How should the U.S. respond to the surge in illegal minors coming across the border?

Station National Guard troops across the border to prevent illegal immigration.
42% (720 votes)
Capture those who enter illegally and return them to their native lands.
46% (793 votes)
Work out a diplomatic solution with the nations of Mexico, Honduras, etc.
6% (104 votes)
Grant asylum to illegal minors already here, then close the border.
2% (43 votes)
Other. Add your opinion in the comments section.
4% (70 votes)
Total votes: 1730


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  1. Let's really find why people desperately try that dangerous journey here. We should spend some of those tax dollars we spend all over the world here in this hemisphere and help those governments who can't or simply won't protect their citizens. Fat chance of that happening, with this do nothing congress.

  2. Regardless of where they are from, return them to the country they were in when they committed the act of illegally crossing our border. If they arrived by land, I guess that would be Mexico or Canada. If they entered Mexico illegally from Central America, that's Mexico's problem, so send them back and let Mexico repatriate them (or whatever it is they do in Mexico with illegals). If they come from China (or wherever) via Canada, send them back to Canada. Don't let Mexico and Canada turn their problem into our problem.

  3. When you are misinformed its easy to point the finger instead of trying to resolve the issue. We have been talking about immigration reform for over the last 10 years. This is a matter of our leaders on both sides working together which been impossible. We should not allowed racism and favoritism to dictate what's right for America. This immigration problem has nothing to do with party lines, it has to do with some consider compromise, which is sad.

  4. Penn, The problem in DC is and has been for about thirty years: It's MY WAY or NOTHING!!! Both parties are to blame for this stand-off; the days of working out a reasonable compromise quit in the 70's and I have no idea what it would take to get back to that kind of goverment. Immigration laws are being ignored, even if a new immigemant(?) goes by the current laws/reg's it takes just about forever to finnally get your green card! My daughter-in-law is a foriegn national, she's been here for over eight years, they have submitted everything the dept of state has asked for in a timely manner, have paid out almost $30,000, and still no green card. They have even had to pay for D of S mistakes on various forms, they misspelled her name on one form, the kids proved it was a State mistake and it still cost them over $500 for State to correct thier Mistake!! With the problems legal immigrents(?) have with the system, I can understand them coming in off the books. After all, once you cross the border,just stay below the radar and you can stay forever!! Wonder how many dangerous illegals are actually in the US right now???

  5. The 1st thing we need to do is make all Americans understand that that "Communistic Leader called Obama" has to be impeached. He is slowly making his own communistic laws etc to ruin the United States. Until all people get together and work toward his impeachment (AND NOW-QUICKLY) we will all continue to suffer since they (politicians) know when they are gone from their positions, they have free care, free medical treatment and free everything else at the expense of taxpayers.They could really not care until we take strong action against them all. I fought for my country because I am an American and believe it all laws that help us, not hinder or hurt us. Until Obama is thrown out of office and it should be w/o pays and privileges, as anyone else who screws up, things will only get worse and every other country will ry to help destroy us. I hate to say it, but today's people, could care less as long as they get what they want now! But in the future, they will regret it...

  6. yes raymond ike did the wetback thing but thousands of US American born citizens who were fighting side by side in the trenches of normandy, Iwo , Guadacanal even to New zealand were sent also while their sons were fighting for American Justice Freedom...I dont justify illegal trade of any kind by anybody including regan bush and 521+ congressman who got us into this mess and could easily get us out but
    WE have something cancerous called party line politics as larry paraphrased (Jesus) because you fed clothed and healed my children you did it to me...the bigger issue is 50 million Mexican Americans fought work pay taxes everyday in an for America proudly i might say including income tax and social security and workmans comp ....does this remind you of anyone...and for 100 years America has benefited from a treaty signed with Mexico maybe its about time they fullfill the rest of the treaty...If Ameruca is to regain its rightful place in this worldthen we should look at corruption on both side of Congress and executive as well as the judiciary who are willing to make law rather than interpret it...the line have been skewed, its time to stop and give the American people (of all ethnicity European included) back our country: of for and by the people not the corporate-governed beaucracy...its going to take a hard line a hard stand for all Americans regardless of background gender or faith...I for one continue to have faith in God not religion that we have the cohones , the gumption to do it USA all the way...Liberty or.....

