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As Congress looks to cut spending, should DoD accounts be considered for reduction?

Yes, everything needs to be looked at, and the growth in personnel spending from retirement and health must be part of it.
11% (153 votes)
Yes, but only accounts dealing with procurement, not military personnel accounts.
21% (284 votes)
No, we are fighting two wars, and Defense Spending should be set at roughly 5% of GDP.
14% (187 votes)
No, we joined the military with an understanding we would get health care for life. You can’t retroactively change that.
54% (740 votes)
Total votes: 1364


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  1. Hear the Rumbling of Former US President Eisenhower in his Grave ? He told us so, in the Farewell Speech. As a Former Constituent of Congressman, now Governor of Ohio, John Kasich. Defense Spending is an Overwhelming Joke, that Really Shouldn't be Laughed at. Advantages & Opportunity taken from the "Vultures" on the High Wire. Procurement's are Corrupt, if NOT a Complete Broken & Unjust/Unfair System. It Should be a Level Playing Field in Conducting/Transacting Business with All Factions of Our Government ! But, it's the same ole "who you know", "what part of Family", "What Organization, Membership, Etc.", type Baloney ! Economically: We're at the Point of NO Return here. Depression, Recession or Inflation is going to Occur Inevitably !!! Take YOUR Pick. Pay for What YOU Want, in Full ! The Hypocrisy of Everyone would UNVEIL, if there was a Selection to Option-Out of Contributing to a Program. With the Notion, You Feel Do Not Need, in the Present or Future. America First

  2. While I believe I earned every penny of my retirement pay, I would be willing to take a cut. The politicians have sold America a bill of goods for the past 50 years. America however wanted to believe that the government could provide everything for everyone. Most Americans seem to have developed an "entitled mentality". They bought the lie that you deserved the large home, the two SUV's, snowmobiles, motorcycles, RV's etc.... