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What do you think of President Obama's plans to scale back the troops in Afghanistan to 10,000 with a complete pullout in 2016?


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  1. We should not broadcast our intentions to the enemy. However I do not believe we should have that many troops there in the first place. No one, has ever completely controlled Afghanistan. Pull out and if they house another group that attacks us, level the country.

  2. I think it is about time that as a human race we should have learned to live together in this spaceship by peaceful means, but that is too much to expect. People are entrenched in their own ways of looking at life-their values being quite egocentric. We too are the same. We think all the world should think and act as we do. That is quite a large order! If people think that others are going to dance to their music, we have another thing coming. We need to learn to respect others just as they are and be of service when they or us need help. Only then will wars diminish, at least to some extent-I hope and pray. (a 25 year Army retired Sergeant)

  3. We should never have sent troops in to Afghanistan in the first place. After we pull out it will just revert to the way it was before we were there. The only difference is that their will be pa purge it their society and many more will die.

  4. In the last few years this country has had the idea that you can buy loyalty, honesty and respect by giving certain countries millions of dollars. You have to EARN these things, they can't be bought and that SHOULD be obvious with Pakistan and Afghanistan. Our Veterans are suffering here at home while we give away money to our enemies trying to buy them. It don't work and Obama should have enough common knowledge to figure that out by now.

  5. Half-hearted attempt by Obama to say he removed troopdroness. Saying the 10,000 Americans left there are not "combat forces" is baloney. They troops will have to be on their toes every second of every sorry day they are in that sewer - Afghanistan. Get them all out and use the Barry Bombers (drones)when needed.

  6. It's never a good idea to telegraph your intentions to the enemy.
    Obama's plan is like putting one cop in LA and one in New York to fight the crime there.

  7. There is no real or legitimate reason for US military forces to occupy Afghanistan in the first place.

  8. Dog gone it, when are those in office going to learn, we need to maintain a strong and healthy armed services and stop shooting our mouths off in public places about plans they are only proposing.

  9. Things NEVER change, the Republicans will spend money to build up our military and the Democrats will come in and start taking it apart. If things don't change, our military will be so worn out and reduced that no where in this country will be safe. It has been over 40 or 50 years since there have been a military friendly Democrat in the White House.

  10. I think what is our best interests is to pull all of our troops out and leave Obama there. He needs time and quiet to investigate the best solution.


  12. We should have learned from the USSR experience and never occupied it.
    When will we learn that we can not make these countries into a free country that we have the privilege of living in.
    I salute and honor the work done by our military to attempt to make their country a better place. I am disappointed that our countries leader lacked the wisdom to not put our military in harms way all these years.
    We need to leave that country and let them determine their own fate. And, while we're at it, let the Germans, Japanese and South Koreans do the same.
    It is time to start spending the money and resources to aide our people at home here in the USA.

  13. This is an example of the lack of ANY military experience that this "Commander-in-chief" has shown. You never tell the enemy what you are going to do. WE would all be speaking German now if Roosevelt and Eisenhower told Hitler when and where D-Day would occur. What do you expect from someone with no experience, period! Liberal professors can't make a make it in the Military. We should have walked away from Afghanistan years ago. They have been fighting for centuries. We have made a slight dent in the culture but its not our duty to change the world.

  14. Karzai is milking us like a farm (cash) cow. He wants us out but wants us to continue to send the money. By threatening to subject any remaining troops, after 4014, with trial by Sharia Law, he figures we will leave but continue to protect "American interests" (Wall Street) with continued tax payer millions. This whole Middle East fiasco sounds a lot like the "Domino Theory" that we had crammed down our throats in the Far East. We should have never invader Iraq or Afghanistan. Our involvement in Libya and soon to be in Syria should be judged as criminal. Wall Street rules and American sons and daughters die.

  15. I have to believe that leaving roughly 10,000 troops there will mean we'll need to send 10,000 more body bags to the area. Because with that small a force the Taliban/Al Queda will be able to pick them off one at a time and there won't be any back-up sent just like in Benghazi.

  16. A lot of comments here, we were lied into Iraq by Bush and Chaney. Powell fed those lies to the UN and the American public. Lies like aluminum tubes , yellow cake and WMD's (none found), anyone remember that. BTW, anyone remember the comment "you go to war with the army you have, not the one you wish you had." I forget the idiot that made that one.
    How about the up armored Humvees that were slow to arrive. thank you Bush/ Chaney, DoD.
    Get out, get out now, that area is not worth a s--t.