  7. This problem started in the 1800 because industry need cheap and illiterate workers. And that is why it continues. Each person in the house and senate is beholding to some corporate industry interest or country that has benefited from our current immigration system and situation.
    It is those corps that send American jobs overseas for a better bottom line at US citizens expense. It is those corps that destroyed our middle class. We had become educated and retired, a force they are not willing to reckon with. That is why they spend so much money acquiring media outlets to brain wash us into stupidity. There is more to this story than meets the eye. See what corps or country gets money from it and you will find the instigators. In the meantime setup camps in Mexico until you can send them home.

  8. There will be poor, there will always be poor. If every United States Family agreed to take in 10 of these needy people would that really end the problem? I only know of perhaps 10% of our population who has the funds to support an extra 10 people and still maintain a superior standard of living. 70% of the United States isn't really too much better off than where these people come from; and there is strong evidence that 20% are already as bad off, that is out of work, homeless, on food support. Even if it where possible for everyone to take 10; in this world there are 10 X 10 more wanting to come. Good will is better supported by being honest and admitting the world has a population problem. David Michael Beachwood has an interest alternative view of this problem in his blog.

  9. My friend: The american war-fighter is the best quality person in the whole world. They win the "hearts and minds" battle just by being there. In 1977 a Tennessee Army National guard unit built a lake on the property of "Sheriffs Youth Town". This was an orphanage (farm) for children of criminals. The unit was there for 2 Weeks Annual training. (913th Engineers, Union City). When they arrived there were 14 young-uns in the place. When those G.I.'s left all they took 16 kids home (including 2 new arrivals). Home is such a wonderful word. These were farmers with a factory job who needed the guard check to round out their budgets. Most were vets working toward 20 years.
    I saw this same sort of kid-soldier relationship through out my 32 year service. All of you that served in the ranks can vouch for this.
    This is an extension of U.S.(read: us) as a people. We don't make war on children purposefully. Send in the Guard: the troops will fix the problem.
    The plain truth is: put the kids up for adoption and the problem goes away. As a believer I got to tell you: Those pukes Making this a political football have bought themselves a ticket to hell(free of charge). "slaughter of the innocents" is not a good business to be in.

  10. As an evangelical christian married to a catholic this terrible stuff has a potential solution. If you want to adopt it will cost you $125,000 dollars because of the encumbrances place by pukes who's only interest is making bucks. Just put them up for adoption. They are Catholics but more inclined to the evangelical calling, Lets charge $20,000 per adoption by state approved families. Leave it to us. For every one of these young-uns there will be 35 people come forth to adopt. Us Christians will raise them in the faith. When you stand before God and he asks: "Why didn't you get off your dead ass and help these kids??", responding "I just didn't like them" might not be a sufficient answer. They will be good citizens when we raise them paying your social security.

  11. Close the border by any means necessary, then negotiate an agreement with Mexico that says we will cut off all aide to them if they don't get their act together. That's the kind of negotiating that needs to be done.

  12. The law signed by President Bush states you cant just deport minors without a hearing. The house needs to act on immigration reform not just play politics.

  13. Amazing how the majority of the opinions in this forum are more uneducated, ignorant and hateful than the people trying to find freedom!

  14. Pen, I think it's more a case that people are sick and tired of more and more gov. programs aimed at the 46% of people who provide no benefit to society(except to "eat and eat" more resources. If a person follows the rules,fills out the paperwork, and enters the country legally. No problem, I can respect that. The whole process of doing it the right way was good enough for all the previous generations of people who came here from the 1800's on, so why are the current "visitors" allowed to just cross a border an then enjoy the rights of citizenship?? Am I and most Americian's sick and tired of our elected officials just wringing thier hands and crying out "O, What do we do??" And how did we become the care takers of the America's(North and South)?? Fix our issues, maybe then we worry about the rest of the world.

