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What do you think about the Legion's call for VA Secretary Eric Shinseki's resignation?


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  1. TO: You maggot, poli-kotex, left leaning puke leaking demoCommies:

    Do you remember when I wrote this:

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby TN May 8, 2014 - 4:25pmPermalink

    The problems with the VA? Some of the posters here can see the "politics" of firing this bum ... but they will never see nor admit the "politics" in the HIRING of this same bum.

    The REAL VA .... the Doctors, the nurses, the technicians, ALL of the good, professional people that do the medical work and MOST of the people that do the menial work ARE THE REAL VA.

    The administrators and the directors and this bum shinseki are self-serving political ass kissers of the highest order that deserve a hell of a lot more than termination. Like tar and feathers.

    Give me access to the financial records of this agency for the past five years and I will show every one of you BIILIONS in wasted tax dollars for "performance awards" and BILLIONS wasted on training the untrainable and BILLIONS for unnecessary travel.

    I "love" the VA. The REAL VA. But I do not love BUMS like erik shinseki and the same goes for the BUM in the Whitehouse. John P. McKenzie, Cosby TN -



    AND HOW ABOUT my "BILLIONS wasted on training the untrainable and BILLIONS for unnecessary travel."

    that's exactly the difference between me - a THINKING MAN and you loose lips swiveling hips ... punk-o barf spewing lib-er-als!


    John P. Mckenzie, Cosby,TN

  2. TO: You maggot, poli-kotex, left leaning puke leaking demoCommies:

    Do you remember when I wrote this:

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby TN May 8, 2014 - 4:25pmPermalink

    The problems with the VA? Some of the posters here can see the "politics" of firing this bum ... but they will never see nor admit the "politics" in the HIRING of this same bum.

    The REAL VA .... the Doctors, the nurses, the technicians, ALL of the good, professional people that do the medical work and MOST of the people that do the menial work ARE THE REAL VA.

    The administrators and the directors and this bum shinseki are self-serving political ass kissers of the highest order that deserve a hell of a lot more than termination. Like tar and feathers.

    Give me access to the financial records of this agency for the past five years and I will show every one of you BIILIONS in wasted tax dollars for "performance awards" and BILLIONS wasted on training the untrainable and BILLIONS for unnecessary travel.

    I "love" the VA. The REAL VA. But I do not love BUMS like erik shinseki and the same goes for the BUM in the Whitehouse. John P. McKenzie, Cosby TN -



    AND HOW ABOUT my "BILLIONS wasted on training the untrainable and BILLIONS for unnecessary travel."

    that's exactly the difference between me - a THINKING MAN and you loose lips swiveling hips ... punk-o barf spewing lib-er-als!


    John P. Mckenzie, Cosby,TN

  3. This problems started long before Gen Shinseki took over if you look back who was in office before him {he is now sec of defense) I for one was glad that he left he is more or less just as much ti blame as anyone,he did more damage to the veteran's then the general could ever have done. I was hopeful the gen would have done a better job than he did,but he seemed to just fall in line with those before him. Hagel is not one to judge him because he is more to blame. he got out of the line of fire and has put most of the blame on the general.

  4. ONLY NOW .............

    ... can Shinseki be considered an "honorable" person.

    He has stepped down as I told you he would. But he should have done it at the onset of the disclosure of the deaths of "40" veterans.

    His "honor" is completely dependent upon whether of not he KNEW all along of the (then) on-going loss of life in his bailiwick.

    There is the possibility (probability?) that he did this to avoid criminal prosecution? That is "in" his conscience right now.

    There are those that think he should be held to the same standard YOU and I would be if we were the epicenter of such a deplorable scandal.

    There are those that think he should go to jail if he is found to have "covered up" the deaths of our comrades.

    I am one of those people.

    To all of you that wanted to wait, and prove and investigate ... I told you this was coming and because you could not swallow the pill you flawed me. I thank you with my entire heart. It is you kind of people that allow me to KNOW that I am doing just fine.


    SGT John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN, 101st Airborne Division.


    Make sure you compare them to todays news about shinseki. He lied! He hide information! He payed performance award monies to underlings based on them keeping his secrets.

    How do you like you "man" now lefty punks. I told you he was and is a criminal. Do you have any "sympathy/understanding" for the F-O-R-T-Y VETS his criminal negligence doomed to death?

    YOU who waste your tears on a politically appointed equal opportunity, affirmative action self-serving ... you know ... a regular 'ol demohole!!!

    I told you all this a forehand.

    But you fence sitters listened to the pablum swilling lefty liberals that HATE America and HATE the TRUTH.

    "WHO" in the hell do you think put hundreds of dribbling liberals in sensitive and important positions in this government?

    STUPID women that voted twice for b.o. ... TWICE and can only say "he is sooo nice and his eyelashes are beautiful. MEN who think that they are righting some 400 year old wrong. Little 18 year old American moronic children who DO NOT think at all ... THAT is who put that "PARTICULAR" moron in public orifice (make that OFFICE for you oh so smart lefty colon flushes).

    Seditious refuse like kerry, clinton (BOFFS of DEM MOs).

    Hell, there are hundreds more like them and that is why our government is frozen in neutral gear.

    Study a bit about these "brilliant morons" ... pelosi, reid, al franken, chucky schummer ... my stomach is turning.

    Here is a list of "people" "somebody elected: Tammy Baldwin, Xavier Becerra, Joe Biden, Cory Booker, G.K. Butterfield, Jimmy Carter, Julian Castro, Lincoln Chafee, Judy Chu, Emanuel Cleaver, Bill Clinton, James Clyburn, Walter Dalton, The Honorable (sure!) Arne Duncan, Diana DeGette, Tammy Duckworth, Dick Durbin, Donna Edwards, Rahm Emanuel, Anthony Foxx, Barney Frank, Harvey Gantt, Jennifer Granholm, Charlie Gonzalez, Kay Hagan, Kamala D. Harris, John Hickenlooper, Steny Hoyer, Jim Hunt, Steve Israel, Denise Juneau, Tim Kaine, Claudia Kennedy, John Larson, Barbara Lee, John Lewis, Nancy Keenan, Caroline Kennedy, John Kerry, Lilly Ledbetter, Eva Longoria, Dannel Malloy, Jack Markell, Tom Menino, Honorable (yeah, right) Karen Mills, Patty Murray, Michael Nutter, Barbara Mikulski, Martin O’Malley, Deval Patrick, Nancy Pelosi, Rosa DeLauro, Carolyn Maloney, Gwen Moore, Allyson Schwartz, Donna Edwards, Joyce Beatty, Tulsi Gabbard, John A. Pérez, Jared Polis, David Price, Pat Quinn, Harry Reid, Cecile Richards, R.T. Rybak, The Honorable (HaHaHa) Ken Salazar, Cristina Saralegui, Chucky Schumer, Brian Schweitzer, The Honorable Kathleen Sebelius (Who could miss how honorable she is?), Jim Sinegal, Ted Strickland, Chris Van Hollen, Antonio Villaraigosa, The Honorable (another honorable leftist), Tom Vilsack, Elizabeth Warren, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Mel Watt ...

    Just some of the trash YOU put in congress in stead of at the curb ... and put into other leadership positions by supporting their "THINKING"

    ... makes you sad you can't elect Joe Stalin, Edde Amin, Pol Pot, eh?

    You have to be smart to see through the lies, the smoke and the bullshit of the American liberal left that only VALUES THEIR OWN SKIN (as in yellow cowards).

    You have to be smart to see through the stuff that COMMUNISTS like kerry, clinton and especially the two morons in the Whitehouse b.o. and his lovely wife, Lamprea carefully feed to their adoring, brain diseased followers.

    I swear and affirm to you this ... there is NOTHING on this planet as ugly and sick as a liberal left piece of stinking fecal debris (shit) throw away garbage commie punk.

    To see and read of you stinking beggars wanting free Lowes gifts and free handouts from the VA brakes my heart.

    I said it once and here it is again. The VA should be for COMBAT VETS ONLY. And the first priority of VA business should be those soldiers disabled by their combat wound. Second should be combat wounded veterans being treated for something (anything) OTHER that their combat wound. Third and LAST should be non combat wounded vets for any condition the VA can afford to treat AFTER taking care of the RIGHT VETS.

    Here is a special last word for Bob R, Army Draftee, Ron Murry the First, Airdalevet (That's AirEdale smart guy), Ken Samborski, Timid Bill Randolph et al:


    ... any SOB that was once a soldier/sailor/marine/coasty ... and who "postS" in any name other than his God (and parent-) given name is a yellow punk.

    Afraid of ... the muslims, the republicans, the kkk, the kookes/lunes, dark shadows and sudden noises in the dark.

    And while you are at it you should post where you reside - like you are STILL a soldier and have testes.

  6. Say? Isn't the Kenyan now a retired Illinois politician (or, if you wish, how to REALLY loot the treasury or THESE ain't Repubs folks) ....

    The story:

    9,900 Illinois Government Pensioners With Annual Pension Over $100k

    View as PDF

    Chicago—Taxpayers United of America (TUA) today released the results of its annual study of the top government pensions in the State of Illinois.

    “Illinois House Speaker, Michael Madigan (D), and Senate Majority Leader, John Cullerton (D), continue their political charade of pension reform while the number of six-figure pensioners grows 47% in one year to 9,900”, according to TUA president, Jim Tobin.

    “Illinois is quickly running out of time to deal with the government-created crisis of unfunded pension liabilities. Madigan and Cullerton engage in a carefully choreographed pension reform debate that provides political cover for their allegiance to the union bosses who keep them in power.”

    “The reality is that they have crafted legislation packaged as sweeping reform that will do more harm to taxpayers than no reform at all. The Madigan version of pension reform will provide a funding guarantee that places the cost of this elite group of government pensioners squarely on the backs of taxpayers and make these outrageous pensions the first priority of the budget – before any other services or obligations of the state.”

    “Real pension reforms were proposed in HB3303 which was introduced by representatives Tom Morrison and Jeanne Ives, but that bill did nothing to help the union bosses maintain favor with their rank and file and was quickly rejected by Boss Madigan.”

    “The purpose of our study is to put some perspective around individual pensions, to put them in terms to which the average taxpayer can relate. Illinois taxpayers, whose average household income is $53,234, and struggle with 9.3% unemployment need to know how much Illinois’ government retirees are being paid not to work and the astronomical accumulation of those payments over an average lifetime.”

    “We actually expanded our list from the top 100 to the top 200 since there are so many six-figure pensioners now. The top 200 are all over $189,000a year.”

    “Still topping our list of Illinois’s government elite in annual payouts is Tapas Das Gupta, retired from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He collected a cool $439,672 in his last annual pension payment and will accumulate a stunning $5.2 million in lifetime pension payments.*”

    “Beverly Lopatka retired from DuPage Government HSD 88 at the ripe old age of 56 and has an annual pension of $399,652, with a staggering estimated lifetime payout of $11,524,643. Her contribution of the estimated lifetime payout would be only 0.8%.* ”

    “The highest lifetime payout estimate goes to Larry K. Fleming, retired from government school district Lincolnshire-Prairie View 103. Having retired at the age of 55 with a cushy annual pension of $258,163, he will accumulate a breathtaking $11,868,155 in pension payments over a normal lifetime.”