  17. Yes, sir, there was yellow cake found. I saw a small article buried on the back page of the paper years ago. They had shipped it out of Iran in small batches in order to keep it secret. It was sent to Canada. Of course the media buried it on the back page. God forbid they should admit that Bush was right! And I believe there was other stuff that Iraq sold (or gave) to Syria. My stepson was in the first attack on Iraq and told us he saw where the stuff was stored, and he believed it was buried in the desert. I think Sadam sold it to his buddy in Syria.

  18. In 1985 at the Reserve Officers Association (ROA) Mid-Winter Conference in Washington I met three Afghanistan Mujaheddin in the Georgia Department hospitality room. At that time they were fighting the Soviet Army with our support. Notwithstanding a prior Infantry combat tour in Vietnam, I felt like I saw the devil incarnate in the eyes of each. I thought then and now "I hope we never have to fight these irregular soldiers". I would take on the Soviets to them.
    Soon after we leave, no matter how long we stay, it will digress back to tribe fighting tribe, for what?
    Are we going to use the body-count chart to keep score and see who "wins"? I hope not!

  19. It's all going according to BO's agenda -- whatever contributes to his master plan is a good thing for the ANTICHRIST. Simply look at any and all actions on his part and read it as "whatever is destructive for the US is a plus for Communism, Socialism, and the massive Muslim fifth column".

  20. Yup, break the working MAN-Women!!give are country away... And take are right to protect are selves,,,(right to bear arms) RIGHT to free speech,HE wants us to all belong to his cause!!! communism!!

  21. I concur with a recent statement made by a former Army Commander in Afghanistan. Some may look at this as giving our intentions to the enemy; however, without this ultimatum the Afghan Government would continue to believe that this is our war being fought in their country; they need the two extra years of support services to prepare for taking over full responsibility. I also understand that Iraq officials have advised them not to make the same mistake as they did in refusing to sign the post withdrawal agreement. We will have to wait and see how the new government responds.

  22. We need to get all our troops out of there NOW! Obama is not a military strategist and has already gotten rid of all the good leaders in the military that didn't agree with him and his "Plan for America". He is just signing those loyal troop's death warrants leaving them over there like that. I think we need to send him and all his cronies to live with those troops until the last one comes home, let's see how fast our Commander in Chief (and I choke when I use that term for him) changes his mind. Also, his first original date to have them out when he was running for President was immediately, then 2012, then 2013, 2014 and now 1016. After he's out of office, how convenient. What a liar!

  23. Again the president's political posturing (2014 elections for Democrats) has put our troops in danger but hey, what does he care? Simply put the Middle East doesn't want us there and we don't want to be there so obviously this government doesn't represent the people. Be part of the solution and that is to never re-elect anyone and that applies across all party lines. Help take the no progress out of this congress!

  24. karzai has shown no respect for our loss of soldiers in defense ot their country. they have no intent to treat women other than as inferior with no equality. if they want to keep their stone age way of life,let them. not one life sacrificed is worth it for a nation that will not accept change and wants to continue as they were .

  25. This so called man and his wife should be sent over and left there. They are killing what America is all about.

  26. Right On Joe....My exact thoughts on this subject!!! We've been fighting "No Win Wars" ever since Korea and here we are again doing the same damn thing. This sorry excuse for a President dosen't care for America or the armed forces.

    M. Swallow
    US Navy
    Disabled Vietnam Veteran

  27. Let's not called the people in Congress dumb because, we the voters are the dumb ones since we vote the idiots back in office each election. They have learned how to ride the gravy train and not have to be serious about what they were sent to Washington to do. America get smart and start using our brains to replace idiots with people that care and have pride in what they can accomplish while working on the serious problems of this GREAT COUNTRY. The Elderly Fellow from the great state of PA.

  28. We have spent enough lives, time and money to have paved the entire country and put up a big shopping mall. Two years, or less, no one will be able to see any difference that we made.

  29. All this crap about the U.S.trying to save the word is asinine,it started with Korea the military wasn't allowed to fight the war as in World War Two,I'm a Viet Nam Vet,and it was the same deal, don't bomb certain areas,don't kill certain targets, B--- sh-t,if you are going to war ,then use all your resources and power,we don't owe the rest of the world a damn thing! Most of the other countries despise the U.S. but we keep sending money to even our known enemies and trying to make the retires and veterans pay for it by cutting our Social Security,Medicare And Veterans Disability and Retirement,Its time for Congress and Obama to start supporting the people in our country for a change, instead of labeling everything as "entitlements".

  30. You are right on all points. I would say the same thing. If you aren't going to go all the the way to win a war, stay home. all these asinine rules of engagement cost us more lives than needed.