  15. It does not seem anyone understands our immigration system. I was setup to process White Europeans and has always been very restrictive for people of color. Remember how Irish and Italians were treated once the got here. 2. It is overwhelmed. there are not enough judges or people working to process and investigate in the immigration department.

  16. The socialists infiltrated the American bastions on higher education at the end of WWII. 10+ years of brainwashing and they took over the White house in 1960. They stirred the masses against the Government during the Vietnam war. Proclaimed the age of enlightenment when Jimmy Carter was given the White house as a reward for granting amnesty for terrorism, felony crimes and all kinds of deviant behavior (an act that he has tried to redeem his soul from satan for). The Republic died in 1960. The White house sells to the highest bidder every four years and the outcome of American Presidential elections is known to Wall Street before the polls even open. America's boarders were opened years ago by what were termed as "fair trade agreements". This problem at the Mexico boarder is planned and executed as another step in the socialist "one world order" with the United Nations as the Politbureau. Too late to stop it.

  17. Contact leaders of all the offending countries, especially Mexico and notify them all aide is suspended. Stop big dollar tourism to those countries. Close border with national guard. Deport all and courts are not needed because they are ill illegals not undocumented. Especially threathen Mexico with strong economic sanctions, I. E. Banking and transfer payments.

  18. I read a lot of ideas, some workable-some not. Is the current problem related to years of turning a blind eye to our borders?? No one in power taking it as a "slow invasion" 'cause thats what it is. The past can't be corrected, it's over and done. Is this a situation we, the Americian people, can tolerate?? After seeing and hearing all of the abuse(mostly by US news sources) heaped on our so called goverment. Just what really can we do?? The last estimate I saw called out over 20 million "visitors" living within our borders?? How does that happen?? If someone goes thru the process, O.K. No problem. How have we allowed this situtation to come to pass? They work cheap,but,to house,feed,insure,train,over-load the medicial system,require bi-linual teachers,provide welfare to the ones unable/unwilling to work, and let known criminals into our country to carry on with thier"work" gang members/new imports we don't really need. It just goes on and on. How are the few who still may considered "middle-class" in this nation supposed to support all this nonsence?? And the Fed's can't figure out how to stop this?? Guns/Guts/Leadership are whats called for; Frankly, I don't hold much hope for anything to even put a dent in this mess.

  19. If we are going to be the World Protector then we should accept at least the children of the World. Love you all!

  20. The liberal news media prefers to paint a picture of doom and gloom in the illegal alien's home country's stirring up emotion to circumvent our laws. We laws that govern legal entry into our country, it's time they were enforced. I didn't know we could pick and choose which laws to follow, even the President has trouble following the law.

    Since we, taxpayers, already send money to the country's the illegal aliens come from why not make sure it's spent on the people coming here. We shouldn't spend any more additional money beyond what it takes to send them home.

  21. Now that the Kids are here how long is it going to take for there parents to follow and now the lawyers are saying they should be represented when they go to court and for what they already broke the law why should we pay to represent them or maybe the lawyers will do it for free

  22. Some of these "children" are members of Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), a transnational criminal gang. Sixteen were recently found in Nogales, AZ.

    Our army should be protecting America, not global interests in the Middle East. Bring the troops home and station them on our borders. Stop, by force if necessary, anyone trying to cross anywhere other than an official border crossing.

    The Posse Comitatus Act prevents the military from acting as law enforcement. It DOES NOT prevent our military from thwarting invasions. Attempted illegal crossings at an official crossing is a legal matter, hence a job for the Border Patrol. Elsewhere is invasion/infiltration and a job for our defense forces.

  23. Enforce the laws we currently have. No other country lets their borders be open.

    The current administration do not believe in the words the Founding Fathers of this country, wrote in the Constitution.

  24. We need to do multiple things at once. First is to close the borders use Troops supported by ICE and CBP.
    Second send all children back to their country.. As it has been said by many. They didn't get here on their own. Just not possible. Third enforce all current immigration law.