    View Pension Amounts Below
    •Illinois Government Employee Pensions Top 200

    “Illinois’ financial condition is in the tank. We have the worst credit rating, the highest unfunded pension liabilities and one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. We had a net loss of 74,000 productive, taxpaying residents last year. What does it take to get serious about pension reform that will solve problems, not create new ones?”

    “Without sweeping and immediate reform, Illinois’ government pension system will collapse by 2015. It’s mathematically impossible to tax your way out of this problem. Illinois has more than 9,900 retirees collecting more than $100,000; in 2020, that will be over 25,000 six-figure pensioners. Real pension reform must include raising the retirement age to 67, increasing employee contributions by 10%, increasing healthcare contributions to 50%, eliminating all COLA’s, and replacing the defined benefit system with a defined contribution system for all new hires.”

    *Lifetime estimated pension payout includes 3% compounded COLA and assumes life expectancy of 85 (IRS Form 590).

  7. Now, this does NOT surprise me at all. What does is the demozombies that will certainly line up to vote for this $$$$$$ing $$$$$$$!

    Kind of like AL members who grade an AL commander in terms of how many juicy little candies made available to HIM! 'you' KNOW whom I am speaking to ... rat.

    Here is the sick story:

    Another Kennedy is trying his hand at the family business — this time in Connecticut.

    Ted Kennedy Jr., son of the late Massachusetts senator, is poised to announce a bid for the state legislature, according to published reports.

    Kennedy, 52, is a health care attorney who lives in Branford, outside New Haven.

    He’s said to be eying the state senate seat currently occupied by Democrat Edward Meyer, who plans to retire.

    Kennedy will reportedly make a formal announcement about his campaign Tuesday.

    His brother, former Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.), wouldn’t confirm to the Associated Press news of the campaign, but he admitted two had discussed the idea in the past.

    “Obviously, in our family we talk a lot about politics and public life,” he said. “He’s pretty much gone a different route than me in not pursuing this in his life, although he had many opportunities to do it. It would be a natural extension of everything he has done.”

    A family friend of Kennedy Jr. also confirmed that the attorney had been pondering a bid in recent weeks, but that he would need to “consult with his family, friends and leaders in the district” before making a decision.

    “The opportunity came because of the open seat. His priority has always been being a father, raising a family,” family friend John Murphy told the Daily News. “His children are older now … so it’s a different time of his life.”

    With News Wire Services

    "JOSH! Then we can run him for prez. Won't THAT be special. Stay the hell out of his car girls!

    John P. McKenzie

  8. Before the bureaucratic issue can be resolved the number one obstacle that impedes any kind of advancement of veterans issues within the Veterans Administration needs to be abolished. The Gov't workers union needs to be gone from the VA. the reasons are as follows; 1) Government workers working for Veterans Affairs come before a veteran; if that were not the case then it would not be difficult to rid the VA of bad workers. 2) Affirmative action and being hired based on ones skin color needs to go away and these bonuses that are so liberally given out need to be put back into the employment pool so higher quality folks can be hired and an independent hiring agency should be contracted to hire the best and brightest available within the US.3)The people that make decisions on disability compensation need to hire the appropriate amount to accomplish the mission and finally people caught abusing the system should be terminated on the spot and escorted off VA premises. Then we need to restore Honor Courage and commitment by hiring a Veterans advocate who operates independently from politics.

  9. Leatherneck101 ... that is the oxymoron (mother) of all oxymoron.

    Obviously!!! the intelligent portion of you post was nurtured in the 101!

    Eat the apple, I am certain you know what to do with the corps.

    But do keep posting. You are interesting.

    Mac101, Cosby

  10. Inappropriate. I believe Secretary Shinseki is working to correct the problem. The VA is in a very difficult situation dealing with a massive demand and an underfunded budget. If Sec Shinseki stonewalls or does not make progress in a reasonable amount of time, then he should resign. But replacing him now will not solve the problem.


    This is a brief of the full story. Do you own research. This is another demoRAT that was never called to answer to what constitutes manslaughter or criminal responsibility for a death.

    All the demoRATS in congress converged on "the future LION OF THE SENATE" ... and he skated FREE ... never even charged.

    1 thing demoRATS do not ever do is stand up like men and answer for their crimes.

    Nixon respected the United states of America, the presidency and the citizens of this country enough to RESIGN for what is kids stuff compared to the GARBAGE the dems wallow in time after time.

    Here is the brief:

    For much of Sen. Edward Kennedy's life, he was haunted by the blonde he left to drown in the back seat of a submerged black Oldsmobile.

    Mary Jo Kopechne and the tragedy at Chappaquiddick became the cudgel Kennedy's critics reached for when he made his aborted run for President, when he pushed liberal laws that stuck in the craw of conservatives.

    And yet, the darkest episode in Kennedy's life also marked the moment when the hard-drinking, skirt-chasing, pampered son of priviledge began to morph into the much-loved Massachusetts senator millions mourn today.

    "Chappaquiddick was a point at which his career could have ended and instead he asked forgiveness and was granted a reprieve by the voters in Massachusetts," said Jeffrey Berry, a professor of political science at Tufts University.

    "This allowed him to go on to build a glorious record of accomplishment in the Senate.

    Kopechne "will always be part of his biography, there's no way to minimize his irresponsibility," Berry added. "But his life was much larger than that. In his waning days there was lots he could point to with pride."

    For some of Kopechne's relatives, however, Kennedy's death at age 77 on Tuesday was a bitter reminder of who they lost 40 years ago.

    "All I have to say about Ted Kennedy is I don't give a damn," Kopechne's aunt, Mary Ann, in Kingston, Pa., told The Daily News. "My husband was Mary Jo's uncle and we had our own thoughts when it happened. I have no feelings one way or the other about it now."

    By many accounts, Kennedy was his own worst enemy well before Chappaquiddick.

    The future senator's first public shaming came when he was caught up in a cheating scandal at Harvard University and kicked out in his freshman year. He wound up in Army defending Paris during the Korean War.

    Shortly after his brother, John, was elected president, Kennedy inherited his senate seat - and never let go. He was reelected seven times.

    It was as senator from Massachusetts that Kennedy led the nation in mourning after his brothers, President Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, were assassinated.

    Sen. Ted Kennedy's car is pulled from the water at Edgartown, Mass., on July 19, 1969. Mary Jo Kopechne was killed after Kennedy drove his car off Dyke Bridge on Chappaquiddick Island.

    Sen. Ted Kennedy's car is pulled from the water at Edgartown, Mass., on July 19, 1969. Mary Jo Kopechne was killed after Kennedy drove his car off Dyke Bridge on Chappaquiddick Island.

    Suddenly out from under the shadow of his iconic brothers, Kennedy became the reluctant patriarch of a storied political family. At the same time, he was already earning a reputation as a hard-partying pol while maintaining the façade of a happily married father of three.

    Then, on July 18, 1969, Kennedy drove his Oldsmobile off a bridge into a Martha's Vineyard pond, dooming 28-year-old Kopechne, who drowned, and killing his chances of ever becoming President.

    It was 10 hours before Kennedy reported the accident. He later told cops he "panicked."

    Soon the sordid details emerged. Kennedy and some other married guys had spent the weekend at a cottage with the "boiler room girls," a half-dozen single women who had worked on Bobby Kennedy's 1968 presidential campaign.
    Kopechne was one of them.

    Kennedy went on television and apologized. "The grief we feel over the loss of a wonderful friend will remain with us for the rest of our lives," he said.

    Massachusetts voters bought it. Few outside the Bay State did. And it led to the unraveling of his marriage to his wife, Joan, who turned to the bottle and divorced him after his only presidential bid imploded in 1980.

    During the Reagan Era, Kennedy became the loud liberal voice of opposition who, among other things, called for an increase in the minimum wage, championed lowering the voting age to 18, insisted that colleges equally fund women's athletics, and pushed for more minorities in Congress.

    Kennedy became the liberal Republicans loved to hate, especially when he blocked Reagan from putting conservative jurist Robert Bork on the Supreme Court.

    At the same time, Kennedy became a punch line for comedians and was lampooned by Phil Hartman on Saturday Night Live as a bloated boozer. The corrupt Mayor Quimby character on The Simpsons is also based on Kennedy.

    Kennedy inadvertently gave his critics more ammunition in 1991 when it was revealed that he had a drink with nephew William Kennedy Smith, who was later arrested for rape. Smith was acquitted, but Kennedy's reputation had taken another hit.

  12. Goodnight my pals.

    Renounce IGNORANCE.

    Renounce self-serving blood SUCKING.

    RENOUNCE DEMOrats .... Communism just never seems to work.

    REMEMBER "real soldiers post their real names".

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby, Tennessee ( I love it here )

  13. CSM signs his name. That is good Rick.


    "Allllll Agent Orange Vets ....

    "Allllll PTSD vets ....

    Rick - Rick. Very naive and very inaccurate.

    Good job ... Noooo REAL GOOD JOB ...

    for a jarhead.

    McKenzie Cosby, TN
    McKenzie Cosby, TN

  14. Shinseki has done more good for the VA system than any other VA Sec. He made it so that all AGENT ORANGE vets will be treated by the VA, period. He made it so that all PTSD vets will be treated, period. Doesn't matter what service or how long you served. I could go on and on, but in my book Shinseki is a hero!
    I, and most of the vets I know are sickened by Dillinger's call for Shinseki's removal. The act of not even waiting for due process is an embarrassment to anyone who ever wore the uniform. Dillinger's terrible judgement and actions no longer support the majority of his constituents views.
    Dillinger needs to be removed and an apology forth coming to minimize damage to the Legion. Right now I don't want anything to do with the Legion, they don't represent me. The DAV and other groups represent me.

    Rick Burrows

  15. Not all that work in the VA are like this, but unfortunately a vast amount are. The problem, as I see it, is that those who provide the care, a vast amount have not served. They do not know how some of our Vets have reach the point they have..With the large amount of patients they have and the amount of workers to serve those Vets is out not enough. Thus causing workers to cut corners, have bad attitudes and develop poor work ethics. They lose sight of who that 79 year old veteran is and what he or she has done by serving. Myself I look at this situation as job security instead of being over worked. I guess its a matter of how one looks at the situation and unfortunately those who got caught used poor judgement. Now how many are out there that have not got caught, Yet??

  16. I have no problem with it. However, I was wondering if the DAV and VFW commanders have also called for his resignation. It would put even more pressure on him to resign.

  17. It was a great call! Shinseki needs to RESIGN, not retire. We don't need to add to his compensation. Arrogance and ignorance are not values that need to be rewarded. This is just one example of how those at the top refuse to accept responsibility and accountability for their decisions and involvement or lack there of. Like many things with government and the military it is all about the numbers. The person in charge says "I want my numbers to look good, I want this place cleaned up, I want the problems fixed and fixed now, Don't tell me why it's broke, I don't want to hear your excuse's, I want to hear that you'll get it fixed, I want the report/results yesterday, if you can't handle the job I'll remove you and find someone that can." When you cut through all the bull in their response's (excuse's) they point the blame to someone lower down the ladder. They didn't follow my plan, they didn't understand my objective, they failed to come to me with questions and/or problems, they failed to act, they were incompetent in their duties and/or actions. They, they, they! When you're the one in charge it is your responsibility to check, inspect, follow up and direct. If you're not knee deep in it at ground level seeing first hand what really goes on, then you have no true picture of the situation and you can't have any real insight into the problem or in how to make corrections. A lot of those at the top like to sit in their cushy office collecting their unrealistic salaries and take all the credit for everything that goes right. As soon as things go wrong the search begins for someone to take the fall. This is what Shinseki is doing, he is investigating to find someone or several people low down the ladder to take the fall. If Shinseki is a true leader he would accept and admit responsibility for any positive change he may have been part of as well as his failures. He failed to get hands on with the major issue's that needed attention. Shinseki needs to man up, it's time to accept responsibility and accountability. Power point presentations, video teleconference's and endless meetings will not get you the real picture or inspire the proper motivation required to have a real and lasting impact. Our veterans need, deserve and have earned the right to have real and true leadership in all organizations that support us and our families.