  31. Very Bad survey, no option for get completely out now. Which is what we need to do.

  32. Most of you guy are right-on target,How can you lead A in battle,if you do not Know anything about Leadership.Hell he can't even get A Marine out of a Mexican jail.(no money in it) That's all Demacrooks like.
    Vietnam Vet 3Xs

  33. the USA has no business being in Afganistan get our troops and other military units ,equipment, supplies out Now.


  35. Any troops left there will be nothing but targets. Bring all troops out at the same time.

  36. I don't think much about anything that this President says or doesn't do. He has no credibility with me. It is a very sad time in our history because of those who exercise power without responsibility or accountability.

  37. The Russians couldn't do it with a larger military force than we have dedicated to establish control, friendship, allies, or what they want to call it politically. Their culture and religion is not compatible with ours nor is their terrorist government which is influenced and controlled by the Taliban. We also need to remove ALL of our troupes at one time as we did when we conceded Vietnam to Communist Vietcong and ChiComs, other wise those remaining as advisers will be slaughtered.

  38. Had not the previous President diverted manpower and resources into a foray to get the Iraqi oil for Haliburton and Cheney. Bin Laden would have been dead, the Taliban wiped out and a lot of American Troops would still be alive. Our treasury would not be on the rocks. Instead we fought a needless war for oil we never got, WMD that never existed, and a pack of lies for which those that perpetrated them still have not been put to task for. Now we continue to stretch out our presence in a country that does nothing for us, influences no one, and serves only to fester a bunch of religious whacko's almost worldwide. Get the hell out of there and let them go back to drug peddling... If we learn of another nest of snakes bomb them to oblivion.

  39. This is a war that we should have never gotten involved in, it is another vietnam and the only people enjoying this war are the folks that are making all of the goods, ammo, clothes, jeeps, trucks, humvees,food, and everything else it takes to support our troops on the ground. Young service men are losing their lives in that country for no good reason at all, It's a tragedy

  40. First, this man should never have been elected President; Commander-in-Chief. His only training for the job was as a "community organizer". Big Deal. He obviously doesn't like the military which is apparent by what he is attempting to do. Even the lowest private or seaman knows you don't tell the enemy when you're pulling out of an area. And you sure don't line up our major aircraft carriers in a neat little row like our ships and planes were at Pearl Harbor. I think he is more interested in protecting his radical muslim friends than serving America.

  41. We should never have gone there in the first place. When will we ever learn that we have no other friends other than the above mentioned Great Britain and Israel, and we better make sure that we take good care of Israel.

  42. I agree the troops should be brought home. How would you like to be ;eft with only a few others. Not a safe idea, BRING THEM ALL HOME!

  43. I don't believe the President anymore. And I sure feel sorry for those 10,000 left holding the bag. They haven't been successful in keeping the enemy at bay with the troops they have now. As a Vietnam Vet I know first hand what it is like when your government just wants to back out of a mess for political reasons.

  44. Again Obama is a very good at his lies and he will never stop till he gets the HELL out of a Great Country the United States of America, Obama has lied since he has been in Office to his own people and maybe paying them off.

  45. It's time we change the Presidential requirements to include military experience of some kind. Active or reserve duty and at a minimal, some war college training. You cannot demand respect you must command it. To be Commander and Chief of other soldiers you should be one your self. Never ask of others what you would not do yourself. Always remember your mission but do not forsake the troops in the process!

    Vietnam era Veteran

  46. You are absolutely Right Fred!! Always has been my thought!!The big question, how did America Let a absolute hate America, big government, give everything, to the worthless, non Americans, likes Commie way of the World.. When Obama gets total government control, which he has been working on the whole time he has been our (KING)... He is Flushing us down the toilet!!! with a smile on his face...

  47. Lets include showing a birth certificate, and college records. I could not believe anyone could qualify to run for President without revealing these things. This President spent his young life in Indonesia where they consider the U.S. the Great Satan. He is doing exactly what he was taught, destroy the U.S.A.

  48. Excellent idea, Fred. I think anyone who wants a public service job, to include elected office, should have to serve in the military first, preferably on active duty.

  49. I'm not convinced having military assets in Afghanistan serves our national interests, either now or prior to the Iraq conflict. The religious culture and past history of Afghanistan cannot be changed with military force. The entrenched political factions will not accept change unless it benefits them and cooperation with our theater commanders and U.S. politicians has not been good, actually very poor.

    So we draw down our forces, tell the bad guys we're leaving on a given day/date and they continue to attack us when we have fewer and fewer troops to defend ourselves. Guess what - more troops will be wounded or killed and the President and his staff will visit Walter Reed and pin a medal on them and thank them for their service.

