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The American Legion Magazine

Noah Galloway overcame severe war injuries and depression to re-embrace fitness, dance with the stars and inspire America.



Meet Dale Barnett of Georgia, West Point grad and the Legion’s new national commander.

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The Moral Contract

VA entered the 21st century unprepared for a new wave of veterans. As the situation worsened, its challenge remains to regain trust.

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Life has many price tags, but financial planning can help you achieve your goals.

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StreetShares: Veterans funding veterans

Company connects entrepreneurs with loans, mixing tech and Main Street service.

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I Am The American Legion - Ken Persson Jr.

“If you’re going to ask people to join an organization, you’ve got to give them something to do.”

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Belgian teen soldier, American veteran

Sperandieu says the war “has always been a part of my life, and it will be until the end.”

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What you need to know about IRAs

Contrary to what some people think, an IRA itself is not an investment. It’s really just a special type of account established by the government to encourage folks to save for retirement.

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