  25. #1, People don't understand how much a billion is. Our illustrious politicians spend our money, without our approval. We'd never allow any of our own family members to spend like that yet our supposed leaders do it and nothing is done. 2013 U.S census was 316,128,839 . The average U.S. income $69,821. 1 billion = 1 million millions. Come on people, get real! The United States can't even take care of ourselves anymore. If we, (the United States) don't make ourselves well, what all us Vets and public have fought to retain, will be gone. Stop the ridiculousness. Stop the bleeding hearts, make a statement that we'll no longer deal with others B.S.

  26. While I basically agree with your basic idea, perhaps you don't know what a Billion is either. In most English-speaking countries, a Billion is one thousand million (the short scale). It is in continental Europe and Latin America countries, where they use the long scale and a Billion is one million million. [Google it]

  27. I am second generation American. My forefathers and foremothers came to America by following the Rules and Regulations that were in force when the came here. My Grandfather would not even allow his family to use their native language. My Grandmother agreed fully. Their belief was we came to America to start new and we WILL follow the laws of our NEW country. I was born in the 1930's and up to the time I graduated from High School, those rules concerning were still in effect I believe. We need to return to the rules and regulations from that era. I agree with most of the comments I have read and I also agree that we need to treat illegals, when violate our laws, the same we would be treated by their country. America and most our leaders have become WUSSES! Our country is losing the respect of most, in not all the other major countries of the world. "Bleeding Hearts" have taken over. One way to change the attitude of those thinkers is to make them responsible for all the illegals. Bring them into their homes and business, become responsible for their care, food, shelter, clothing and medical needs the same as one of their own family. Make them learn our language, our customs, our laws, etc. When one of the illegals, that are now responsible for, when they violate our laws, they are fully responsible for restitution or they themselves will face the jail cell in place of there illegal they are now responsible for.

  28. By the way don't they have signs at Area 51 and most other Bases you will be shot put the sign up and then do it.

  29. Send them all back close border use the Guard if needed. This is costing tax payers way to much. force the welfare people to take the jobs that the illegals would have, if they won't work get them off the welfare programs, if they're on drugs lock them up in jails by the desert where the drugs are coming into the country and give all the drugs they can use. Tried of paying the bill for all other that won't pay their way we don't need it any longer.

  30. Establish an interment camp (not the Border Patrol offices)at the border locations to corral those that cross the border illegally; until transportation can be established to take them back where they came from. If they cannot do it legally like millions have since this country was established, they have no right being here.

    Take the units from the military and establish a joint command to secure the border...if we do not take care of ourselves no one else will. Get the right people in the right places and get rid of the cannon fodder. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.....

  31. I don't think we can do that. It would violate the 8th Amendment (cruel and unusual punishment).

  32. if we send them back we save lots of everything I have to work hard to get my kids an education they get it free I work hard for medical coverage and for a retirement they get it free at our expense they get food cloths dental eyeglasses education free room and board if I don't pay I get nothing gee if we kept them billons Obama wants for the illegals we would be able to give a lot of medical and help to our own citizen's

  33. Of Course all illegals should be returned to wherever they came from, but the Nat'l Guard should be keeping the border clean. Democrats can't be that stupid to listen to Obama and his rants, because he just does not care--he has been trying to destroy this country since he has been in the white house.

  34. Ike immediately deported all illegal aliens. Today not one of our Dear Rulers has so much as one atom of Ike's spine in standing up for U.S. citizens, putting and keeping U.S. citizens first, and maintaining the territorial integrity of what's left of what used to be the United States.

    Deport all illegal aliens. No excuses. End birthright citizenship. End the assorted visa scams that Import Third World scab labor. End the refugee resettlement rackets. Shut, fence, fortify, mine, and defend with the U.S. armed forces our southern border and coastlines.

  35. Take care of their needs. Ship them home. Charge the home country for all expenses plus.

  36. If we held every veteran to their OATH, to first and foremost, DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC, well, I am not afraid to say it: We would have to remove the POTUS and his accomplices in Justice and Homeland, to fulfill that oath. It might just straighten out more then a few in Congress to straighten up and fly right also.

