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Will a smaller, more nimble military effectively protect and defend our nation?


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  1. I think the comment I would like to make would probably land me in federal prison because our protections given us by our Constitution and Bill of Rights and Amendments are becoming nothing but ancient history at the hands ( and phone and pen) of the new regime of autocrats , therefore I shall refrain and pray that the "thought police" don't find me. ( I may need to move to Russia or China Or n.Korea to find a little more "freedom?")

  2. The cut in manpower,except in special ops, would make some politicial types happy.If you can look at all the places in the world where "operators" are currently engaged,no cuts in special operations budgets makes sence to me. What I don't get: cutting troop levels to pre-WWII status AND increasing the defense budget?? If the money is being spent to update/upgrade weapons systems/computer defense/communications systems/weapons tracking systems, ect,ect O.K. Why do I have doubts that is what the increase is for?? At no time in our history have we had the "overhead" we see in the armed forces than now. We have more 1-4 star commands in force structure than we had during the civil war, WW1,WW2,Korea,Viet Nam,Gulf 1&2combined!!. The staff, from battlion-level on up, is nothing short of outragious! The biggest savings should come from a reduction,DARE I SAY IT, in general officier positions/ staff reorganizition/ streamlining the Chain to a lean, efficient organiziation that actually works, not the bloated nonsence we have in our military now. Is this ever going to happen?? Not as long as the current mind-set is allowed to live a life of it's own at the highest levels in goverment. Remember, even the best of the best can be corrupted by power. In this case,it cost's the common troop's blood/ cost's our country's wealth/ and supports attacks against us. When politicans with NO IDEA of MILITARY OPERATIONS runs the "show", the grunts pay a very heavy price!! Now I'll shut up, this is hard on an old man.

  3. We could cut back on some of our military, but it depends on the fools that are trying to run this country. If they still want to be the WOULD PEACE POLICE, then it will not work. We have had those fools in the Senate, Congress and the House some as long as 50 YEARS. Wish I had a job like that. We need new blood in our goverment not the same fools that have made a mess of it like they have.

  4. why don,t we reduce the sennet and congress first because they have no clue what is going on any way, a strong military is our defiance and were it is all voluntary we should give them all the support we can ..

  5. Our forces were cut at the end of the Civil War, and again after the Spanish American war, I was told that in WWI our troops were living in tents and training with wooden guns. That still did not teach the politicians a bloody thing because our forces were cut again after WWI. So, when WWII started we lost the Philippines for lack of manpower in the Navy, Marines and the Army. The Bataan Death march was due to a lack of available support and troops.

    The draft was necessary to bring up manpower to necessary levels, and that will be required the next time we are forced into war. The CIA is so undermanned it can’t find, let alone eliminate Al-Qaeda; it took them 10 years to find osama. People that have never served in the military should not be allowed to be president, or hold any office that related to US Security and foreign decisions. The reserves are being relied on far too much today.

  6. @Llilly Z, sorry but I just can't swallow that! Don't you have an expectation that the leader of our nation will be somewhat honest? Do we need the entire world laughing at us? Do you want the leader of this nation to put us in debt so far there is no hope for out children. 70% of this nation made it quite clear, THEY DON'T TRUST HIM!!! He attacks the constitution on a daily basis. I am an idiot but could go on for hours about the BAD decisions he continues to make. How many scandals does he have to cause before the people of this nation just can't tolerate any more. Before you start calling Un-American, you need to think about people we voted into office not doing what we expected of them. Now you call people Un-American because they speak up when they see blatant wrong doings. Isn't that what freedom of speech is?

    I served in Vietnam and when I came home I wore a badge and enforced the law so you could sleep at night, 16 years. My blood has been spilled many times making you and your children safe. It's simple from here on, just go back pretending you are a vampire or something because you must have had the lid closed to not see what's going on around you....

