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What is your expectation for the Inspector General’s report about alleged VA misconduct?


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  1. All political posturing. The only reason anyone is doing anything (we'll see) about our VA medical system is because someone blew a whistle. Otherwise, it would continue to be in this sad state.

  2. Butt ... Butt,

    YOU still believe in America.

    Post you name! Like this:

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN

  3. Heck, I have recorded conversations with Phoenix Regional Ratings office high brass. Stating, " Yes, Sgt---- We have all the data requested and are processing this claim now." Two weeks later in Tucson American Legion Rep. Calls same guy for me on speaker phone and the he stated. "Who? Oh ....No we don't have any data on this Veteran at all" So glad I recorded that one phone call. I want America to hear all that, and the messages from my Nurses at the Tucson VA clinic. They will make everyone realize that most Veterans who become a voice for all Veterans, become branded like cattle. Oh, I have so much more to share but I'll wait for the right "Political Time" To Release. After all if they want to play politics with Veterans Lives, why not play Politics with their careers and hire trustworthy individuals who really do care about Veterans. Rather than hiding then telling the Veteran; "Oh, and thank you for your service" That crap is getting old when your caught red handed. I can't wait to release this to the press. It's going to be good.....very good.

  4. It is a damned shame you cannot express yourself more clearly. Most "Cowboys" can.

    Post your name! That will give you more credence.

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN

  5. We need to get rid of the American Legion leader if they work to serve the Republican Party political machine and not the VETERANS!<\strong>

  6. Martinez ... Give it a break your brain is wilting under all the pressure you are putting it through.

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN

  7. The American Legion is now the lackey of the Republican party. The Republican did all they could to cut VA funding. Other VSO are not falling for this false outrage. The administrators for the VA medical center caught need to be fired. I notice that the most the center with list issues are in Republican red states.

  8. I hope the report put the blame where it should be and that is congress for cutting the budget and not funding the VA as it should. The cutting of VA fund is not new.

  9. There is little in the way of new information tht can be gained from yet another report. The VA has been underfunded and understaffed for many years. The very people calling for the head of the VA are the same people who were responsible for severe budget cuts. No one seems to be talking about how many vets are suffering in those states that declined to participate in the ACA. Over 200 K vets are reportedly a part of that group. Literslly no one has mentioned the racism associated with service failures when minorities seek services. There is a great deal that is wrong and the wrongs are known! Another report is all about political theater. Nothing new will be found and little more will be accomplished.

  10. David, ??? what does that mean please? "no one has mentioned the racism associated with service failures when minorities seek services."

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN

  11. Virtually all of Federal government is incompetent! If you think that the IG's report will identify any problem(s), then you must ask yourself how long will it take for the present administration to put corrective measures in place. Their track record, to date, speaks for itself by saying no one has been punished nor dismissed for their wrongdoing(s) and probably never will. My question is why aren't these acts considered criminal (if you kill someone by with holding proper medical treatments and/or prescription(s)isn't that identical to killing one by starvation)?

  12. John, Thanks for posting your name. It will be criminally charged I believe. The process of prosecuting crime takes a long and hard time.
    As to "virtually all" ... no my friend, I worked for Sam for a long time and was finally CASHIERED ... and I still deal with MY own anger ... but there are many ... MANY FINE HARD-WORKING HONEST GOV PEOPLE.

    Management in the GOV is another story.

    John P. Mckenzie, Cosby TN

  13. This is NOT a new VA performance issue to anyone reading these comments, nothing will change until the vets and concerned citizens band together and speak directly to the politician's. Remember the civilian demonstrations during Viet Nam? Did it change the direction of our country and will of the citizens and politicians, damn sure did! By the way, we won that one despite what many say
    Nothing short of that type of effort will produce true improvement and positive change for all our vets that require the services of the VA
    I'm in, how about you?


