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Did Wednesday’s debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney affect your voting plans?


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  1. Does Romney shave that Lying face in the morning or did he a 47er a job? I could not look in the mirror if I lied as much as that A ___e Mitt

  2. Lets visit the healthcare bill--Why would selling ones property have anything to do with healthcare? Yes it is in that bill.
    Why does government need to be involved with our "PERSONNAL BUSINESS"? HEATHCARE SHOULD BE ON THE SHOULDERS OF THE INDIVIDUAL AND NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH GOVERNMENT. If government wants to regulaate everything, then we are not a democracy and Obama care is certainly not in the best interests of the PEOPLE!
    Congress is TOO BIG--we need to get legislation that decreses the number of members to Congress--Representatives should be 2 from each state and Senatoors should be 1 from each state. We need legislation that limits the terms in office to just 2 terms either consecutive or not. We have "Ark" members in Congress and they are the problems with government. For a Nation that preaches freedom, it certainly has tied the hands of its citizens.
    Now to Medicare/Social security--WE paid in that money and now that we are trying to retrieve it, government wants to say there is no funds available. WHERE IS THE MONEY THEN? Illegals are getting all the benefits that GOOD, HARDWORKING LEGAL CITIZENS paid in and that is totally unfair. SEND THEM BACK TO THEIR OWN COUNTRY and see what benefits they receive. The food stamp industry is no longer a HELP-AS-NEEDED program; it is a FILL-MY-HAND-PROGRAM. THIS PROGRAM NEEDS REVAMPED AND SO DOES THE EDUCATION PROGRAM. OUR COLLEGE GRADUATES ARE IN DEBT UP TO THEIR EARS BEFORE THEY GET A POSITION OF EMPLOYMENT. This is crazy. COLLEGES NEED TO BE FORCE TO LOWER THEIR TUITIONS
    Now the Nation Debt--TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN DEBT. IMMORAL, UNETICAL! OUR GOVERNMENT SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF ITSELF FOR ALLOWING THIS TO HAPPEN. Government of the United States should not be if they cannot even realize wthat spending and spending and spending is not the way to get out of debt. STOP SPENDING!!!!!! STOP GIVING OUR MONEY TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES! The United States cannot even meet the interest charged on the debt daily because it still is spending, bailing out corporations, give illegals benefits etc. etc. etc.
    NOW WHAT ARE WE, THE PEOPLE, GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? VOTE out all incombents! VOTE out all members that have more than 2 terms in office. VOTE FOR A CANDICATE THAT IS GOING TO WORK FOR THE PEOPLE OF THIS GREAT NATION and one that will get our men, women back from that nonsense war in the near east. They do not want us there, so why stay? REMEMBER TO VOTE IN NOVEMBER!!!!!!!

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