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The American Legion Magazine

For 170 years, Annin & Co. flags have been sewn into key moments in our nation’s history.


A year of hands-on help for veterans

VA was experiencing a systemic failure in facilities across the country.

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The Legionnaire that changed the world

Harry Colmery was tailor-made to assemble the original GI Bill.

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A comfort & a constant

To see the U.S. flag in Vietnam was to remember who we were, why we were there and the homes we longed to see again.

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I Am The American Legion - Tony Stewart

“I felt like I had more to give, and with The American Legion, I found my golden ticket to do some more good in the world and the community where I live.”

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Wheels for Warriors

16-year-old Bryce Nurding is leading a group of six Boy Scouts and adults on a cross-country ride to raise funds in support of The American Legion’s OCW program.

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Criminal minds

Military action alone won’t stop the Islamic State. Attack it as a business by cutting off funds and undermining its messaging.

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