  7. I'm tired of people that call themselves Americans (veterans especially), disparaging the Commander in Chief. That looks worse to the outside world than downsizing the armed forces. You are adding fuel to the same fire that produces terrorist activity and you should be ashamed of yourselves. I am of a generation where respect for the office and President went without question. Disagreement can take place in a forum of respectful discourse but our unity to the world and support for the President always made us a stronger nation.

  8. LZ , I have a respect for the Office of the Presidency and I wish we could have a President to fill that Office. Instead we have only a P'resident usurping , but not fulfilling that position. A President does not lie or cheat or steal from or disrespect the People or the Constitution of the country he has sworn to protect and uphold ---therefore the current "occupier" is not a true President , he is merely a mistakenly elected P'resident.

  9. As Joe Stalin proved in WWII, and the Chinese proved at Chosen Resevoir and all through North Korean peninsula; "Quantity has a quality all its own."

  10. what do you expect from some one in the smart phone generation. they feel that war can be handled on one like everything else in there lives. if I can push buttone faster then you I win don't I ??? NO CONSEPT OF RELIETY ANY MORE.

  11. A much smaller military CAN properly defend this nation. A smaller military, however, CAN NOT continue to "protect the world" and "build democracy" where it is not wanted and not appreciated.

  12. No military , no matter the size can be effective without proper and intelligent leadership ---and we ain't got none at this time. What we do have is a total disgrace and abomination of a pseudo C.I.C. and a bunch of ridiculous handicapping "rules of engagement" our troops are made into " live targets" as a result.

  13. Our "president"knows what he's doing. He's taking over. Our Reichstag, I mean Congress had better watch it they may soon be out of a job. There is no way smaller is better. I'm 88 and I've head this all before and seen what happens when it does. I hate to see the nation I've always loved and it's constitution being flushed down the toilet by the administration and it's dupes with no real resistance from any one in congress. I'm glad i'm 88.

  14. We need to bring back the military draft and draft women as well. Keep our defense strong.

  15. Shrinking the military cannot increase our ability to "effectively protect and defend our nation." Reductions may be necessary due to budget restraints, however, gutting the defense department is dangerous and has proven to be a very bad idea. Do we not learn from our history?

  16. At the last State of the Union the Pres .was proudto present a service man that had ten tours in the middle east, while I was proud of that service man too, reducing our Army to pre-WWII levels could mean the next conflict our service member could be serving twenty tours. This cut is insane cut every thing else save are armed services! Make our country safe!!

  17. Viewing our government's recent cutting of benefits that we were promised, it may become a necessity to work with a smaller Army. The rate of enlistments, and even more importantly, re-enlistments will probably decline. I have always encouraged my friends to persue a career in the Army, but now I would be hard pressed to recommend enlistment.

  18. They aren't concerned with external threats anymore. They are turning the focus inward to address the threat of the Tea Party, conservative groups and returning Vet's which they see as the newest and greatest threat to the agenda the government is pushing. We fought for freedom and Constitutional liberty and the government can not have us around to push back against the takeover and installation of a one world government. Mark my words.

  19. This president and his administration doesn't understand strength or how to use it. His recient meeting with the Russian president was a prime example. He will let this country be bullied by these small-time dictators and everyone else on this earth, and then appoligize.

  20. I respectfully disagree , this current P'resident and crew fully understands strength and how to use it and they are using it against the free USA and all it's (legal) citizens.

  21. From where I sit the Reserves and Guard have been carrying a very large portion of the load for some time now.

  22. This is sheer stupidity! On the other hand, it is exactly what the President wants: take us off the world stage, bring us down to the level of other nations, level the playing field. Our population is much greater now and to bring our military force down to pre-WWII levels only leaves us more vulnerable to our enemies. We need more troops to handle the technological advances in warfare, to let our allies know that we are dependable, and to preserve our freedoms.

  23. It used to be that we structured our armed forces to simultaneously fight and win two wars and one major regional conflict. That posture ushered in the greatest peace and prosperity the world has ever known.

    Now the enemy within is weakening us to the point of inviting attack. This administration and Congress are contemptible!

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