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Tell us what you are doing

In the July issue of The American Legion Dispatch, National Adjutant Daniel S. Wheeler wrote about how the Department of Wyoming has stepped up in support of current servicemembers and their families, as well as the state's veterans. From providing military honors at funerals to shipping 10 tons of care packages overseas to deployment servicemembers, the department is doing a lot in carrying out the mission of The American Legion.

But Wyoming's story is just one of what are dozens, if not hundreds of similar stories of troop support, community involvement and veterans advocacy that posts, districts and departments are providing throughout the nation.

We want to know these stories; more importantly, we want to share them in the "What Are We Doing Today" section of Email what your post, district or department is doing to multimedia editor Steve B. Brooks, preferably in advance of the event or program. We want to make the "What We Are Doing Today" section of the website reflective of what the entire American Legion is doing - not just National Headquarters.


  1. Our Legion family members will be helping with 2 upcoming StandDowns so donations are being collected now. The first one will be in cooperation with Veterans First and will be the 1st Orange County Stand Down--all Units, Posts, Squadrons & Chapters have been invited to help. We are expecting 400-500 homeless (or nearly homeless) veterans with approximately 60 kids and will be manning the children's area with ALA members as well as the nursery area. Others will be helping to sort clothes, helping monitor showers, directing vets where to go etc. Date: September 17 & 18, 2011. The other StandDown will be the following weekend in Compton, CA. All of the Legion family helps with this StandDown as just last year there were 1000+ homeless & need veterans that showed up. We are quite proud of the team work that all of Southern California shows when it comes to StandDowns!
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