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How should the United States respond to the Islamic militant uprising in Iraq?


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  1. After viewing news reports, and we all know how unbaised they are, I find it pretty easy to believe how many and how quickly Iraq's military "bugged out". Despite how much money/training time/quality of trainers/hardware given to thier "military" it's just not enough to get them thru an action the troops are not willing to fight thru!! From what I saw, from what I tried to teach these young troops and they just never "got it" It's no surprise to watch them fall apart. The leadership; NCO's right up to Brigade Commanders were just totally unfit to lead men into combat!! Hell, the vast majitory of them couldn't lead me or others like me to the chow line!! How do you fix that?? As long as you are the right religion, Hey, you had "Command Experience" and were ready to lead these young boys into a fight!! I really don't understand how that whole concept works?? and now the goverment wants us to c0ome running back to fix this situation?? Sure, I'll dig my old uniform's out right now!!

  2. Remember Fat Man and Little Boy?
    Another "Manhattan Project" is OVER DUE!

    Wait...Iran is about to just "Nuclear power"
    nuke themselves AND most of that region with

    KEEP spying on RUSSIA and just wait...

    LET !GOD! sort them out.

    -Jon Wayne

  3. Relatives in World War I, six in World War II, volunteered for Viet Nam (injured in Airborne training, never got there) Mt cousin was an MP in Korea. My wife once worked in the World Trade Center but missed the attack. Two of my high school buddies were decorated for valor. Both said they would volunteer if the U.S. or Canada were invaded but would never fight again outside this hemisphere. Keep Americans out of of Iraq. I spent five years tutoring South Vietnamese in English and they told me their own government was crooked as a snake's back and the common people had no idea why Americans were in their country and didn't like having them around. Iraq will only be worse. The country and its policians are NOT worth another 5,000 good worthwhile American lives.

  4. I'm 63 years old. Served my time in Navy Aviation as a Avionic Tech on p-3 Orion's. I have watched this country get mired down in Viet Nam, the Gulf War, Iraq and now Afghanistan and they have all met with the same end. A lot of good men killed for nothing. But they were asked to go and they did .....they played their part unlike the Iraqis cowards we see today. Stay out of there, it's no longer our mess.

  5. Instead of deploying troops, how about deploying our most potent weapon: Capitalism. We have the ability to pump and export enough North American oil to make all of these USA-hating countries irrelevant. Without their oil money they could no longer support terrorism.

  6. I only wish the ordinary people, the ones who really want peace, not the dam political hacks/ not the "military" we trained to set up road blocks/ not fight a war/ could find it in themselves to resist the radicials they are facing at this time. We can't prop up the current goverment/ souldn't prop the current a-holes holding power/ but I think we made a big mistake in trying to force our values/beliefs on people who still live in the 1400's. ( for the most part!) When we left 'NAM, we left so many people who believed in the Americans, believed we would get them out of country: Haven't we done the same thing to Iraq?? Don't we ever learn to mind our own?? I guess not. Only bad thing is we can't leave the ones who make all the decisions to face what the common people do when we cut and run!!

  7. Our military did all that they could do. Maybe our political "leadership" did "all" that they could do. Now Iraq has to sort this mess out for themselves, because its their country. Just hope they do a better job than the South Vietnamese.

  8. We need to protect the Home Land before intervening in the middle east. However, it seems the Dept. of Homeland Security has no desire to protect us!

  9. Did the administration forget that isil has 10s if not 100s of our stingers? Anything in the aor is subject to obliteration.
    Get out and stay out. (They can leave Kerry there).

  10. Those ragheads have been fighting for ions against something or someone. They do have one common enemy....U.S.A.

    We are much better off standing on the sidelines watching them kill each other,....besides we are too busy trying to be seen as offended by the REDSKINS name. GO REDSKINS......!!!!

  11. Let them kill each other, and we should become oil independent, so we no longer give them our money.If they won't fight for their land why should we do it for them?

  12. Nukem... the Only way the world will be safe is if the cult islam is erased from it!!

  13. Absolutely the only answer. Islam is NOT the "religion of peace". Just the opposite. The only way to stop the spread of this so called religion is by absolute force applied absolutely.

  14. My grandfather served in the army during the 1st world war, my father served in the Army during WW II and I served (WITH PRIDE) in the USMC during Vietnam. We all thought we were fighting for something special. In the last 35 plus years my outlook on the world has changed. I no longer feel we should continue to be the world's Police Force, The Cost is far too High!! And all the conflict is base on the different beliefs and who's is right. I JUST DON'T CARE ANY MORE!!!

