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Veterans Day speech available

A guidelined speech for Veterans Day (Nov. 11), drafted by The American Legion’s Public Relations Division, is now available online by clicking here. The PR division drafts speeches for various patriotic national holidays as a way for Legion members to go out into their communities and emphasize what The American Legion represents, or to just observe the day with post ceremonies. The speeches are not meant to be recited verbatim. Instead, members are greatly encouraged to amend them as they see fit, in whatever way they feel best relates the Legion’s message to their audience.

All posts are encouraged to upload recaps and photos of their Veterans Day celebrations and other community activities to the blog Legiontown USA. Legiontown is a place for Legionnaires to tell the stories of all the good they do, every day, and see how other Legionnaires across the country are doing the same.


  1. You haven't gotten any better over all these years. Now wonder your numbers of so dismal. You deserted us Vietnam vets and treated us like leapers. Now you want us to join you. Where is the speech? It's not here. Jerks.
  2. Take another look Tim, There's a new leadership in town. Even the Dep't of Ohio is now led by Vietnam Era vets and you can believe that we are are behind al efforts now.
  3. Mr. Turner, If you click on the link and then scroll to the bottom of the publications page there is a second link to the Veterans Day 2013 Speech. R/ LT Justin R. Caudle
  4. Sir, I want a copy of the Veterans day speech. I logged on the web site and clicked on the "click here" and received everything but the speech draft. Can you please help me with this. I would appreciate it if you would mail it to me @ 901 Rich Road B'ham Al. 35215. I used to be on the mailing list. Thank You. F.Wayne Turner
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