    Look at today's Iraq bombings and suicide attacks. Can you expect any different in Afghanistan. What will we have achieved for our national interests? I've witnessed some of our bravest and finest being killed and maimed and several times had to deliver the news to their families. This conflict does not serve our national interests. Get out now and don't look back.

  50. It's never a good idea to telegraph your intentions to the enemy. So I thank we should just pull out totally now & let them go back to killing now instead of after they kill more American's. They will do what they have done for century's & nothing we do will change it.

  51. Leaving 10,000 there would put them in harms way. Either pull them all out at the same time, or leave all of them there.

  52. We need to pull all the troops out at the end of this year. Should have done that 5 yrs ago. If the Afghans can't defend on their own by now, they never will. It's time that people around the world take responsibility for their own defense and safety and quit calling our best and brightest people to defend them.

  53. Originally, all troops were supposed to be out by the end of 2014. Now they won't be out until 2016?? What's going on? This president doesn't keep his word about anything!! We should never have been there or in Iraq to begin with. No country cares about the United States except Great Britain and Israel. Why is this president so stupid by sending money to all these other countries who don't give a damn about the U.S.?

  54. It has long been my impression that the United States has been just a means of getting financial aid for countries who cannot support themselves at the expense of our military. Take a good look at what is happening at the VA Hospitals around the country and see what the political approach is.