  15. My dad and se4veral of my uncles served in WW2,and several of my cousins served in Veitnam, andm Iserved in operations desert shield, and Desert Storm. I agree with you Mr. Carlson.We defended s Veitnam and they bailed on us. Iroc is ddoing same thing . So Isay let Iran handle it. get out and stay over here and take care of our own.

  16. We cannot stabilize our own damn country. Get rid of the despot Obama and his communist administration first, allowing a competent American administration to deal with Iraq.

  17. If we go in at all, Wart Hogs & napalm. Otherwise, let them & Iran
    figure it out for themselves. The less Muslims the better of all.

  18. if we are not going to make it the 51 state stay out. McChathur was right Truman was wrong, why do we have to keep proving it. I don't want to see any troops on the ground with this man in office "not" leading them.

  19. Iraq should have been allowed to split into 3 areas while our troops were there and could have helped the moderate factions come to power. It is what THEY wanted, just ask the Kurds, the north has enjoyed relative peace for more than decade. The people of that region did not want the arrogant past colonials ideas to continue over some arbitrary line in the sand. The sand shifts in wind there. Now the only power is in the hands of another megalomaniac that we put there and who had no intention of bringing the people of the region together because they are not his people, his people are Shiite, not Sunni, not Kurd. Now here we are with the arrogant fools in Washington surprised that they did not achieve a happy ending (pun intended). Our idea of freedom is the most wonderful dream ever. I live it everyday I am proud of my past service to keep that dream alive for all my fellow Americans. But can we not let others have there own dreams. Instead of dictating what there dreams should be and who should control the terms of there dreams.

  20. O'Bama should STAY THE HELL OUT OF IRAQ. We went over there and got rid of their tyrant on some bullshit excuse from Bush about him having weapons of mass destruction ( IF HE DID , WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY?), we trained those people to defend themselves, but they are doing the same thing that the South Vietnamese did, drop their weapons and run.

  21. Let Iran deal with it. They want us to foot the bill to keep Al nouriki in power because he is one of them. Let Iran send their top military units in to fight with ISIL. They can pay the cost in money and lives. They have the oil money. Bush should never have put us into this war and he took our focus off of Bin Laden and off Afganistan. Let us do what the MP's do when called to a bar fight. Stay outside until the fight is over and then slap cuffs on all of the parties. Let Iran fight the insurgents and when the smoke clears there should be enough of them dead that it will lessen our worries about terrorism. Enough said!

  22. Tactical nuke their column ... demolishing everything within 10 miles making the north / south road too hot to pass for a long time to come .. extreme force is the only thing these animals understand, its about time we get serious about it because its already here ...

  23. Those countries, Iraq, Iran, etc. have been "fighting" for hundreds of years. What they are trying to accomplish is unknown. Religious reasons?? They don't seek peace, they just want to kill each other.

  24. It is not unknown. Their goal is to spread islam throughout the world, especially our country. They are spreading islam throughout the middle east to build their power base, then the west will be next. It is quite possibly too late for Great Britain, if you've been following the news. With due respect, you really should be doing a little more research before making statements like that.

  25. The complexity is mind boggling that I believe that it will not be resolved until???? Name your teachings, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, etc. etc
    There are well over 50 thousand Jew's living in Syria,Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq,Turkey. And just as many Syrians, Egyptians,Lebanese.Iraqi's and Turks,living in all the above countries including Europe, Asia,North and South America.

  26. Add to that the fact the oil of Iraq which we went to insure flowed freely is going to fund their jihad against us. Also think that Saudi Arabia, our prime provider, is Sunni like them and responsible for their arming, training and possible intelligence. The complexity is mind boggling, the options unpredictable in result and the American Interests absolute. Look at what is happening with the cost of gas at home. We are now a net exporter of oil but are still refining their crude and funding their sheikdoms, their wars and ultimately their faith. Regardless of their politics we need their oil until all the transitional forms of alternative energy are developed to the degree of selfsufiency. Is there any doubt now about the American Imperial Armed Forces.

  27. I agree John McCoy. We should just get out of Iraq, Iran, and really the middle east. Nobody has ever been able to stop the fighting in that area. Why does anyone think we can. All the money we are spending and the lives we are losing for nothing could well be spent in our good ole USA and help our hungry and needy. But then the greedy powers that be wouldn't be making billions by producing the war materiel as with the status quo. We have no hope as long as the love of power replaces the power of love.

  28. I agree with John McCoy we were there and suppose to be training them to fight . What ever we did, did not sink in. I knew that when we left it would not take long for them to be right back where they started. They will never stop fighting that is there way of life.

  29. Agreed! It all started in the 700s to 900s. Next the Ottoman Empire enforced a peace until the Empire was dismantled and the British and French created non-nations of enemies so they could control them. Now we are stuck with the messy results!

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