  18. My brother, a two-tour Vietnam Marine vet, tried to get into a VA center in 2006. He was told that since he was not in the computer system already, he was not allowed to receive any assistance at the VA. I was already in the system and receiving limited care. Since Shinseki has been at the helm, bro has not only been accepted into the system, he is now receiving 70 percent disability. Deservedly so! It took a year to get the benefits, but at least he is now getting help. I think these current issues would not be coming to light and would continue to be hidden if it were not for Gen. Shinseki. The system is slowly being righted.
    This message is from a100 percent DAV Vietnam Vet who is appreciative of the help the VA is giving us!

  19. Posting on this board jades a person.

    I find it necessary to point out that some disabled veterans ARE disabled. Some are not.

    You and your brother I am sure ARE disabled.


    Shinseki had NOTHING to do with the adjudication of your cases.

    He is always at awards ceremonies for erik Shinseki and his first echelon ass-kissers.


    McKenzie Cosby, TN

  20. I want to move to Cosby, TN, and live near like-minded people. Right On, John P.

  21. John - as Elvis use to say - THANKKU VERRI MUCH!!! Some of these BOYS here want to continue to blame George Bush for the obvious flaws in oboma's cerebral cortex as well as his ethics - you know .... HIS "CAPABILITIES".

    Hey! Let's play name the demorat dirtbag.

    1. Which dem served in congress as a "flamer"??

    2. Which dem drove his unregistered (he had too many DUI's to register it) right into a "BAY" and a beautiful, young starstruck staffer was drown,
    Hints: He died as "the LION of the senate", his car was a blue Olds, 4-door, the staffer's name was Mary Jo Kopkne????

    3. Which dem used the Arkansas highway Patrol to procure "dates" for the then governor. Hint - cigar?? Stained Dress? Monica Lo was the staffers name.

    Contestant with the highest score wins an autographed picture of James Carvelle.


    McKenzie, Cosby.

    Free free to list equally sickening examples of demoRATS at work undermining the fabric of America - Hint - son of the greatest name in the civil rights movement who has been arrested and is in jail (stil I believe) ... the list goes on and on and on and on.

  22. The AL Commander is completely correct. Shinseki is the biggest problem the VA has right now. That is except oboma and his "czars".

    Now you take "responsible vet" ... if he is really "responsible" he is ready to resign IF he is a total liability to the organization. I meant that is what "responsible" means right RV??


    John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN

  23. John-you must have over 20 posts on here, some in the middle of the night. That tells me that you have very few other things to do in life. And, your views are off center and extreme. Views such as yours are the reason so many young people refuse to join the Legion. Their scared by them and don't want to be associated with them.

  24. "Army Retired" I must have read your post immediately above 6 times.

    Some of your other posts are "sortta" (close to)lucid so I have held my fire. But you know what? If I have 75 posts it is none of your business.

    And what I do in life is none of your &*^&&&%$ business either.

    And if my views are off center and extreme .... again "F" u.

    Lastly timid Army Retired young people that are veterans are generally very brave. At least the combat vets are all brave.

    What "puts them off" and causes them to not join the AL are veterans that lack the gonads to post comments under their own name.

    Off with your head!

    McKenzie, Cosby, TN

  25. This was a BAD CALL on part of the National Commander. The other major service organizations are not on board with this. We don't even know the outcome of the investigation yet and we're calling for his resignation. I sure hope the Nat'l Commander isn't being spoon fed these crazy ideas from people in VA&R. We need to work with the VA in trying to solve these problems and providing solutions not just fire everyone. This whole situation makes the Legion look bad. The Legion is going to lose members, me being one of them.

  26. Totally agree Responsible Veteran. Sad thing it won't only be you we will lose, but so many others. You got to wonder how a National Commander who is in office only a year, can have such a negative influence this organization. Like I posted earlier-he got bad advise from the staff.

  27. After years of requesting help in locating my records, the last comment from his office was that I should get a lawyer. I did! I vote yes Shineski: OUT.

  28. It's so sad to see my Legion become so adversarial toward the VA. They are going to loose more than they will gain. I know it's not just the National Commander who came up with the idea of demanding resignations within the VA-but he needs to take a good look around to his staff who recommended this ill conceived idea. He got bad intel. Just by reading all the comments on this board anyone with a brain can figure out it's dividing the Legion. And that's not good. This could potentially become the darkest moment of Legion history. And boy will the other service organizations take advantage of this.

  29. Shinseki has clearly demonstrated his inability or disinterest in leading VA so it is past time for a change. Real problem is infestation of VA with Vietnam era protesters and/or their equally heinous offspring who basically hate patriotic servicemen. Solution is simple, treat them like the enemy they are and annihilate them.

  30. Wow David-you can't be serious. Infestation? Annihilate them? Pretty strong words. I hope you aren't a Legion member. Comments like that would scare away potential new members-that we badly need. I think you are a bit off the edge.

  31. what happened to the Oklahoma Charter? Is the AL commander at fault?
    Anyone have an answer?

  32. He did not mention Philadelphia VA Hospital that had a quack that implanted hundreds of radioactive seeds in the wrong organs instead of cancerous prostates because a imaging machine had been out of order for a year and the quack was implanting by guessing. I am sure money was a motive. Until VA starts employing domestic trained physicians this will go on.

  33. If you will take a look who/where the Doctors that work at the V/A hospitals come from you may want to second thought about even going to one.Are there any American Doctors in the V.A system ? They are mostly from India .Of course I have nothing personally against India,But their doctors Suck

  34. Hey manchu, don't you know that the doctors from India get their education from the U.S.?

  35. Could be related to the immigration policy the democrats and republicans have jammed down America's throat.

    India is a great society. Indians are good doctors. But I will say this;

    "IF you - after nidal hassan murdered all those GI's at Fort Bliss TX - allow the VA to assign a muslim doctor to you - you are one damned fool.

    muslium (NEVER to be capitalized) doctors are as represented in the muslim brotherhood as any other group of muslims.

  36. Resignation seems proper to me here. The man at the top is responsible for his organization even if he is not personally responsible for the problems being reported now. Lying about waiting lists is not a function of a bureaucracy. Destruction of embarrassing waiting lists is certainly obstructive. Refusal to respond to requests for information from the House Committee on Veterans Affairs is stonewalling and requires that someone be responsible. By the way, the vote of the House Committee to subpoena VA Secretary Shinseki was unanimous - both Democrats and Republicans.

    Although I am a vet, I do not get my medical care through the VA; however, as part of my medical school and post-graduate training, I do have experience at the West Haven VA, the Ann Arbor VA, and the Downtown Chicago VA Research Hospital. I always thought that care was reasonably good if not very good. The system however could squeeze the enthusiasm out of a Game Show Host on TV.

    P.S. As a vet of the Navy Medical Corps, I don't want to tread on the Black Shoe bunch, but isn't the Captain responsible no matter who runs the ship aground?

  37. You are damned right doctor. And first let me say that an "UNRETIRED" doctor willing to sign his name and posts where he has worked IS a breath of fresh air unsoiled by the stench of cowardliness.

    Yes sir Doc. the SYSTEM does squeeze it's fine, fine physicians and nurses and clinical and lab people like a dem looking for that last quarter.

    You ever call a VA and get put on hold for 20-45 60 and more minutes? Ever try to make that complaint known to the director of the hospital in question?

    I have. The guy could not "understand" the problem.

    Well the problem is still on-going at the Quillin VAMC in Johnson City, TN and the NEW director ... an all-powerful female director does not understand the problem either. But she does a neat job of placing an "F" on the manning chart in the "Sex" column of the liberally birddogged VA
    list of hospital directors.

    The question is WHY do these untalented pretenders apply for the job in the first place?

    erik shinseki is a prime example of what I speak.

    But doctor it is a pleasure to read your very wise and talented observations. Please stick around.

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN

  38. Shinseki should not take the brunt of this until an investigation concludes what is wrong and recommends steps for reform. Where has the American Legion been as all of these issues were developing.
    Some of these medical centers are over run by numerous vets who don't qualify for the care they are getting now.

  39. manchu4/9 I hope you mean that. I only have what God gave me to see and react to what I see happening around me. I am 70 now and all I can give back now are my experiences and my judgment. I have much experience with the government and believe me in this one thing ... when someone tell you they are a high mollymuck of this and that ... sniff deep and expect to step in one form of fecal or another.

    The government is STOCKED DEEP with appointees and internally promoted inept, uneducated, illiterate ass kissers that are AT LEAST 2 positions above their real capability level ... but like the retired LTC they do NOT hesitate to put there hands out and demand Mo ... Mo ... MORE.


    John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN

  40. I think Dellinger should take Shinseki's place and have the opportunity to address all these issues. When he is faced with all the budget shortfalls, he may find progress is indeed a slow process.

  41. I have been reading the comments above, I find it odd that political comments are so hate-filled, the more reasonable comments are cut to ribbons by the more vocal( couldn't think of a better term) folks out there. I've noticed that we,Vet's, as a group, seem to be really,really upset with the state of our(?) goverment as well as the state of VA care/compensation as far as it taking way to long and that the VA feels it can ignore Congressional Oversight. It's true that VA ignored publis law as far as Agent Orange goes. Yes, a "Blue Water" sailor can try and claim exposure, good luck in actually getting Compensation for it. ( How does VA ignore Congress and it's own Medicial Researchers??) We do need to calm down and work together as a group to try an effect changes in "THE VA PROCESS???"

  42. I don't know for sure, but some of the comments have the look and feel as coming from a TROLL or two. As you may know TROLLS are Internet creatures who post comments with the specific purpose of generating heated replies. They have no real belief in what they are posting. They are simply trying to create chaos.

  43. It's not political its facts that need to be addressed. The secretary has not been able to make a decision for some time now and the undersecretaries that have moved up through the ranks have been playing cover up for so long they could keep anyone in the dark. With gag orders in place the only people that can talk about VA miss management are retired or non working people. Low level employees have been working around management decision for as long as I can remember to get it done for us vets. With 21 years with the VA you see a lot.It was time to rattle the tree do I expect anyone to be fired? No, not under this administration

  44. You are entitled, certainly to your opinion.

    I have been in the VA system for almost 50 years. The carelessness you note I have witnessed. I have seen it inmany bureaucratic higher ups in the admin and director's positions sitting atop this colossus.

    THESE people call the shots. They hold the purse strings and control the personnel evaluations of people 1,000 better than they are.

    I will give you my REAL HUMBLE opinion.

    Make honorary military service a prerequisite for employment in the VA except for MEDICAl positions.

    Shinseki SHOULD be a great Secretary but he is not.

    So we get another man for the job and "purge" the VA of civilian self-servers.

    The democrats HATE the VA. They (and their Kenyan born leader) would have all that money for the "poor, maltreated gangbangers of LA and every other American city".

