The Legion Riders shirt is among the many new items available in the 2012 Flag & Emblem catalog.

Emblem Sales catalog includes 50 new items

The 2012 American Legion Flag & Emblem catalog. features more than 50 new items. Legion family members who have placed an Emblem Sales order in the past three years should have received a catalog. Catalogs also can be requested, free of charge, online at Additions to the 2012 catalog include: • New items for Legion Riders, including garage shirts, ladies apparel, flags, hats, pins and patches. • New Auxiliary items, including rings, jewelry, shirts, and coins. • New Sons of The American Legion polos • New patches and caps for Blue Star supporters • New Legion dress shirts & ties • New uniform accessories, including belts and bib scarves. Legion family members wishing to shop online can do so by going to Emblem Sales’ website.


  1. IM trying to order shirts please sendcatolog with all your info as our post does not have any send to Ron Thomas 18 Longfellow Ct Brick NJ 08724 also William Fleming 13886 G VIA Flora Delray Beach Florida 33484 Thankyou Marie Thomas
  2. I would like to receive the Legion catalog. send to 538 Runyon Ave Piscataway NJ 08854
  3. Please send a catalog to me at 5340 Elgin St. SE; Turner, OR 97392. Phone 503-897-6022.
  4. I would like to have a catalog sent to me at 93 Winter Street Lynbrook NY 11563. There is no information on this page to make out an order. Thank you.
  5. Trying to get the AML catalog. I have been a Life Time Member for 40 years and I am finding it impossible to get a catalog from the AML. I belong to Post 54 On Kauai Hawaii. My PUFL NO is 1010577028. Geting in contact with you folks seems most difficult. Quentin C. Belles 6440 Kaahele St Kapaa, HI 96746
  6. Confused here guys.....what a problems are you experiencing with this site? Is it you're unable to figure out exactly what topical subject to tap, and enter? I think the site is really very intuitive to use, and really very self explainatory.
  7. I would like to have your catlog for the auxiliary so that I may order some of the things that I need for the group.
  8. this is the hardest damn site I have ever tried to navigate and I'm a 32 year member and airline pilot
  9. The Legion is a rock solid Republican organization. The Republican Party are wholly responsible of cutting budgets, appropriations and generally anything related to the little guys like me. I'm a service connected disabled vet who worked until I was 68. I filed my claim with the help of the State of Texas. My claims were approved (with absolute zero help from the Legion. The Legion is a bunch of people who say one thing and do another!
  10. Seems to be a point of confusion here, just what was it you were expecting the legion to do for you? Did you sit down and meet with the legion F.S.O. To get their help on your case with the V.A.? If NOT, why NOT? Did you understand that just because you served and may have experienced debilitating war, that you just as you must applying for what you feel to be your entitlements through the SSA, their first, second, and likely additionally reply is. DENIAL. Well get used to it. My own voyage from having Line Of Duty (LOD) Investigation findings for each of the numerous disabling "service connected" Disabilities; issued by the D.A. In the hands of the VA, it still took seven (7) years to receive the 100% disability rating from the V..A.. It like all federal entities have their own tempo. This is terribly frustrating , and in all sincerity NOT a battle to be attempted by yourself. Go to your chosen Veterans Organization and meet with the respective Field Service Officers to get your entitlements under-way, Don't try it alone contrary to what those whom would like you to believe they have.
  11. I am an old vet."no combat" Every body now that has served a day in the service is disabled. Now you can draw a check if you had the flu. Your Demo party is so patriotic. Draft dodgers "obama"
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