  37. Exactly right !!! we went from a few corrupt politicians (which is standard in all societies ) to a corrupt nation and leader who wants us to fail and collapse creating Obamaland under his reign, this is the true definition of Domestic enemy !!!! this is the terrorist warning from 9/11 monument construction when they tried to put mosk at ground zero " America will bleed from the inside out with a 1000 knife cuts" and this administration is helping that along !!!

  38. I would love to see the border closed to all the illegals, but our "REPs" in DC have spent all the money we had and a lot more. The cost to close the border will be HIGH. The cost to return them to their home country will also be HIGH. The cost to round them up and take them through the legal requirements to deport them will be HIGH.
    Maybe we should start by deporting all the DC dummies we have elected over the years first. Never mind, no country would take most of them.

  39. That is the best answer i have seen yet. That would solve more than just the Obama orchestrated border crisis , the biggest laughable thing about all of this is the cost to secure the border would be zero, as National Guard is already paid for to perform 'national security" and Guard our Nation, I know a million out of work veterans who be more than happy to be reactivated to stand guard , hell i know a million who would do it free.

  40. My wife and I live in Mexico - legally. You wouldn't believe the hoops we have to jump through to be "allowed" to live here. We have to prove income. We can't work. We have to pay to cross the border. We have to pay an annual fee (around $200 each). And almost everywhere we go we have to speak Spanish - NO OPTION - like in the USA. We love it here - but we are sick of Obama and his cronnies allowing this stuff to go on. As others have said - just enforce the laws that are already on the books.

  41. Each family that feels these illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay in the US should be given 4 of the children flooding through our borders and they should have the responsibility to raise them, educate them, and find them work. If they are not gainfully employed and not living off of the government at age 21 they should be allowed to stay, up until they grow tired of working and want to quit working become dependent on us to support them. Also, no children until they are over 30!

  42. Individuals entering illegally should be returned w/i 24 hours just like those from Canada/Mexico. Why return Mexican kids but not S. American kids. Rules should match. Easy as that.

  43. I cannot believe that our guards are standing there with a big smile on their faces while these immigrants walk past them with their belongings. Then we wonder what to do after they get here. Have we really gone that insane? Is our government so broken we cannot even figure out that kind of a problem.

  44. Not "broken" - "CORRUPT"

    They have been ordered not to stop them, just bring them to a safe place to care for and feed them.

  45. Turn them all back. they are full of diseases we eradicated long ago. Our elderly , young and immune compromised are in great danger. Where is the rest of the countries in the world ? Save America. Don't even let them near our border. With an open border, we cannot be called a country.

  46. I do not believe in an open border. We American do not know or remember our history. It was Reagan and Bush who opened our borders. We tell and give other countries money to take in refuges from war torn countries. Why not us.

  47. We could do something really wild: enforce the law's already on the books and try and find out who is really behind this "SURGE"?? I find it hard to believe this is not an organized effort to put the US in a "NO WIN" position. Explain to me how so many young kids are being moved from South Americian countries to our border, with out a lot of political support/money/and pretty good planning from somewhere?? My youngest grandson couldn't get 10 miles from home on his own if he tried!! Hundreds, maybe thousands, of youngsters are on the road to the US witout help ?? Sorry, I don't believe it. Could our Republian friends be behind this?? Some one needs to explain to this old man how we can get a handle on this without looking like monsters in the world press. Funny how we are held to a higher standard than any other country out there! How would these kids be recieved if they were going south??

  48. The law on the books was signed by Bush, if children from countries other than Mexico cross the border the children CANNOT be returned.

  49. Blaming the Republicans for this is crazy!! How about our President? He could stop this if he wanted to, but he don't and won't. What happened to his phone and pen? Inaction on his part confirms he is for it!! I hope by Nov. 2014 and Nov. 2016 the American people wise up!!!