    This so called president does NOT have to account for his malfeasance in Benghazi, for his IRS debacle, for his usurpation of congressional rights and responsibilities and he does not hold political slime like
    hillary clinton, john kerry, nancy pelosi, harry reid responsible for their many failures.

    The VA is a mess. Washington is worse. Stay tuned, unless SOMEONE stands up and takes the reins and rights the ship of state the future is fearsome.

    Beware the anti-Christ, the wolf in lamb clothing, the Hitler like strong man.

    With all being said, YES a lot of self-serving bums NEED desperately to be fired.

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby TN

  45. It seems to me that the American Legion has become very political under National Commander Dellinger? I thought we were supposed to be non-political.

  46. My friend and comrade in arms , SSGT HM Mendenhall died about two years ago from cancer. We had been in Agent Orange areas with the 25th Infantry Division serving with the 3/22nd Walking Regulars. Two years prior to his death he developed back pain and went to the VA in Texas. They told him it was nothing, to just take some aspirin for it. The pain kept getting worse but the VA would not do anything further. When he could no longer take the pain, he went to a civilian doctor who tested him and told him he had stage four cancer with a 2% chance to live. He died shortly thereafter, a career soldier and a great credit to his country.Had the VA done what they were supposed to do two years earlier, he may still be with us. Personally, I will never set foot inside the VA ever again. I went once 40 years ago in Minneapolis for an Agent Orange physical exam and could tell then that they could care less about me or any other veterans. If I had my way, I would shut down the system and put all the veterans under Medicare so the veterans could see civilian doctors and divert the money in the VA system to Medicare. Just my humble opinion.

  47. Ron,
    What happened to SSGT HM Mendenhall was criminal and I think it should be prosecuted the same as carelessness in a driver that causes death. That kind of thing happens outside of the VA system as well. There are lists that rate civilian hospitals—including which ones to avoid. The civilian health care system is no better at weeding out the duds than is the VA. My father went to his family doctor with chest pains. The doctor told him it was natural to have some pain after a car accident (some months previous). Dad went to a second doctor, who said the same thing. He went to a third doctor and this one, unlike the first two, checked things out and discovered that one of Dad’s lungs had been so injured that it was rotting inside him. Two out of three of those doctors were duds. None of those doctors were connected with the VA, so should we see them as representing ALL doctors not connected with the VA? Do we lump all non-VA hospitals and doctors together? Should we lump all VA doctors and hospitals together?

    In English ‘they’ can be used to avoid mention of gender and number. It can replace ‘he’ and ‘she’. You wrote that he ‘went to the VA in Texas. They told him it was nothing, to just take some aspirin for it.’ Are we talking about doctors and nurses, or just doctors? How many doctors actually did that to your friend? 100, 50, 10, 2, or 1? You wrote ‘Had the VA done what they were supposed to do two years earlier, he may still be with us.’ Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that the doctor(s) who saw him at the VA hospital failed to do what they were supposed to? Two years ago a Fed Ex delivery person threw a flat screen over someone’s gate. Now, there are several hundred thousand people who work at Fed Ex. Is it fair to say that Fed Ex destroyed that shipment? I work at Fed Ex and I had nothing to do with it. In manufacturing, quality control is used to prevent faulty products from happening, but no amount of quality control eliminates bad products completely. Thus the need for quality assurance (stop bad products from being shipped). In the same way, there will always be dud doctors and sloppy hospitals both in and out of the VA system. What’s good for the gander is good for the goose: prosecute them regardless of whether they are VA or civilian. The person who threw that flat screen had to find another job. So should dud doctors. I think that Daniel Dellinger should look for a different job. Also, when we think a doctor at the VA is a dud, we are free to go outside of the VA to a different doctor. Had your friend done that, he might still be alive. The existence of VA hospitals should not make us think that we can go nowhere else.

    As for shutting down the system and putting all vets under Medicare, I think that what Daniel has done paves the way for that: what kind of person would take Shinseki’s place? Any capable person would not want the job, so we would probably get someone less capable. The same for the other two resignations called for. To change all three at once is a recipe for failure. The predictable failure would pave the way for the conclusion that it cannot be fixed so must be shut down. A lot of us vets are quite happy with our VA hospital and would hate to lose it because of some that are bad. VA hospitals know more about battle-related injuries and repairs than do civilian ones. What’s more, Medicare supplements only cover what Medicare does, and Medicare will cover less and less as time goes on. If we are all dumped into Medicare and the VA funds sent to it, I suspect Medicare will not cover battle-related injuries in the future. Also, there are more and more doctors who will not take Medicare—which limits the doctors one can go to. Someone in the comments above suggested putting the VA under military oversight. I like that. Why not rate VA hospitals—including which ones to avoid—and give the bad ones so much time to improve or be closed? That’s more that can be done in the civilian medical care system. Some VA hospitals are excellent, so the VA knows how to produce quality facilities. That same process needs to be used for the bad ones. In America, everyone is entitled to their (his/her) own stupid opinion so I have just given mine. What do you think?

    Dan Rider, INDPLS, IN

  48. The problems with the VA?

    Some of the posters here can see the "politics" of firing this bum

    ... but they will never see nor admit the "politics" in the HIRING of this same bum.

    The REAL VA .... the Doctors, the nurses, the technicians, ALL of the good, professional people that do the medical work and MOST of the people that do the menial work ARE THE REAL VA.

    The administrators and the directors and this bum shinseki are self-serving political ass kissers of the highest order that deserve a hell of a lot more than termination.

    Like tar and feathers.

    Give me access to the financial records of this agency for the past five years and I will show every one of you BIILIONS in wasted tax dollars for "performance awards" and BILLIONS wasted on training the untrainable and BILLIONS for unnecessary travel.

    I "love" the VA. The REAL VA. But I do not love BUMS like erik shinseki and the same goes for the BUM in the Whitehouse.

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby TN

  49. Most of the comments above are on target. The American Legion cannot go off half-cocked just to get press that it "does something for the vets". The general is a vet himself and has make a great deal of progress cleaning up the VA mess, but IS THE FIRST TO ADMIT MUCH MORE NEEDS TO BE DONE. The secret list is partially due to the spot-light the General has set upon the long delays. The cockroaches at Pheanix went scurying around trying to hide their failures. The pressure put on by the top man exposed these idiots trying to hide their incompetence. The truth is simply coming out now into the light. Let's look at the totality of the General's work at the VA and give him a chance to take the action he has probably already set in motion, before throwing him out for rocking the boat hard enough to show us the rats!

  50. Reading you comment ........... I put you in shinseki's category of self-serving ass kisser. "Let's look at the TOTALITY of der general's work. ???

    I, you and the Vatican could not get 10% of der general's work.

    THAT is how he got to be und general and I suspect how you got to be der commander (USN, Ret).

  51. It was once said something like this, that first they came for the Jews, and I said nothing; then they came for the Catholcs, and I said nothing, then they came for me, and there was no one left to say anything for me. This Administration is against Veterans, even calling them a risk as potential terrorists. I believe in the Constitution of the United States of America and as a 1AO draftee took an oath to support and defend the U.S Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. It is obvious at this time, our worst enemies are domestic. I believe it is time as an organization that we expose those who are out to weaken our military and country for who they are; and rally the vote to take them out.

  52. Larry D Mays - I John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN agree with you completely.

    Your comparison to the Nazi becoming more and more emboldened is a point well made. I believe that oboma is NOT going to leave office willingly. At that time - when he must be kick the hell out - we will find out who are the patriots and who are the "oboma czars".

    They have already warned Americans that "the time for a little HEADKNOCKING is fast approaching.

    Any of you liberal morons care to refer to that. Or to the "Black Panthers" at the Chicago polling stations with rifles?

    Or to the remarks about the Constitution being old whitemen's writing.

    Or kissing the muslim's ring (or was it his ass).

    My favorite is oboma's explanation about his mother being a gtroublemakes - that's the white in her".

    You get what you deserve American people and IF you think talking the political correctness is gonna protect you .... HA-HA-HA-HA.

  53. The Legion Commander is way out of line. General Shinseki has done more for the veteran since he has been in charge since Gen, Omar Bradley. A commader or a CEO will always be misinformed by false reports as was this case. You can't fix a problem is you don't know you have one. If one believes the lies one is told and believes that the person who is lying is an honorable person until proved otherwise then you will through no fault of your own become a victim. Shinseki is being maligned for someting not his fault. He will correct the problem. Who would Commander Dillinger like to see replace him? Paul Wolfowitz?

  54. Hey Thanes,

    "General Shinseki has done more for the veteran since he has been in charge since Gen, Omar Bradley"

    Name one.

    You compare sinseki to Omar Bradley. You sir are a fool.

    There is a second reason I think you the fool. "If one believes the lies one is told and believes that the person who is lying is an honorable person until proved otherwise then you will through no fault of your own become a victim."

    That is why people are promoted. It should be why they are promoted.

    Soldering and becoming SHARP and knowing the difference between a BS artist and an honest man. THAT is what a real LTC is. You?

    Your are a victim.

    What nonsense.

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN

  55. I served 7 years active USN and 18 years USNR. I have never used the VA for any of my medical needs. I realized early on that distance to VA facilities would be a problem due to the fact of my line of work. I am now retired as far as medical is concerned. I receive excellent care through local private medical facilities with payment through medicare and tri-care. With this problem going on with the VA I wanted to stay away from the problems I had always heard of over the years and I am glad I did.

  56. Better yet find out which hospitals/clinics are doing the job correctly and adopt policies that emulate theirs. I have been going to the Columbus ambulatory care center for three years and have NEVER had to wait past my appointment time. In fact, I make a habit of being early and am oftentimes seen before my actual appointment. What I have see is vets themselves being no shows or late and complaining about everything. It's pretty obvious most of the complainers have never been seen at a civilian facility. The staff in Columbus are always helpful and courteous. You never see folks running around lost without being helped. Cleveland, however is different story. The actual medical care I received was excellent everything else was a nightmare. It was obvious the cronyism was wide spread. I observed, just in the time I was there. 1. Vets applying for travel pay that were transported already at government expense. 2. Vets selling their drugs right outside the facility. (This seemed to be an accepted practice) 3. Priority seemed to be given to customers based on knowing somebody in the offices and not on need. I could go on. Just make them all as good as Columbus and you will have few problems.

  57. Do we "really" think that forcing this guy out is going to do any good? He's just anoother low level functionary in this administration who is aplying and enforcing the administrations policies. And like the rest, will probably try to pass the blame off to a lack of budget because of Sequestration. Fire him and you'll get another just like him or worse who willblame the problem on blue-collar types, fire a bunch of them and declare victory. Hold someone meaningful accountable, for their imcompetence or intential negligence and fire/prosecute them.

  58. The Problem with the VA is the cuts in their budgets. The congress is to blame for most of the problems. Most of the Doctors in the VA say they are to cut every where they can.

  59. Reid, Senator, house speaker will not bring up any bills that he thinks might help the VA. He would not bring up any one, not one of the bills brought to the senate giving money to the VA during the shut down. There were bills giving all the necessary moneys to pay every thing needed by the people, including veterans. Reid would not bring them up for a vote. Now that is Obama Justice. For the VA, and America as a hole.