    BECAUSE you are a vet! Yes we won it ... but I would not give the anti-war cabal of human excrement ANY credit for changing direction ... they were merely protecting their own filthy asses just as the old sons of a bitches are doing today!

    Like this Mike B: John P. Mckenzie, Cosby TN

  15. Government can't do anything right. The only logical solution is to drastically downsize the VA(as well as every other Federal Department) and issue the Vets vouchers that can be used in the private health care system. I feel so sorry for any of my comrades who have to depend on the VA for their medical care, I hope I never have to.

  16. Post you name. Be proud of your balls. I would bet "your comrades that have to depend on the VA" do not appreciate your sorrow ... don't count your chickens before they .... JUST POST YOUR NAME.

    LIKE THIS: John P. Mckenzie, Cosby TN

  17. I'm not one to pick a fight; ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL ME THAT ANYTHING IN THE VA SYSTEM IS GOING TO CHANGE TO ANY REAL DEGREE???? Come on!! It's been a cluster-F*&# for years, and the IG(?) is going to get to the bottom of this?? Even if he/she is an honorable person and does print his/her findings in a public forum; DOES ANYONE REALLY SEE ANY CHANGES IN THE FUTURE, CLOSE OR DISTANT??? Hell, I'd like to see some of our pol's looking into the compinsation side of VA!! After all these years, I would really like to know how most of the COMP. decisions are made: Do they throw a dart at a chart?? Is it the luck of the draw on which clerk pulls your file? or do they think : If we drag this out long enough, maybe he will go ahead and die!! Who even sits on these boards/ Can anyone tell me?? I sure haven't figured it out. O.K. enough bitchin' Thanks for letting me blow off a little steam.

  18. Old Grunt, here are your answers: Yes, Yes, Yes, No, No, No, I don't know and Not me...

    Let's all go back to sleep and relax.

    "Go to sleep. Go to sleep. llalalalalalalaaaaaa".

    Doctor John P. Mckenzie, Cosby TN

  19. I would like to add that in West L.A. CA a veteran blow his brains out because he could not get pain meds,they said he was abusing them. The veteran had cancer and for him it was just a matter of time.

  20. Mike it is tragic.

    A very dear friend of mine, Barry Levine, also committed suicide in LA, CA as the pain destroyed him. He had worked his way up from an LA policeman to become one of the VERY TOP criminal defense attorneys in this country.

    I take it this man was your friend. God bless him. He is at rest and peace now. If you are a vet or not ... God bless you also. Let it be.

    John P. Mckenzie, Cosby TN

  21. Let's save money and at the same time give more money to treating the Veteran. By closing down most of the VA hospitals. and let the Vet. go to his own doctor. That way if the Vet has to have surgery they would not have to travel 100miles or more to have the surgery and family would be able to visit daily. Airborne

  22. Airborne??!

    YOU of all people (plus Marines) should post IN your real name!!!

    Because we are afraid of NOTHING. Except being late for chow call.

    I agree to this extent. The VA should be for COMBAT vets and COMBAT vets ONLY. THANKS FOR YOUR POST NOW PUT A NAME ON IT. THAT IS AN ORDER.

    SGT ... Then PFC John P. McKenzie, Rifleman Cob, 2nd Bn, 1st Bde (Always 1st Brigade), 327th PIR, 101st Airborne Division ... RVN '65-66.

