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What do you think of the decision to stop deporting young illegal immigrants?


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  1. Clarification He was Hispanic and when things quieted down, I am not Catholic but we both said our Hail Mary"s if that is the correct term.

  2. There were 2 of us in manning a bunker on a taxi way at a small air base in Nam when crap happened I did not ask the guy if he was legal or not.

  3. Has it occurred to any that the vetted immigrants will now have to wait even longer than before? It is manifestly unfair to bypass the legislature this way. He has done it repetitively.In doing so he wrests the votes right out of some people's hands. Obama is very desperate about his chances of continuing in office. Since he cannot run on his record, this man has decided to collect any number of diverse groups into a coalition of sorts to try and wrest a victory. Those relatives of illegals has become one such group. The public sector union members is another. The anti-Catholics another; those on the dole is another; anti-2nd amendment folks another; pro-gays another; OWS folks another. Those blacks so blind to his damage to the country and so transfixed as to have the presidency in the hands of one of their own is another. Those who through parental example or party loyalty (they for example need this party to stay in the white house for one reason or another) are another. I wonder what he'll try when he sees this too is failing?

  4. I have issues with the Immigration Law as well. When INS makes a mistake on your application guess who pays the cost, you got it the illegal trying to get legal. So the reform they need to make is to rectify/correct all of the mistakes they have mad so far.

  5. I have been waiting for the US government to allow my brother-in-law and sister-in-law to come and live in the USA now for 10 years! I paid $175 each per application and yet I am still waiting now for the Dept. of State after the Dept. of Immigration too6 6 years and now waiting 4 years so far for the Dept. of State to make the next move? Here I am doing things LEGALLY and Obama wants to give these illegals a free meal ticket!!! I am outraged!!!

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