  60. I am glad of the stance the American Legion took on this issue. seems to me that a lot of Democrats who are part of this Great organization are willing to over look the abuses of the VA in favor of their political party.The VA had done a lot of wrong doing from long waiting periods for compensation evaluations, to poor medical care. I still remember the Viet Nam Vets and Agent Orange cancer actions that were not passed until most of those veterans had died. Thank God the American Legion has the back bone to stand up to this government and fight for our veterans. This is not political people, this is making sure our Vets get what health care they need after they took the oath to defend this country. Regardless of the cost. Money can be found to take care of our Veterans. Make no mistake politics and money are the reasons for this poor care.

  61. It was under the Bush Administration that Vets who were exposed to Agent Orange were denied benefits.

  62. Communist tactic.

    Drop the big lie and run.

    Run Vogt, run.

    These days a "democrat" is pretty much the same thing as a COMMUNIST.

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby TN
    John P. McKenzie, Cosby TN

  63. It was under the Bush Administration that Vets who were exposed to Agent Orange were denied benefits.

  64. It's not political, yet you start out your comment stating that the Democrats over look abuses of the VA in favor of the Democrats? Are you suggesting that the VA is a Democratic organization? Are you suggesting that backlogs and waitlist did not occur prior to Pres Obama taking office? Are you suggesting that there have not been major improvements in the back log, inspite of demands for budget cutting from the far right? Are you suggesting that there are those in this country who do not see VA benefits as a form of Government Welfare? The one thing that is true is that the American Legion should not be taking political sides in this issue. The VA medical system is critical to caring for Veterans and survey after survey has found it to be better than the For Profit civilian Medical Systems. A problem was identified. What do Soldiers do when they identify a problem? We fix it. We have fought to maintain our right to due process. The American Legion does not represent my Point of View in calling for Gen Shinseki to be fired. This is a fellow Soldier who surely is not doing that job because he has to. He decided to continue his service to our nation and to its veterans. So, what choice does the American Legion give me? I can either put on the cap and be linked to this very poor decision, or, I can not put on the cap. I care deeply about my fellow Veterans. I am not happy that the American Legion has put me in this position. BTW, do not assume that I'm a Democrat either.

  65. We are not implying anything. We are telling imbalanced people that mentally wander back and forth (like you) that oboma IS the problem.

    And we are telling people that cannot think for themselves that as long as oboma is president the VA will be his agency.

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN

    Looking at words like this: "So, what choice does the American Legion give me? I can either put on the cap and be linked to this very poor decision, or, I can not put on the cap. I care deeply about my fellow Veterans. I am not happy that the American Legion has put me in this position. BTW, do not assume that I'm a Democrat either".

    Are you a woman?

  66. Political sides?? BTW your mind is "convoluted" to say the LEAST. You are NOT in ANY position. Your megalomania is showing Sis. Get the hell off your VA meds.

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby TN

  67. I agree with Andy MSGT. The American Legion has been only one of many Veteran groups with balls enough to actually stand up for Veteran's. There's too much smoke and too many deaths from this VA disaster to try to blame this on a political agenda. The American Legion actively cares about Veteran's. As a service connected disabled vet, I do not see much care or concern coming from VA.

  68. Make a distinction between the REAL VA (the doctors, nurses, technicians, clinical people and more) and the political scabs that winnow up the fallopian tubes of every government agency like tiny, hungry, aggressive sperm cells knocking everything out of their rise to the top ... YOU KNOW like hillary clinton, harry reid, nancy pelosi, john Kerry and 80% of the FORMER democratic party (Now American Communist Party.

    YOU don't talk and walk POLITICAL CORRECT? How far do you think you will get in any democratic controlled function.

    oboma is nothing BUT an equal opportunity, affirmative action MISTAKE.

    The man has no TALENT. No EXPERIENCE. A legacy of complete and dismal failure and a sick and moribund childish mistak like obomacare.

    I will bet my buns the gangbangers love him.

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN

  69. John P. McKenzie, Cosby TN

    Do YOU know enough about Benghazi to hang someone? It has been a year plus do you NOT see that oboma's only talent is division and stall tactics?

    RIGHT! I thought you say that!

    Shinseki and oboma are self-serving bums. THAT IS ALL

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby TN

  70. Where the hell did that come from. Is OB in the room, or is that BO.
    Must have been a Republican in office when you were drafted. Did you tern brain dead in service? Were suppose to be neutral.

  71. John P. McKenzie, Cosby TN

    YOU are a @#$%ing moron. Out.

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby TN

  72. You really need to get back on your meds. You really sound like a little looney to me trying to provoke someone to go to Cosby, TN and confront you. Is your life miserable? Do you miss combat that much? Did you even see combat? Don't write checks with your mouth you butt can't cash. Personally, confronting someone like you isn't worth the time, the effort or the prospect of going to jail. Get some help, you need it. Stop trying to be such a bad ass tough guy, no one's impressed.

  73. Bob ... I react to you because you are an irritating "LITTLE" person.

    I KNOW that Bob.

    I have never met you. Never laid eyes on you.

    But your perspective tells on you.

    I do not give a damn if you come to Cosby or not. You talk the kindda liberal crap you do on this rag and believe me my hillbilly neighbors will not let you outta the one store in town.

    The only thing that could cause me to apologize to you for correctly identifying you as a punk is that if you were awarded the CMH.

    You could be a four star general or an a senator ... IF I form the opinion that you and your stupid liberal vomit is ... say ... well stupid
    ... that's it. And baby, that's it.

    Don't worry about me punky Bob. I am happy. My life is Good. God is great and is in my life every day.

    Bob - a guy like you does NOT confront.

    Don't worry about going to jail. And if I ever ... ever impress YOU - you just let me know and I will blow my head off with a Colt .45.

    Yes I am combat Bob, you?

    What gives you the right to run off at the pie hole Bob?

    Naaw. I'm no bad-ass tough guy. I was once.

    Why in the hell am I actually talking to this liberal moron?

    Good night.

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN

  74. I agree with a previous comment regarding the call for the resignation of General Shinseki. It is an ill-advised decision. To begin, the first and most critical issue is to define the problem. Choosing to direct a solution without understanding the parameters of the problem is simply unwarranted and problematic. We are currently in a political climate that does not facilitate finding the facts, examining options, and choosing options which are directly related to the most efficacious solution. For example, although more money has been appropriated for the Veterans Administration, that does not necessarily mean that the appropriations effectively targeted an ever-increasing workload, a workforce that remains severely stressed, and a bureaucratic structure that may not necessarily promote the rapid inclusion of positive change. When I read the original information, I was curious as to the motivation of someone to falsify any information in order to meet a standard. Answers to that question would give insight to the organization, management, and leadership where the alleged activity occurred. Answers to that question would also provide insight to other organizations in order to reduce the possibility of that activity occurring at their locations.

    I’ve also recently observed the tendency to use terminations as a problem-solving tool. Although that appears to be an expedient way to address ethical and moral issues, as well as illegal actions, it would be important to ask for resignation if the individual were directly responsible for the activity. In this country, one is still innocent until proven guilty. If there is anything we need in our organizations, we need individuals who have an innate understanding of leadership, appropriate skill sets, and management skills with our current diverse workforce. I’ve heard comments from many people that we basically need to tear down some organizations and start from the beginning. However, I would like to find out what really works and enhance it. The problem about tearing down organizations and starting from the beginning, is the possibility, and indeed the probability, that we will incorporate the same errors, failures in judgment, illogical justifications, and personal attacks that have rarely produced positive results.

  75. Roni, I agree 200%. It is way too simple to think that firing some people will solve the problem. The problems were around long before Shinseki came on the scene. As with any government enterprise, the problems are systemic so the system needs overhaul. After all the flack the AL has given Shinseki, who in their right mind would want to take his place? What kind of a person could we REASONABLY expect to take his place? If Daniel wants to destroy the VA system and put us at the mercy of Obamacare and Medicare, I think calling for Shinseki's resignation is a good way to do it. Under Shinseki, the VA has eliminated the means test in order to free up staff to process disability claims. Who knows what all he had to overcome just for that one change. Why doesn't the AL ask Shinseki what problems he faces and work WITH him? Some years ago the head Postmaster said that he could make the USPS profitable but the government officials over him would not give him the freedom to do things his way. General Shinseki is under authority so cannot bring pressure on the government. Does Shinseki need pressure from the AL on the government to get out of his way? Attacking him makes it harder for the AL to bring its case to the government on his behalf. The general needs a mandate from us, not flack. I am talking about the big picture. In the civilian world, there are good hospitals and bad ones, good doctors and bad ones. The same in the VA system, but if one is going to stay in the VA system, the choices are much more limited. A doctor in a hospital prescribed two medicines to my father that should not be used together. If my wife and I had not figured that out, the doctor would have killed my father. It was not a VA hospital. He changed to a different doctor, who worked at a different hospital. Civilian systems cannot weed out all the bad doctors. Why should we expect the VA to be able to? The VA hospital I go to is better than any of the civilian hospitals in the area. It is connected to a university hospital, exchanges staff, is on the cutting edge of things and extremely well organized. There are other VA hospitals that are outstanding, but we only hear of the bad ones. Given the horror stories of some people who have gone to civilian hospitals, the fact that the VA is capable of producing excellent hospitals is to its credit. The issue is why there are bad ones. This is not a problem limited to VA hospitals. Every now and then I see magazine articles that rate hospitals--including which to avoid. Perhaps we need to do the same for VA hospitals, and give the bad ones a time limit to either shape up or be closed. And for those who live in the area of a bad VA hospital, they're not trapped: they can go outside of the VA for a good hospital and doctor--like every body else. The existence of a VA hospital in ones area does not eliminate other options. What do you think?

    Dan Rider,INDPLS, IN

  76. TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE ! legion has been kissing the democrats butts for the past 5 years and this is what you get.

  77. Consider putting the entire VA under the ACTIVE Military.
    There will be more effective oversight and incompetance can be dealt with in a quicker fashion.

  78. Totally inappropriate! The Legion is supposed to be apolitical. It is clear to me that the Legion leadership and its publications have swerved sharply to the extreme right. Get back to the moderate mainstream and stop all this Obama-hating b.s. Push for VA improvements, but stay out of politically-motivated activities.

  79. I agree with Monterey Mary. The information so far is sketchy and until there is a complete investigation, The Legion should hold it's opinion.

  80. We should also call for Obama's resignation ,he is a big part of our military and the VA's problem....The military and the VA's budget should be increased not cut as Obama is doing.

  81. Maybe you should take a civics course. The US Congress controls the purse string and they spend the money. They pass a budget the President proposes or they don't. True the president can veto spending legislation, but the Congress can over ride his veto. It's the Republicans who are for cutting spending and shutting down government. Our military budget is bigger than the military budgets of every other first world nation combined. We really need to stop being the world's policemen.

    Turn off Fox. Get out and do some reading and fact checking and try some critical thinking. The VA has been a problem for years, long before Obama and Shinseki. It's become to big to fail or control. The VA is perhaps the biggest bureaucracy of them all. Most career civil servants know that they'll still be around long after Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama are gone. That has a tendency to make employees arrogant and less responsive.

    The VA needs a major overhaul and better accountability. Managers who fail in their jobs should not get bonuses. In my mind, NO public servant should be paid performance bonuses.

  82. Maybe it is you that should kiss my Irish ass punk. Go and spend some time with your ... family. They might like that. Then again they might not. Me try critical thinking. You go and think about WHO is in the ranks of the demorat party. YOU must be 1 of those.

    "Bobbbbbieeeee Come in here!"

