Flag Day speech available

A guidelined speech for Flag Day, drafted by The American Legion's Public Relations staff, is now available online. The staff drafts speeches for various patriotic national holidays as a way for Legion members to go out into their communities, or just observe the day with post ceremonies, and emphasize what The American Legion represents. They are not meant to be recited verbatim; members are greatly encouraged to amend them to taste and in whatever ways best relate the Legion to each audience.

All posts are encouraged to upload recaps and photos of their Flag Day celebrations and other community activities to the blog Legiontown USA. Legiontown is a place for Legionnaires to tell the stories of all the good they do, every day, and see how other Legionnaires across the country are doing the same.


  1. I can't understand why it is so hard to get this passed thru Congress or Senate! After all our ancestors have shed their blood or lives for this great nation and the Flag that represents our country! We have the Flag in front of all the meetings and other big events. When we had 9/11 what did we do? We raised the Grand Old Flag in the dust to show we are not beaten and we have not given up! We have our soldiers go into battle and some die for what they believe is our country and that Beautiful Grand Old Flag. We drape the Flag over the coffin of our dead and we fold this Flag so carefully that it won't have a wrinkle in it and we give it to our fallin hero's wife or family! We see the President of this country standing in front of all those Flags. We still don't understand why the Flag is so dear to our hearts! If you don't want the Flag of this nation, then do us a favor and get out and don't come back! This is Old Glory, and not just a piece of cloth!
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