHAT THE COST............We have to send a message............

  69. We don't really need their oil any more, all we need is the administration to stop blocking oil production on OUR public lands. Let them kill each other, saves on ammunition.

  70. We got rid of one tyrant and they have welcomed back another tyrannical group. Let the Saudi's, Jordanian's, Lebanese, Kuwait send in the troops. Won't happen though. No Money, no troops, no guns. We have enough to do on our own soil to worry about theirs. Pull the troops from Afghanistan as fast as possible. Those folks don't want a democracy. The average Iraqi citizen just wants food to eat, housing and clothing. They have been happy for centuries with that. Until the people decide enough is enough, no manner of help will suffice, or be successful.

  71. We are currently battling a Muslim President, being supported by a Socialist Democrat Party, destroying our country here in America. Can we continue fighting Muslims on so many Fronts?cyi42

  72. You are an idiot - the rich (with the help of the mindless right wingnuts like yourself) are the ones destroying this country. When they chain you to the machine you work on, you'll finally wake up.

  73. S.A.R - must be the Southern Arizona Roadrunners, because the men and women who fought, sacrificed, and died in the American Revolution would be ashed of you. The people in the top 1% of income pay 30% of the taxes. Only incredibly gullible people feel the "rich" are to blame for all the problems. J is wrong and so are you.... PERIOD!!!

  74. Blame it on the rich. Typical knee-jerk response from someone who gets their "facts" from NPR, MSNBC, et al.

  75. The people of Iraq must be responsible for themselves. We are not in financial crises but in a government crises...Congress total unable to function. Congress just don't care about the USA>

  76. I agree with you 100%, we already lost enough lives and threw enough money down the toilet over there. We should have left Saddam in power, he may have seemed cruel but he kept everyone in line with a lot less casualties then we see now. Those people need a ruthless Dictator. That guy deserved an award for keeping the peace over there.

  77. Those people have been fighting each other almost since time began and it will never change. do not send weapons, money or troops . if anything disarm both sides and let them fight it out like they used to with rocks and sticks, better yet let there leaders fight it out and leave the rest of the people alone.

  78. Were out and it is their war now as it should have been from the get go. Screw them.

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