  50. The contract the republicans silenced the presidents phone and took the ink out of his pen.

  51. It's an Obama plan! No matter what the Republicans try to do, Obama will put a spin on it to make us look evil and heartless! And the 49% who are on the government tit will nod their empty heads and agree with him. God forbid they should lose their free phones, free food, free housing, free birth control, and God only knows what else we the taxpayers are paying for.

  52. Cora, I have to agree with the 46% on the public dole really not wanting to change the status qoe. Hell, they might have to go to work and actually provide a service to the nation!!! Can't have that!!

  53. 40% of the activated TEXAS GUARD are active KKK and Aryan brotherhood. Now you know why Obama had to come to the governor who activated this trigger happy bunch. This also includes BLACK WATER Security from Governor Walker Wisconsin. There could be a shooting war due to these people. Did you know there is still an active KKK at Fort HOOD Texas?

  54. And the problem is what?? Maybe we need to clean out a dead zone of 500 miles below the Rio Grande, anything that shoots at us, we zero out! May help with the drug problem too! I still want to know: Who is running this invasion of America?? and to what point do we let it go on??

  55. My wife and I were just saying the same thing this morning as we watched the news coverage on this. In 2008 Bush signs a law that is forcing Obama to let the kids in. I think that Rove and the Kock brothers set things in motion while Bush was in office.

  56. Don't let them in..ever !! Find all criminal illegals regardless of age and send them back and send a bill to mexico for all American taxpayer expenses. This is a form of germ shots were ever fired. Charity begins at home. Americans first..AND...vets should get preferred help now that this has been finally exposed. My family had many members in WW2 and two of them died because of gross negligancedue to the VA. I remember my dad saying he would never go there. I also remember my family talking about the horror stories about the local VA first hand. Americans first!! We cannot be the salvation of the whole world. Haven't our vets given enough ?? Put our Seals on the border...problem solved. mexico is not our friend...FREE Sgt. Andrew Tammoourisi now. Stop all monies to mexico and any other country who harms or hates us. p.s. I love old and young grunts !!! :) God bless you and your loved ones..and our republic,
    the USA.

  57. Old Grunt is right on! Look at news reports from AZ...reporting interviews Mexican Army officer right on the border. Time to put an Army Corps on the border as we did post civil war...or has everyone forgotten that it is OUR border! Build a POW style tactical holding cage in the middle of the desert with our AC, running water and behind wire....they will stop coming if they have to sit in the box for awhile. They need to be treated as criminals and people who are invading our country who could provide cover and concealment for those who would do us harm. Of course a secure border would slow all the cheap Chinese crap flowing up from the megaport in Mexico that big business likes and would reduce the number of voters that could be added to the rolls regardless of their legal status. Time to revive the Minute Men and take back the border!

  58. Who cares what reaction the world press would have. The US is not held in high esteem anyway, and just MIGHT rise in world opinion if shown that we care about defending our borders. The lower on the economic totem pole ones gets, the more liberal one's viewpoint, expecting government to help, so I highly doubt that Republicans can be tagged with this. This has all the earmarks of an incompetent President and administration and a go-along, do-nothing Congress.

  59. This is NOT an incompetent administration. Their goal is to destroy the economy and flood the country with illegals who will support the Democrats to keep/further their POWER. They have been/are being successful beyond their wildest expectations.

  60. Rich Tardell is absolutely correct. The socialist masters of this administration have planned this long ago: to capture the presidency, capture the demo party and other key bureaucracies, destroy the middle class of wage earners, tax everything and collapse the economy. The communists and socialists around the world are laughing their heads off at what has happened to America in the last 6 years. Our America is on the edge of the cliff; a few more "crises" and we're over the cliff.

  61. No he is not. the whole world is laughing at how our blatant hatred, crazy dual personality, and hypocritical behavior in trying to tell the rest of the whole have they should behave. We were sent over the cliff in 1991, and 2000.

  62. The congress should impeached also. They are the ones who signed a contract to stop the legally elected president from doing his job in caring for the country&people(who elected him). They will bring no bills sponsored or supported by the president to the floor for a vote. They force the president to use executive orders to get anything done and they forget about how many of their presidents used execute order. I have never seen so much blatant open hate in our government.

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