  55. The biggest error the US has made in the last 10 years is letting the mindless masses put Obama in the White House!

  56. One part of me says we need to just pull everything out all on one day and give it all back to them but then that means my men that and brothers that have died for this cause has been wasted. But if we going to leave , cut all ties on one day and fly everythign we can out on those days. There should be no rear detachment to close up and clean up. Just leave. As we have vacated the sfob up in the mountains and the border the tal i ban is as strong as it was when were first arrive but just waiting till we pull out.. They will return just like they did when we first arrived. We can not control the world to think like us . As we can see from Nam, there are many nam people living in this country now where they left Nam. India and Pakistan, Iragis, Afghaninstani , Ukrainians, and everyone else that dont like it over there have moved to the USA But yet we dont let the mexicans come here to live and work. The Meican get leagal work papers and walk across the bridge at Brownsvill Texas to work every day and then walk back across and go home to go to sleep and then back the next day to work legally. Why can they d that but the rest think they have to get smuggled into this country illegially. Funny thing is from texas through california used to belong toMexico to start with and we took it away just like we did with the Indians.. Yet White Flight has given the rest of this country to the Blacks, or Afri Americans. The Indians were here first, till the Irish and Scotch came took it away from them. So when we leave Afghaninstan , we dont need to leave even an embassy there. We have been there now for nearly 13 years and yet we have been in Korea for well over 60 years and still there too and they build there Korea Cars in our country and we just beat a trail to their doors to buy so the money can go mostly home to Korea and they laugh all the way to the bank. lOOK INSIDE OF THE SHOES and the shirt you are wearing Wow. China tried to kill us at one time and now everything we have is made in china. we put on a set of Michilin tires the other day and I notice it also said made in China also. Our governement has been paying my uncle for years to not farm his crops of cotton and corn etc. He is paid to let the pasture grow hay . What we cant even raise our own farm foods anymore. My buddy works for the oil company in Venice La. filling barges with oil being shipped out of La to go overseas while we paid high prices and buy cruid from overseas. I have a friend that was born in Jeruseleum but owns over 8 business here in town and every 3 to 6 months he goes back home to Israel to take his max money back home to his family and help his business so they can ship more back to us in the USA and he is allowed to take $800,000.00 everytime tax free since he is still a citizen of israel I have Greek Buddy that owns restaurants here in town and he was born in Greece but he only goes twice a year but cant stay more than three weeks He is scared they will script himto the Army of Greece. So He claims dual citizship but he also carries $800,000.00 dollar for his granny and his father carries the same and I have never been told exactly what the total he hide tax free overseas not traceable to his numerous big family restaurants his family own and run in Ala USA I Have even a cuban that left when Casto took over and he goes back to cuba legally cause he can go visit family but we cant trade with them but he is allow to take his family money also, he owns a chain of dry cleaners. As You look around, all our food mart/self serv filling station are being owned by Indias, Middle eastern, Iragis, Afghaninstani.. The Americna people are the ones on the unemployment linesor as Obama says Unemployment is going down, NO it is not going down , you can only draw unemployment for up to 2 years now and they are over that 2 years so they have to come off the list so it looks like the rate of unemployed is getting jobs, they are just starving and trying to still fight to work for anything at minimm wages. And leave that to Obama some will get government minimum wage at $10.10 and hour . Not much when You can go to work driving around in a garbage truck here in town starting at $17.50 and hour. Mc Donald,s here pay to hand out hamburgers $15.25 and hour to start. But try to go to work at a food mart filling stationfor an India or middle easterner and you will have to get paid $ 7.25 an hour. but yet we give them every advantage One of thos Middle Eastern India , named Pantell now owns over 187 food mart station in Birmimgham and his partners and he also own 212 in the lower half of Alabama. They kinda getting monoply. Think how much they can control what we pay for gas He also owns three jobberships to supply the gas to his station. This trend is going on over the USA , I know my family have been in that business for over 50 years and I have watched them buy everyone that comes up for sale because the government said that major Oil Companies are not allowed to own there own station, they had to sell them to the operator or to a jobber, My jobber bought 87 station here in my area and we had two and then one when my father die and they would not let my mother run one because she is a woman so i took one closed to home to liquidate. It took me 37 years to give it up and ran it till i retired from it and retired from the army also. At the same time I ran three other business also as ownere and still the big oil compnay and jobbers tried to put the little guys out of business with the EMA putting new tank ruls on stations till I gave up and found me a good honest american jobber to sell to and sold out . Maybe this will give you something to think about when it comes time to vote If they havent served in the military or even been a boy scout, they dont know what it is like to work as a team. THEY ONLy serve on term in washington and get their salary for the rest of their life to retire even if they are only 35 year old. but we in the military have to serve 20 years beeing shot out to ge about 1/3 our salary and they are trying to take 1% away every year from now on instead of giving us the cost of living yet they senators just voted them selves a $16,000.00 a year raise. wow more than we get for retiring from the amry and yet the VA wont see us for montha. I am waiting on an appointment now coming up in Jan 2015 for my broken back and cancer treatment from agent orange. They just mail me some pills for pain and tell me to hang in and they will see me when they can . So I go to civilian doctors to have my back fused ( the entire lumbar section) from jumping out of airplanes ove 1000 times, The VA doesnt pay for anything cause I live in the same town as the VA Hospital. One of my men just came home about three months agao from Afghanistan and had to go to Tampa Florida and he paid cah from his family to fix his ruptured disc and then went back to Afghanistan in lest than a month cause he is still active in Afghanistan but the Army and then The VA would not do anything but give him the run around... Good old Obama Care now has our family drugstores , my mother has used for thirty years (she is 88year old on BCBS) they wont honor her BCBS so we had to not only find Rite Aid Drugs that is all that honor BCBS around us and they takig care of her now but we even had to get new doctors becuase they said they just retired because they were not going to take a loss and be paid by Obama Rules. We lost out three main heart diabetes and regular family doctors. When you get up in age it is hard to find a Doctor that will work and pay insurance for what Obama Care Pays . Remember this when you vote, or we can all starta new civil war ., I see today where the northern half of California is trying to slit off with about half the atate and form a new state called Jefferson ...It was on the news today . You know that is how Carmel and Montery used to be the first capital of what was part of mexico till they established the republic of Califonia then they joined the United States. Thanks for reading But use your brain God and oops I did Say GOD BLESS America and those people that dont want to see GOD printed in public then they dont have to accept a paycheck with money Saying in God We Trust.. So I Say again GOD BLESS THE USA

  57. WOW! You sure are long winded. How long have you been saving up to say all that?

  58. You are right except one point. This President knows exactly what he is doing. Destroying America. Going along with what you say but we should also stop buying all oils from the OPEC and anyone else and start producing are own. The hell with all this crap about the enviroment. I'm sure we would do alot less harm than the Middle eaast is doing. Fuel from Seawater? Fuel from H2O ? We are not that far away from great break throughs and should make are move know to brake there banks. Then we would not need one boot on the ghround over there!

  59. Goes to prove that nothing this man says can be taken as the gospel truth. Don't tell anyone when, just yank the troops out of there. Another unresolved mess similar to Vietnam! Tell me what has been accomplished?

  60. mrrambus1, I agree with you except the part about Britain & Israel. Neither one of them care about the U.S. Israel uses our military for it's dirty work, they gain & we lose on every encounter. Both of them control our banking system so they control our lives. America first, not the new world order which is destroying the American way of life.

  61. Anyone who stands against Israel stands against GOD, also they do not do much reading or research on Israel and there fight against Terrorism!

  62. That is right we should not be sending money to other countries and start taking care the US

  63. That is right we should not be sending money to other countries and start taking care of the us.

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