    John P. Mckenzie, Cosby TN

  23. What does our Gov care what happens to the soldiers after the war, HELL, they don't even care what happens to them during the wars. History will tell you that, in everywar Americans fought, out Gov. did
    not supply our soldiers with the right tools to even fight with. It was all about how much money our Pres. and Congressmen could make off the war. Just as long as they could stuff their pockets with money the war must go on. So why not just make more money off the VA hospitals by not giving the proper treatment. I was told along time ago do not ever go to a VA Hospital, if you ever get put in one, you will never come out alive. Now it looks like you don't even need to be put in wone, just go to one and it's possible you'll die because no one cares about the Vets. Oh Sure, they say they do, then if that's true why has it taken so long to find out what's really happening. Those that claim they care and work at the VA hospitals only get on the band wagon when something turns up. Our Pres. says he wants to get to the bottom of this, yeah right, even money say's it won't happen as long as he is pres., and won't happen dduring the next one either. They can't afford to loose the money going into their pockets. What we need is to make all gov officials have to have VA hospitals the only hospital they can go to for treatment as long as they serve. Other civilian and military hospital will not be allowed to care for them. Lets see how long this problem last and how fast the service at VA Hospitals gets better. Our gov does not care about treatment for vets, will never care about treatment for vets, this is proven by how many outside org. must be developed by caring people, so that our vets are properly taken care of. Wonder how much money goes into these org. by the Gov. Oh, Yeah, lets send billions of dollars overseas to help all these other nations, screw helping out Americans, our Gov needs to stop sending money overseas and using it directly towards the help and assistance of the Vets.

  24. Post your name. YOU have nothing to be ashamed of. Not here on an AL board.

    First - Korean war veterans have a LOT to bitch about. YOU were maligned.
    You did come home to indifference and callous speculation about your combat performance by people that did NOT serve and COULD NOT know anything.

    YOU endured cold, the North Korean Army, The Red Chinese and the most BRUTAL COMBAT in the modern times. I commend you for all of that. I have always RESPECTED Korean War vets even above WWII vets.

    I can stand that your words are emotional. I can tolerate that a lot of what you say is just wrong.

    IF you were to post under your REAL name I could appreciate and understand your words a lot better. In any case and IF you decide NOT to post under your REAL name ... I commend you and I thank you for fighting that particular war in any capacity in which you may have served. IF you were infantry or any combat arm ... I absolutely and proudly salute you.

    YOU have the RIGHT to be angry. Just do not let it eat you up.

    You really deserve to die in peace and to die happy. YOU do deserve that. Let it go. And, buddy, I could heed those very words myself.

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN Rifleman CoB, 2nd Bn, 327th PIR, 1st Bde, 101st Airborne Div
    VN 1965-66

  25. I really don't put much faith in the IG for veteran affairs to investigate this objectively. Look at it's track record. When a caring staff member or patient made a report of wrong doing or file a complaint they were fed to the wolves because the IG didn't protect them. In my case I reported 1 doctor and for all intense and purposes the others in the clinic all but shoved me out the door the following month. Funny about how it coincidently happened the day before I seen the first report about the Phoenix VA. I will admit what I reported to the IG is not a related incident with what happened with the scandal and delayed care. I know for a fact that there are some very good and dedicated doctors and other staff. The primary care that was assigned to me seemed pretty good and thorough at first. Two year before I reported this other Dr I had noted a significant reduction in the amount of lab work my primary care had been doing to make a diagnosis or monitor chemical changes in with regards to my condition. At first I thought maybe it's because he was instructed to cut back on costs for labwork but then I noted he started cutting back on exams as well and just prescribe new meds. When I noted he was no longer doing any diagnostics to make a good judgment call I realized he was a misdiagnosis waiting to happen and I go from a vet to a statistic. It then posed a real professional and ethical dilemma for me. I called the patient advocate to see if another primary care could be assigned to me and they told me I would need a referral from my primary care. The one I was having concerns with. Here is the ethical and professional dilemma I have. My background is in industrial engineering. Understanding for me to knowingly produce a piece of equipment without adequate safe guards or provide enough diagnostics in order to repair it sufficiently for safe operation it places people at risk needlessly and makes me criminally liable. When I the employer refuses to provide the resources to do that I am obligated to do at least one of two things to relieve me of that liability. I am obligated to report it to the authorities or obligated to quit. I think you will find the same holds true in the medical profession after all unlike me they do take an oath and cannot knowingly engage in a pattern that they knowing puts people at risk needlessly. So it's one thing to make an honest mistake or make a bad judgment call based on their experience. when they continue to treat patients in a manner that they know will guarantee misdiagnosis the VA is no longer to blame ............the Dr is and I doubt the Dr can claim that they didn't know lack of diagnostic lab work could lead to misdiagnosis. So my advice is if you have a that requests a fair amount of labwork stick with him or if he skips once or twice he's only human. If he or she consistently doesn't request labwork when you know they should get the heck away from them til this scandal get overwith and legal problems resolved. Without lab work for early detection nasty things like cancer and other problems by the time symptoms ar noted it is too late as they are more apt to cure it in the early stages. If you haven't caught the point there are also a few bad doctors in the VA as well. Also don't be afraid to request a second opinion. Perhaps the 2nd doctor will do the labwork missed by the first one and make an informed decision with your diagnosis.