  83. You are a fool because you open your mouth ... Bob. Of course you have a right - but most ignorant people do not like to TELL ON THEMSELVES.

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN

  84. Do you ever read your post before you "save" them. Just how brain dead are you anyway? You don't give two craps about other vets. The only one you care about is you and your ignorant hatred for all things not Republican. You need to get a life.

  85. YOU are a stinking hypocrite ... All liberals are hypocrites.

    You rant about every SMALL benefit denied you and you say "I" care only about myself.


    YOU make me say this you swine. The VA is made "for" me and vets like me ... vets wounded in combat. Seriously wounded. And while THOUSANDS of kids are coming home chopped to ribbons swine like you know only that a 10% discount at Lowe's has outlived its relevance.

    Why is it that the biggest whiners (and weinners) are always the part of the military which is ALWAYS air conditioned and lounge at a FREE watering hole every night.

    You should not be allowed in the VA, nor the AL.

    McKenzie, Cosby

  86. If you take the time to go on line to check the Federal Budgets back to 2008 you will see drastic increases in the VA budget. In 2008 the VA budget was approximately 86.6 Billion dollars. Under the Obama administration the VA budget has increased to 152.7 Billion dollars for 2014. Obama may be at fault for many things but he has been helpful in almost doubling the VA budget. The blame for VA problems must be on the person in charge of VA. It's a poor general who does not know what's going on in his command.

  87. Yes?

    And the value of each of those dollars has dropped 25% in that time. When
    fools like you realize that YOUR wealth has dropped 25% under oboma and his band of gay liberal men who steal from the rich and give to the poor (AFTER they take their cut off the top).

    Wake up and grow the hell up fool. The democratic party is the new American Communist Party.

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN

  88. Statements like yours is what the 'far right' AL needs to propel it's drive to the right. They make no sense. It demonstrates your ignorance on who controls spending for the military and VA, not the president, but Congress. I bet you called for Bush to resign after starting 2 unnecessary wars. Time for you to take another civics/government class to learn how this country is governed.

  89. Samborski ... everything about you is boring. Including your name. OK I am mildly interested ... what is a Samborski? Has it anything to do with gulags? Of course you DO have the right to your liberal puke leaking rhetoric. It is just that you have an abnormally large pie-hole, PAL.

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN

  90. Ken, you are a Bush hater, plain and simple. He did not start the wars, Congress did, they were controlled by the Democrats. Maybe you are the one to take a few civics/government classes. Right or left we need to get the VA straightened out. I believe Shinseki can do it, but needs backing from AL.

  91. You can have your own opinion, you can not make up your own facts. After 9/11 the country was hysterical. Bush and Cheney fed the American people a line of bull and the Republican CONTROLLED Congress voted to give him the power IF NEEDED. Democrats listened to their constituents as well and voted to SUPPORT the President and trust his decision. They supported going into Afghanistan. Some not all. But then we were LIED into a War Based on Lies.

    80% of the people who work for the VA are Veterans. So if it gets straightened out, it will be Veterans who do it.

  92. I do not in any way endorse of agree with the American Legion's call for General Shinseki to resign. The VA is a bureaucracy that is too big for one man to change. Congress interferes with any changes the director tries to make, making change slow and inefficient. Only other short-sighted bureaucrats would make the request that the bureaucrats at the American Legion have advocated. Big failure American Legion from a soon to be former member.

  93. So long Crispin. Do not dely. You are NOT needed. Go. The VA too big a bureaucracy for one man to change?

    Then WHY did shinseki take the job?

    He is a failure. He is a phony. And is is incapable of doing the job.
    If he doesn't have the nuts to resign (Nixon did) then he has to be AMPUTATED.

    You don't agree? OK, so what.

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN

  94. I am a relatively new member of the American Legion. I have 24+ years of service including a recent year in Afghanistan. I joined because I want to continue to serve. One thing that has disappointed me about the Legion is that it appears much more political then I had hoped. Does anyone at the American Legion Headquarters really believe tht Gen Shinseki had anything to do with the secret list? The American Legion is playing directly into the hands of the Republican Party that wants to convince the American people that Government run hospitals are bad. The fact is, though the right wing continues to try to reduce the budget of the VA and write it off as government welfare, I've received great care from the Military and Veterans medical system - far better then when I've been forced to work within an for profit HMO. I'm embarrassed that the American Legion has called for Gen Shinseki to resign. Now, when I put the cap on my head, I have to know that I am part of the group that is blaming a career Soldier, who has given his life to the military and veterans for the failings of what is likely just a few individuals.

  95. William quit being so naive. This has nothing to do with the general's brave and fine military record. If you can not believe that people of your society are not driven by monetary greed nor can be paid for actions and loyalty unbecoming you need help.

  96. Bobbie is having difficulties performing. OH! the responsibilities. And he thinks I am not happy. Must be hell for spit drooling lefts to have to stop talking and start ... you know...

    "Bobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb come here!!!"

  97. Please hold down on the Republican comments. I have virgin ears. Some people only watch CNN, NBc, etc. You were in the service so you haven't seen what some people are getting away with. Their trying to cut down on waste, not services. Demos have you thinking the GOP wants to cut out everything. Any one with any sense knows that is not true. I got bigger raises on my 100% service connected disability, ans SS than I ever did than from the Democrats. Leave it to Obama, we would not get any raises, might even lose what we have. He wanted serving servicemen to pay their own medical insurance. Look it up. Why,I wonder, why people say what they hear, and not look it u. I really feel sorry for them.

  98. Wow, you really drink up the Kool Aid or spend too much time watching Fox and listening to Rush. Do some independent research, use the Google. Veteran's benefit most from Democratic administrations and always have. Reagan threw vets out of the VA medical system and restricted eligibility categories, it was Clinton that re-expanded those categories. The Bush administration for years denied several presumptive diseases and conditions that afflicted vets exposed to Agent Orange. It was Obama and Shinseki that added those presumptive conditions to the VA disability list and that is one reason for the backlog, over 100,000 Vietnam era veterans became eligible for health benefits.

    You really cannot be that stupid or that blind. Even war hero John McCain voted against the expanded new GI Bill of Rights. Republicans like to start wars and send men off to fight wars, they just don't want to pay for them or fight them personally.

    As for Social Security, the Democrats want to increase it whereas the Republicans want to get rid of it all together (privatization) is they can. They also want to cut Medicare, Medicaid and VA benefits (privatization again, give vets vouchers to pay for medical care).

    If your virgin ears are offended, tool bad. I know your butt isn't virgin because the Republicans have been slipping it to you and every other veteran for years. I feel very sorry for you. It must be difficult being an old fool.

  99. Bob R. the liberal, sissy beggar. Go to hell liar your pants are on fire. You liberals have manuals on how to argue with anyone not toting your party line. It is called the communist manifesto. Read it all the time don't you pink Bob. Go help Mrs. Bob.

  100. Thank you. President Obama has obtained more funding for Veterans services than any President in the history of this country. It was the Republicans in the Do Nothing Congress who cut funding for Food Stamps that went to help military families that needed them and poor Veterans. The US Senate Republicans sponsored a Veterans Jobs Act and when the President said it was a good idea they filibustered their own bill. The Republicans love to make bumper stickers that read "Support Our Troops" but when the rubber hits the road the only thing they support is the Military Industrial Complex, which Dwight Eisenhower, warned us about and Ronald Reagan embraced.

  101. I agree totally. The American Legion has prior enlisted men, that probably never led men in combat, leading an organization, saying they know the better way of handling a serious situation. The difficulty I find with this is they do not have all the necessary information to make such a rash call for resignation. Secondly, veterans have to learn to be their own advocate for quality care. You do not have to accept untimely care. You do have the right to demand care that is appropriate for your condition.
    While all organizations make mistakes, I do think the AL has turned more
    political than helpful for the veterans they are suppose to serve. Think about joining the VFW. You earned it with service in Afghanistan.

  102. Thank you for your very important point of view. Pointing fingers at one another is what Tokyo Rose used to do to our servicemen to be demoralized and turn brothers against brothers. This is what if happening: some Americans including some in my own who never served in the armed forces or did not even exercised their voting duties today are using soldiers, sailors, airmen, and guardsmen to further politicize and divide our nation. I am saddened that have been sucked in in the name of patriotism. The only patriotism I know for me as a veteran is to directly be of service to returning veterans find housing, jobs and be for them ONE-ON-One when called upon in my neck of the woods, Houston area through the VA Debakey Medical Center.
    Thank you for your service!

  103. I kind of fell like the AL is going off half-cocked. No,I don't think there is any question of wrong-doing; but, let's make sure the right people are held accountable. Now that said;Do I think a complete audit of the systems in place needs to be done? Yes, I do. As a matter of fact,I think the whole VA system needs a close inspection!! I can't understand how, with all the monies that have been spent on it, that a computer system CAN't be developed that works for the VA/Active Forces/ as well as the Reserve Forces without adding BILLIONS to the IT monies already wasted trying to develop said system. I find it very hard to believe anyone, VA/AC/RC, is really trying to do the right thing and work together to FIX this mess we currently have. There is no way on earth it should take YEARS to see a Doctor, get a claim thru the "PROCESS", or to get an ID card!!

  104. My husband is a member of the American Legion and is disappointed in the stance the Legion has taken on the accusations here in Phoenix. He is a computer guy and finds it funny that the VA is accused of something that can be easily checked as you can not totally delete something from the computer as Cheney learned when he deleted email. The doctors who have come forth have been one who waited until he was ready to retire and one non Administrated Leave already for several months while she herself was being investigated. As for automatically firing Anyone he thinks we should all remember innocent until proven guilty. He is considering dropping his membership because he feels the Legion is acting Unamerican in this case. He believes the VA, while not perfect, tries hard to serve an increasing number of Veterans while receiving more mandates and fewer resources

  105. You at LEAST signed you name. I hope that much is real about you.

    IF I were married to a woman that "posted on any forum FOR me .....".

    You would NOT do it a second time ... Anne.

  106. With all due respect to your husband, a couple points. First of all, as usual, no one is being fired. The woman who headed up the Phoenix VA had similar problems in her prior assignment and, again, as usual, was simply reassigned. Your Cheney comment establishes your political credentials and bias. As for innocent until proven guilty, sorry, we're not in a court of law here. Nor is there a criminal charge pending so far as I know, so the known evidence is sufficient to have folks fired. Of course, being government employees, that is nearly impossible. So just as the EPA employee who received an unauthorized bonus for having spent most of the day for several years watching porn on his governement computer, along with a federal judge, lawyers and many others according to the SEC IG, our tax dollars will just keep on being poured down these rats' holes.

  107. Pardon me Anne but is your husband a military veteran? Did your husband ever serve in combat or wounded/disabled from such?? Please provide some credibility to that cyberspacey decision for the readers who have and are victimized by this organization. Thank you.

  108. The question was answered when she said her husband was a member of the A.L. Look up the requirements for Membership.

  109. You and your husband need to stop and smell the roses-this isn't just Phoenix!!

  110. I voted the second choise, not really because the General is doing any worst job than others before him, just as a statement of fact that as I write this we, as Vet's, need someone to go thru the VA from top to bottom, both the health/compinsation(?) sides of the house and just plain kick ass/set it's house in order. Can it be done? Don't know, but an attempt has to made! The whole system, both sides, is just plain broke!! How can "our elected officials" stand to even discuss problems within the VA, point out things that need to be corrected, and have the VA ignore them?? How thw hell does that work?? When anyone other than VA ignores Congress there is hell to pay!! Every body gets involved/ points fingers/demands action to correct the issues(all of which are on-going for years!!) and it's back to busniess as usual at VA!! Something just plain stinks!!

  111. The medical portion of the V.A. could be fixed, forever, with a simple piece of legislation. However, the GOP will oppose it, because there is a Democratic president. I have never heard any permanent fix offered by any Veteran's Organization. They need to step up to the plate and get something done.
    The active duty military families, retired military and their families have an insurance called Tricare. It is paid for by DOD, and good anywhere in the world. I suggest a new program called Veteran's Tricare. Once a vet has been qualified for V. A. benefits, they and their family is issued a V. A. Medical ID Card. It would come out of DOD funding and not Discretionary Spending. That would not allow Government shutdowns to stop medical care for Vets. The coverage would be identical to Medicare,but without location restrictions. The deductible would be the same as current V. A. deductible. The vet would determine where he was treated for any medical problem.
    This would relieve the massive increase and backlogs in care caused by the various recent wars.

  112. Since Congress now enjoys the label as the Most Do Nothing Congress in the History of the United States it is understandable that they would allow the VA to ignore them. The VA and Veterans have never been a priority of those who are in the majority in Congress now. The VA and Veterans have always been an inflationary factor. They want to cut the VA, not improve it. They couldn't even pass their own Veterans Jobs Act. But what amazes me is that when I went to the VA I was told that 80% of the people who work for the VA are Veterans. Even the General in charge of the VA is a Veteran. The 1st Veteran to hold the spot in a long time. But as it was explained to me, Veterans tend to HATE filling out paperwork properly and most REFUSE to sit down at a computer and enter the information needed to get them help. It seems that in many cases Veterans are their own worst enemies. I never used any of my VA benefits other than when I bought my 1st house and when I went to college. When I tried to get an ID card so I could get a discount at Lowe's on Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Veterans Day I was told I didn't qualify because the Bush Administration changed the rules in 2003. Someone who was AWOL and a Draft Dodger nullified the 4 years I served even to the point where I couldn't even get an ID card to use for a 10% discount. But I will continue to pay my American Legion dues.

  113. I believe if you show your American Legion membership card or VFW membership card you can get the discount at Lowes. You might ask what forms of proof of military service they require.

  114. Skip going to Lowes - where you only get a discount on certain days - and go to Home Depot where you get a discount EVERY day.

    Other than that - several states have also enacted laws that put your veteran status on your state ID (ie: Driver's License) because of the revision in VA ID policies and the necessity of exposing your personal information on your DD214 to people who have no business or right to it just to receive secondary benefits (and not just discounts at stores). Both mine and my wife's license designate us as veterans.

  115. Chopping off heads w/o thorough, PERVASIVE "snap of the rug" backed by WAY(!) more VA Budget will just be more "smoke and fury signifying nothing." Also needs to be completely removed from Parties' politics.

  116. PS: Wish everyone could enjoy the benefits & svs of a truly outstanding Rgn Hosp. like "ours" here in SLC, UT! Top-notch in all aspects, even with severe $$ squeeze.

  117. VA has ignored Congress at least once in the past. Agent Orange Act of 1991 grants presumptive exposure to Agent Orange if awarded the Vietnam Service Medal. I have that. However, I am denied that because I am Blue Water Navy. VA decided by itself that Agent Orange could not possibly float out to sea to expose Navy vets. I just watched a program on National Geographic Channel that dust from the Sahara desert is carried to the Amazon River. This is a distance of 5000 miles. Look it up on the computer. Shinseki needs to go and give VA major over hall.

  118. YOU, personally, make me sick to my stomach. Get a damned job and EARN whatever $$$ you seem to need so dramatically. You are nothing except a blue water cry-baby. Were you on "flight status" on the day of your retirement and on VA disability the next day? Answer that. There are "thousands" of "examples" just like that. You sure sound like one.

  119. YOU, personally, make me sick to my stomach. Get a damned job and EARN whatever $$$ you seem to need so dramatically. You are nothing except a blue water cry-baby. Were you on "flight status" on the day of your retirement and on VA disability the next day? Answer that. There are "thousands" of "examples" just like that. You sure sound like one.

  120. I hate the way these (type) issues divide veterans who should remain solid for all time.

    But I am going to tell you airdale ... you were IN an airplane!

    You were IN a ship!

    YOUR exposure to AO was minuscule.

    Your exposure to jet fuel was not minuscule.

    Your exposure to asbestos was not minuscule.

    ... but AO?

    SOME "airdales" spent a LOT of time OVER VN.

    But not all.

    HELICOPTER pilots, ground attack pilots ... airmen BASED in VN spent a lot of exposure time ... but BLUE WATER AIRDALES did not.

    How you could THINK you are qualified to demand payment for "EXPOSURE" such as YOURS was ... is disgusting.


    I am here to tell you that.

    I drank the stuff. I wallowed in the stuff. I humped the rice paddies stinking with the stuff and I could NOT avoid the stuff ... but I do not have my hand out like you.

    People like you are the reason the VA and government has to be so careful how they handle the AO "problem".

    Thank you for your service and go to hell.

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN

  121. The only way you would think we are divided is because we don't swallow your Republican hogwash. LIBERAL DEMOCRATS put the VA in place. It was signed into existence by Herbert Hoover after WWI Veterans camped out in Washington DC to protest the Government not giving them what they were promised during the War To End All Wars. But then he called out the National Guard to remove the Veterans and some of the Veterans wound up getting shot and killed. So he took the advice of a WWI Veteran and passed the legislation to create the VA. Only he didn't fund it. No money, no VA. When FDR took office he appointed the 1st Director of the VA. The WWI Veteran who suggested it's creation. The GI Bill was opposed by the Republicans in Congress as inflationary. They also voted NO on the New GI Bill for Iraq/Afghan Veterans. You can Google anything now, search the internet, and you can find out the history. While you can spew your venom for all things not Republican, you can also kiss my LIBERAL Veteran ass. Oh, and in case you didn't know, the Founding Fathers were LIBERALS. They established a Constitution that provided for the General Welfare and promoted the creation of a more perfect UNION. You will never find a neo con who would endorse either of those ideas.
    Have a nice day, John, but I doubt it.

  122. "F" you Brainless. Go make your wife feel alive.


    PS - The Founding Fathers were liberals? Like I said sick1 you are truly a moron. You are ALL liberal ass. Now get to bed. Do your duty sick1, if you can.

  123. yup!

    And I can see clearly that you with your grubby little grasping hand out are (both) disgusting ... sir.

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN in the book (Cocke Cty, TN) and the O\L listings

  124. It was my understanding that Blue Water Navy folks exposed to Agent Orange can now apply. Have you checked lately.

  125. Thanks for the info Bill. However, last I heard it was still Boots on the Ground but I will check again.

  126. I went to the VA to apply for an ID card and was told that since I make more than $36,000.00 a year and never served boots on the ground in a war zone I couldn't even get an ID card. Thanks to the Bush Administration in 2003. All those guided missiles I tested and shipped to Nam didn't count. I spent 4 years, from 1965 to 1969, lost a younger brother to Agent Orange at 29 years of age, and had a brother who made a career of the Navy, and yet my service was nullified by someone who was AWOL and a Draft Dodger.

  127. I too cannot apply for an ID Card. President GW Bush, served in the Air National Guard. He is a native born American. Loves the vets.
    The present Mr. President did not serve, was not born here, dislikes us older vets on pensions. I served in the Cold War, Germany. Air Cargo-Worldwide.
    Reform the Country, VA and go back to basics of Citizenship.

  128. George W. Bush went AWOL and never completed his service in the Air National Guard. The current President has obtained more funding for Veterans Services than any other President in history, especially Republican Presidents. You seem to mistake what Republicans did for the Military Industrial Complex with what they did for Veterans who actually did the fighting and dying. George W. Bush would not allow anyone to take a picture of a flag draped coffin coming home from Iraq or Afghanistan. While our soldiers were dying in the dirt of Iraq he and Condi Rice were looking through the Oval Office for WMD's. They laughed, and laughed, and laughed. President Obama's grandfather served in WWII. His mother was an American citizen and he was born in Hawaii. You know, that place that was bombed and got us into a war with Japan and then became a state? And if anyone has a problem with your pensions it is the Most Do Nothing Congress in the history of the United States RUN BY REPUBLICANS.

  129. Thanks Ron, I ran across this recently.

    What You Need To Believe To Be A Republican:
    Jesus loves you, and shares your hatred of homosexuals and Hillary Clinton.

    President Obama is not an American citizen even thought the officials from Hawaii have declared his birth certificate to be genuine.

    The bad economy and lack of jobs is President Obama’s fault even thought President Bush inherited a healthy economy from President Clinton and 8 years of Bush resulted in Billions of dollars for a stupid war, No Weapons of Mass Destruction, and tax cuts for the rich.

    Saddam was a good guy when Reagan armed him, a bad guy when Bush's daddy made war on him, a good guy when Cheney did business with him, and a bad guy when Bush needed a "we can't find Bin Laden" diversion.

    Trade with Cuba is wrong because the country is Communist, but trade with China and Vietnam is vital to a spirit of international harmony.

    The United States should get out of the United Nations, and our highest national priority is enforcing U.N. resolutions against Iraq.

    A woman can't be trusted with decisions about her own body, but multi-national corporations can make decisions affecting all mankind without regulation.

    The best way to improve military morale is to praise the troops in speeches, while slashing veterans' benefits and combat pay.

    If condoms are kept out of schools, adolescents won't have sex.

    A good way to fight terrorism is to belittle our long-time allies, then demand their cooperation and money.

    Providing health care to all Iraqis is sound policy, but providing health care to all Americans is socialism. HMOs and insurance companies have the best interests of the public at heart.

    Global warming and tobacco's link to cancer are junk science, but creationism should be taught in schools.

    A president lying about an extramarital affair is a impeachable offense, but a president lying to enlist support for a war in which thousands die is solid defense policy.

    Government should limit itself to the powers named in the Constitution, which include banning gay marriages and censoring the Internet.

    The public has a right to know about Hillary's cattle trades, but George Bush's driving record is none of our business.

    Being a drug addict is a moral failing and a crime, unless you're a conservative radio host. Then it's an illness and you need our prayers for your recovery.

    Supporting "Executive Privilege" for every Republican ever born, who will be born or who might be born (in perpetuity.)

    What Bill Clinton did in the 1960s is of vital national interest, but what Bush did in the '80s is irrelevant.

    Support for hunters who shoot their friends and blame them for wearing orange vests similar to those worn by the quail.

    Thief and racist thug Cliven Bundy is a patriot.

    Four people dying in Benghazi is a Presidential Scandal but it's ok to have over 4,000 soldiers die in a war of choice looking for WMD's

    The success of Obama care is not true.

    Air Ports, Schools and Streets must be named after Ronald Reagan whose old west mentality was "Only good Communist is a dead Communist" causing the death of thousands of citizens (men, women and children) in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala who were labeled Communist by Reagan's "Freedom Fighters" or the Contra. Reagan also vetoed the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986, prolonging the fight to end apartheid. Reagan fought the efforts of migrant farm workers to win union contracts, vetoing the Agricultural Labor Relations Act, a bill granting farm workers collective bargaining rights. As Governor of California he labeled Farm Workers Union strike as illigal.
    "Reagan Was the Butcher of My People:" Fr. Miguel D’Escoto

  130. Sgt Az ... Your real name is SGT "OZ". Just what the Army needs a buck SGT with a glib, shallow understanding of history in the making. Keep studying the communist manifesto SGT OZ.

