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Pearl Harbor remembered


  1. What is the America Legion doing to promote the 70th anniversary of This day? On the 10th anniversity of 9/11, there was so much media hoopla covering this tragedy weeks before the anniversity. Now we are coming upon another tragedy,the 70th anniversity of Pearl Harbor and NOTHING is hardly being mentioned. On December 7th we will hear bits and pieces from the media. Or do we have to tune into the Military Channel to see this? I think that the 70th anniversity of PEARL HARBOR merits full continuous coverage weeks in advance. I am disappointed that the Veterans organizations are not doing something to bring awareness of this first terrorist attack to the attention of the American people weeks and days ahead by using all sources of the media to sponsor a program dedicated to PEARL HARBOR and the lives lost. Use this to bring attention to "Day of Infamy" The younger generation don't seem to care because they are not taught this in school and the Veterans of the Greatest Generation who lived thru this will not be with us as 1200-1500 veterans a day are dying. We need to promote this anniversity of PEARL HARBOR, the 70th anniversity only comes once and to show those who are still living from the "Greatest Generation" that America cares about those who made the ultimate sacrifices so that we may live in freedom.
  2. Around 9:30 AM I noticed there was no proclamation yet. I checked with an American Legion representative and he tried to get in touch with someone in the white house press secretary office. After many tries he talked to a live person, at around 9:40 AM who said it would be posted later in the Morning? I checked at 9:45 AM and it had been proclaimed to fly the flag at half mast. I wonder if all U.S. military stations did not lower the flag at 8 AM, and if they did it was unauthorized? bt16
  3. What took the office so long to issue the proclamation to fly the flag at half-mast today. I was already at work when they issued it. It would be nice if the White House could present these 5-7 days before hand. I would have honored those on Pearl Harbor Day if they would have gotten the word out. The morning of the day of the event is poor timing. I take care of the flags around our town when we fly the flag at half-mast.. Thanks for listening.
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