  26. I did not read a single word of your post.

    I ignore people ... (and their posts) that hide behind screen names ... and that is especially true of asinine screen names.

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN

  27. Reggie, I have noticed that myself. Good post. No one else brought that up. Good man to use your name. Add where you are from .... for "effect".


  28. An investigation is long overdue, it should also look into congress's action on budget request for the VA,
    were the request reduced, by whom, were they approved?
    As far as whitewash, I think not, you have VFW and Legion tracking this, so I don't believe it'll happen.
    What amazes me is how the politicians always have access to Walter Reed and a suite at that, amazing.

  29. EK????

    Post your name for your words to count. And try to organize your thoughts.

    McKenzie Cosby

  30. I am a disabled vet and I worked for the VA until I could not longer stand it. Several lambs will be sacrificed (e.g. Lt Calley). No major changes will be made, the guilty will be protected and will continue to receive large bonuses for what should be considered felonies. Major problem, the VA needs more managers that served while receiving hostile fire pay. To most management at the VA, it is just another government job, put in your 8 hours then get the hell out.

  31. You words may or may not be true but your hiding behind a screen name here on this AL board is sickening. POST your name if you want your opinion to count for anything. YOU should have learned that in Basic Training.

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN

  32. Obama, like the Clintons and most of the Weather Underground useful idiots who carry their water "LOATH THE MILITARY" and want to destroy the VA. Obama stated that volunteers fin the military should pay there own health care for war wounds . What other info do you need?

  33. TB, you are entitled to your opinion and, I'm sure that it has value but, if you would take the time to learn how to properly use the English language, it might lend a little more credibility to what you have to say. The use of big words can sometimes be impressive but, the overuse of big words, used improperly, and confusing adverbs with adjectives, will only cause others to dismiss what you say as ranting!!

  34. Do not encourage this moron. He has no brain. He is hung on the race card and poisoned by racism and self pity. Tell him the truth (tellin it like it is) His post has NO MERIT and his brain is AWOL. F him.

    John P. Mckenzie, Cosby TN

  35. the lowlife protagonist and specious embellishment of this issue with an attempt to embarrass,emasculate and demean the Black president expressly to,tarnish and devalue Mr.Obama's agenda/administration via,his appointed VA director Gen.Eric Shinseki,an honorable dedicated&decorated loyal American patriot with(2)purple hearts(3)bronze stars&(2)legion of merit awards among copious other distinguishing other commendations and,a heroic Army General/public servant,but because Gen.Shinseki is Asian and the black many in the (white)American Legion's entourage of decadence think Gen.Shinseki should be railroaded,excluded&eschewed from the minimal consideration and standards of,thus,"Due Process". this inhumanity is being perpetuated by a sycophant/apparatchik of the Kochs,RNC&Fox propaganda,and subsequently by a la,commander"Dapper"Dan Dellinger. DD is nothing less than a paid partisan political hack,and Verna Jones does little to fill the miasmic void(useful idiot),Ms.Jones, general Shinseki served in the same military/armed forces of the united states of America,as did you! no Dan,U're the Grifter and it is U whom should step down! TB

  36. UR, SIR ... "TB" A FLUKING MORON. Either you think (believe is better word because you have SHOWN you do not think in the normal sense of the word) ... so either you believe you are "funny" ... comedic or talking like you do you believe you are impressing someone.

    Wonk! Wonk!

  37. Well! You posted your name.

    That is the good part. The rest? YOU are a fucking moron.

    oboma is not "bad" because he is black ... he is bad because he too is a moron. Shinseki is not bad because he is yellow ... he is bad because ex-soldiers die in the facility he failed to manage correctly.

    YOU go on living your miserable life hiding behind the race card excuse.

    YOU stink .... that is my opinion. I hope I have made my opinion of you clear to you. IF there is something you do not comprehend - moron - ASK and you shall receive.

    John P. Mckenzie, Cosby, TN

  38. Ty Blue,
    This is not about color of anyone's skin or ethnic orgin. It is about what's right and what is wrong. In this case with the VA scandal it may be about criminal intent.

  39. You post is excellent. Your words. But you actions stink.

    An ex-military man HIDING behind a "screen name) on an American Legion board is DISGUSTING.

    FIND the balls to post under your own true name and state your location just for added legitimacy "Sarge Charlie".

    RENOUNCE "Disgusting" Pal.

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN

  40. TB is playing strawman. The debater loses when his only point is the race card.

  41. I have NO faith in the Govt investigating itself in matters like this.Bonuses and unions have crippled progress and buried good workers and Doctors in 50' of Bureaucracy and BS. Just try to get a copy of your master file...We need immediate action on areas that are known deficiencies and the authority to FIRE, not retire those that are guilty of misconduct in office where ever the investigation leads.

  42. I agree with you ... except I do have "faith" in God and that God will sort this all out. YOU have to trust your government even if you have to kick it in the throat occasionally because you cannot do without it. Flawed as it is ... because of the flaws in every human being ... flawed as it is it is still the only light in this sorry assed world. Get envolved and change thing (and not like prez georgie jefferson).

  43. I hope that the Inspector General includes in its review systemic barriers to quality VA health care. It's usually easier to launch a witch hunt than to do the hard work of getting to the bottom of a problem. Were there VA health care provider or facility shortages? If local VA officials withheld patient wait information, why? Would they have gotten help from VA Headquarters if they had disclosed the problem? What incentives existed to withhold patient wait information? Do VA compensation and incentive packages for senior employees align with the best interests of veterans?

  44. Another great point - missed by everyone else. Keep up the good work.

    John P. Mckenzie, Cosby TN

  45. This is not the first inspector general or review/evaluation of VA administration by either their own organization, DOD or even Congress. The problem is not going to be fixed by reports. It will be changed only when management stops trying to manage the bad news and shows some leadership to come clean on the bad news. Every organization that has had the growth in demand for services that VA has been facing in the last 10-15 years has issues. VA leadership culture needs to reward those that tell the bad news, state the how to fix and tells what resources they need to fix it.

  46. Morrell - that is the best post I have read all the time I am following this tragedy ... Salute to you. Great point everyone else missed! I wish I had posted it.

    John P. Mckenzie, Cosby TN

  47. Shinseki's boss will use this for political gain, just like he has been doing with everything else for the past 5 years. Vets will see no significant improvement and the bureaucrats running the show will continue to get their bonuses regardless of performance.

  48. Your opinion is valid. But I disagree. This is so big and so important that the VA will emerge better than GM after near-bankruptcy. Just my opine. Worth a grain of salt.

    John P. Mckenzie, Cosby TN

  49. Any time you have a Government Agency investigate itself it just does not work. Go outside the Government, Congress make sure there isn't any pressure on the investigators (IE The IRS or any other Gov. agency)Take back the bonuses and use that money to help fund the process.

  50. Good point Jim. ob should be investigated for IRS, Benghazi, NSA and failure to qualify honestly for candidacy for the office of President of the United States of America.

    Richard Nixon has the decency to step down.

    Now that shinseke has finally acted honorably and stepped down let's see if Georgie Jefferson has the cajones.

  51. I don't think cynicism about the Inspector General is justified - yet. By and large the IGs get to the bottom of things. The real question is will the Administration and the VA higher ups try to stonewall the Inspector General. Time will tell.

    Another factoid that may be reassuring to those Vets who depend on the VA for health care is that President Obama has finally faced the issue three weeks after it surfaced. His track record is such that he usually tries to duck things like this so the heat must be on to make him want to face the issue. I guess that the American Legion and millions of Vets are too formidable a group to ignore. For once in President Obama's administration, Harry Truman's oft quoted line, "The buck stops here" might be in play.

  52. Doctor,

    YOUR mind is a fascinating apparatus.

    I do not agree with every word ... but damned near.

    YOU are right on. Thanks not only for your few posts but also for your being an example for some of these chowder heads that cannot seem to organize a "cogent" thought.

    "ob" is one pig in a poke.

    Can you imagine there are some here that "BELIEVE" still that he was born in HI; used only "1" social security number; actually "attended" Harvard; is NOT a communist; did NOT abandoned Ambassador Stevens and the other 3 Americans in Benghazi; directed NSA to spy on all of use; PERSONALLY directed the IRS to crush dissident (in his mind, such as THAT is) conservative organizations and that he HAS a brain.


    John P. Mckenzie, Cosby TN

  53. let me see if I got this right [sic}"his(BHO)track record is such he(the black prez)tries to duck things like this? yes sir Doc.Fink,if I didn't know better,it would be my"VITAE" that U don't care much for t/BWP(blk while prez)otherwise,U would've noticed your own hypocrisy and overt racism&,U were N the Navy too? gosh,i had until this very moment,always respected t/brave americans in the Navy,for your integrity,morality&perspicacity,i must admit,I'm a little taken aback by the animus and vitriol! "excuses are what we use when"WE"lose faith in telling the truth"! TB

  54. HEY! Tuberculosis ... how did you like me calling ob a "pig in a poke"?

    Actually he remind me mostly of George Jefferson ... MOVIN ON UP!!

    John P. Mckenzie, Cosby TN

  55. My post below is for the good doctor.

    MORONS and DISEASES like you TB will NEVER get a second of MY time.

    Gag to death on the race card you pathetic imitation of life.

    John P. Mckenzie, Cosby TN

  56. The man has resigned. Do you know why? I will tell you ... because "he" knows ALL of the (ACCURATE)facts. Now ALL he has to do is avoid prosecution for criminal neglect and responsibility for homicide.

    John P. Mckenzie, Cosby TN

  57. Find some way for VA employees and veterans to speak up without retribution. Get the answers from real workers and veterans. I have been appealing to VA since 1976.

  58. Good post Caballero ... YOU hang in there. You will prevail if you are "right" about your claim. Use no one EXCEPT the American Legion as they are the BEST at doggedly pressing on with claims.

    John P. Mckenzie, Cosby TN

  59. The report coming out fast enuff fer you?

    John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN

  60. YOU are wrong Rick. It will be as fast as you can believe. This will be the only "good" result of the deaths of the four Americans in the American embassy in Benghazi. If ob is to avoid removal from office (and his communist agenda depends upon that) it is imperative to him to "use" the VA scandal in this way.

    John P. Mckenzie, Cosby TN

  61. All bonuses that bait schedulers into their false reporting need to go away.Those that have committed fraud need to feel the full weight of the justice department. If he can accomplish this Erik Shinseki should stay.

  62. Too late Al ... Shinseki resigned. NOW we have to see if he is indicted in a criminal case of negligent homicide (or 40 such cases)! It WILL be a mess but at least the man finally respected the VA and veterans enough to step down.

    John P. Mckenzie, Cosby TN

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