    SGT John P. McKenzie
    Cosby, TN

  131. You think you know something? How much debt has the moron currently in the WH spent this country into? More than ALL the presidents before him combined. You make me sick. You are brainless. You are unmanly. In the name of Providence be gone

    John P. McKenzie
    Cosby, TN

    PS: You are a puke.

  132. Excuse me Ron if I missed something but what were your reasons for an id card?? My condolences and with all due respect to your brother, your not using his sacrifice as part of your reason are you?

    Iam a Nam Vet. And oh by the way, a majority of those missiles you tested during the period you started didn't work. Also, I think your mistaking Bush for Clinton who was a certified dodger to his country's calling. Bush served Clinton didn't. I'll bet you voted for him both times. Excellent decisions huh.

  133. You notice that he won't comment on Clinton's service, because there WASN'T ANY to comment about!!!!

  134. No I am not done. You voted 4 times for communist corrupt politicians. YOU ARE NOT ONLY A WEEPING CRYBABY YOU ARE A DAMNED FOOL. WERE YOUR BOOTS ON COMBAT GROUND? NO! I don't think so. Mr. Bush was officially released from duty. Probably a cost cutting factor.

  135. No I am not done. You voted 4 times for communist corrupt politicians. YOU ARE NOT ONLY A WEEPING CRYBABY YOU ARE A DAMNED FOOL. WERE YOUR BOOTS ON COMBAT GROUND? NO! I don't think so. Mr. Bush was officially released from duty. Probably a cost cutting factor. YOU sir are dammed lucky to have gotten what you did get from the VA. Now I'm done with your raggedy funky ass.

  136. How do you know they didn't work? You're still alive aren't you? Clinton was in college, like thousands of other young men and women during that time in our history. And if you remember, Richard Nixon ran on a platform to end the Vietnam War, AND THEN HE ADDED ANOTHER 22,000 NAMES TO "THE WALL". I voted for Clinton twice and I voted for President Obama twice. Do you know why? Because as a Middle Class working American I know which side of my bread the butter is on. And yes they were phenomenal decisions based on what we went through with Reagan/Bush/Bush. At least we aren't in a 2nd Greater Depression.

  137. Bush went AWOL and avoided the brig by using his daddy's name. If that had been you or I we would have served time in the brig. He never completed his service.

    And contrary to what YOU might think, I went to the VA, filled out the papers, and sat down with a counselor. On the wall was a poster that read: If you never served Boots on the Ground in the War Zone during Vietnam, and you make over $36,000.00 a year, YOU DO NOT QUALIFY FOR AN ID CARD! PERIOD! And that was put in place in 2003. Guess who was President and Vice President in 2003. And it sure as hell wasn't Clinton.

  138. Ronald - Ask the Am Legion to consider your case and THEN explain to you WHY you cannot have an ID card.

    All knowledge and regulations change over time.

    Your service was NOT nullified. And George Bush did not nullify your service.

    The person you spoke to at the VA would not or would not assist you in applying for an ID card ... he could have been wrong and I have never in my life heard of a means test requirement for an ID card from the VA.

    Never in my life have I ever heard of a requirement for combat service in order to possess an ID card from the VA.

    YOU HAVE BEEN MISLEAD. Of that I am almost certain. Ask the AL to represent you in making another application.

    Mr. Bush was neither AWOL nor a draft dodger. You opinion is tempered by your experience with one VA employee.

    You should be angry with yourself for taking what is most likely simply the opinion of a single "very stupid" and misinformed employee. Most VA facilities have "service officers" from the AL, DAV, VFW, Jewish War Vets, etc. And YOU should have asked the person who gave you that information
    WHERE their office was located. "That
    " may have prompted him to take a second look at your application.

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN

  139. I am not angry with anyone. Wasted emotion. Total waste of time. There was a sign on the wall in the counselors office that simply read: "If you did not serve Boots on the Ground in a War Zone and you make over $36,000.00 a year, you are NOT eligible for a VA Id Card". When I ask the counselor who came up with that STUPID rule I was informed it was put in place in 2003. Just like every other Republican President they want to CUT COST so they take it out on the backs of those who do the actual fighting and dying, NOT on the Military Industrial Complex that makes planes the don't fly, tanks that get stuck in the mud, and bullet proof vest that won't stop a bullet. And that is a FACT! I used my VA benefits to buy my first house and to attend college. George W. Bush did NOT complete his service, therefore, his was AWOL. If you or I had done that we would have been thrown in the brig. I went to the VA Hospital in Fayetteville, NC. One of the largest facilities in this country.

  140. You are not angry with anyone?? Planes that don't fly' tanks that get stuck in the mud, bulletproof ... etc. Facts? Ron. I'm getting old and it is hard to keep things straights IF you are the guy that wants a 10% discount from Lowes just carry a copy of your DD-214. Your opinion about republicans is not fact it is very sad. Do you thing the enemies of the United States of America have a "VA" to go to? Do you think these same enemies enjoy your comments? I am done with you - good luck.

  141. Title 18 U.S.C. Section 641 - Theft and Embezzlement from Title 38

    Re: theft and embezzlement of Department of Veterans Affairs disability compensation benefits awards from disabled veterans

    The prior Veteran's Administration did not have proper sole or exclusive authority under 38 U.S.C. Section 211 and was not properly caring for children of veterans who were living separately by providing apportionment rulings. Subsequently the states had to bring this to the U.S. Supreme Court for a decision. This took place in 1987 after Tennessee was granted a hearing in the Rose v. Rose case.

    But this case was the last straw of failure for the Veterans Administration. It was the spur for the Department of Veterans Affairs Act, the repeal of 38 U.S.C. 211 and later codification in 1991 of the current 38 U.S.C. Section 511 under Public Law 102-83. To understand the full implications of this new law and jurisdiction, read VETERANS FOR COMMON SENSE v. SHINSEKI

    While the DVA provides permissive affirming statements to states regarding their controlled federal benefits scheme, the states no longer have the family law right they were granted for a brief time after the Rose decision once an apportionment denial ruling has been properly vetted. And the September 1998 policy directive IM-98-03 published to all Title IV-D Agency by Office of Child Support Enforcement Commissioner David Gray Ross directs the states to apply for apportionment if the support order becomes a financial hardship of a disabled veteran obligor. The DVA apportionment ruling then has sole authority as U.S. Congress has authorized the Secretary in 38 U.S.C. Section 511(a) over anything that "effects the provision of benefits" to both the veteran and the child(ren). This decision is excluded from review of any state official or court as asserted under this new law.

    Whenever a veteran is not reasonably discharging his or her responsibility for the children’s support, all or any part of the veteran’s compensation benefits award may be apportioned. An apportionment ruling will then be a final decision on whether or not a portion of the veterans award will be sent directly to the child(ren). This decision, once finalized, will then have transferred jurisdiction from the state to the DVA, as is initially & ultimately intended, without having denied the state’s right to initially consider the award as ‘unearned income’ in establishment, if the state insists on doing so.

    Under current laws, regulations, policies and directives, when a state maintains that they have a family law right to make decisions effecting a disabled veterans benefits, they are illegally discriminating against veterans versus all other civilians and all demographics of people that benefits are awarded. Just because a persons disability is service connected and not because of autism, scoliosis or other type, veterans are being discriminated against by courts.

    Veteran benefits awards a.k.a. ‘VA income’ in the Social Security Administration are federal benefits that are handled through eligibility and argued under special courts under 38 U.S.C. 511(b) appeals processes. Whether or not jurisdiction is sanctioned then becomes the main legal contention for consideration for the family court. When no jurisdiction is granted, no cause exists and it becomes criminally illegal under 18 U.S.C. Section 641 for a judge to then convert veteran benefits from a non-taxable, compensation federal benefit status to a taxable, disposable earnings/income child support ‘payment‘ order.

    Illegally converted veteran benefits awards, awards that are legally defined as not gross income under 26 U.S.C. Section 104 (b)(2)(D), are then labeled as “unearned income” support awards in Title 42 Section 1382 specifically to disqualify Title 38 veteran beneficiaries from participation in civilian federal welfare benefit programs.

    Benefits for a disabled veteran are being converted via non-jurisdictional court order schemes to be ‘enforced’ and ’paid’ directly to children, for example. The proper jurisdiction for a portion of those veterans benefits is to be granted via apportionment ruling by the Department of Veterans Affairs. If granted, the child(ren) will receive a portion of the disabled veteran’s benefits award directly from the DVA. This in turn allows for additional welfare benefits for the child(ren) since the “unearned income” is not taxable nor countable in civilian welfare establishment. For example, the Social Security Administration Program Operation Manual System discusses DVA Benefits and specifies special income coding that is required depending on how the ‘VA income‘ is presented to the child(ren).

    In my case, Texas is unlawfully attaching and illegally converting my benefits award because I have a vetted Apportionment ruling that states that my children are not to receive a portion of my benefits. What’s more, 38 U.S.C. Section 5301(a) states that my award is not to be attached by any legal process whatever and is totally protected even after I receive it since I do not waive a portion of military retired pay. 38 U.S.C. Section 511(a) proclaims that Texas Title IV-D Agency nor any Texas court has any jurisdiction over my benefits award! No legal cause exists.

    Such theft causes a reduction of benefits to the disabled veteran and transfers compensation deemed not remuneration for employment into “disposable earnings/income” received by the child(ren). That conversion of Title 38 benefits are then made subject to the jurisdiction of TANF, SNAP and many other programs. This illegal conversion is cutting other safety net programs the dependent children would otherwise be entitled to participate in and thus creating the now unintended consequences of these federal tax dollars. These unlawful court actions are denying children access to other benefits because they now will have a false boosted “disposable earnings/income“ when determining access. Is this consistent for an agency that regularly boasts of caring for the children it oversees or is it really all about doing whatever it takes to acquire federal incentive money for enforcements, be they legal or illegal?

    State child support offices are double-profiting from this embezzlement of ACF funding. Millions of ACF funds, based on federal law at 42 U.S.C. Section 658(a), are also provided to a state based on success of enforcing collections, even illegal conversion collections!

    Disabled Veterans who are also non-custodial parents are receiving federal benefits under a very unique, protected U.S. Congressional scheme. When the veteran does not waive a portion of military retired pay, as determined during properly provided due process, there should not be an ordered child support conversion collection of these benefits by any state. There should only be direct provision from the DVA to a child or children as directed by ACF policy and only if apportionment is granted. Apportionment is the legal process for getting these benefits directly to children of veterans, when ruled by the DVA that they are needed. However states are ignoring this and causing harm to federal interests. Instead of helping the children, the states are harming both the non-custodial disabled veteran and the dependent child(ren).

    Judicial immunity should not protect a judge, where rulings are made outside of their jurisdiction! State government officials are not protected from their part in the theft and embezzlement of ACF funds! The investigations are just beginning. Unfortunately, no policy directive will be issued on this matter until a harmed disabled veteran wins damages in a major, publicized lawsuit and a public official is criminally prosecuted.

    Special thanks to Peter Barclay for his research on this topic at Protect Veterans Benefits group on Facebook.

    --LTJG Gregory Parsons USN, PDRL

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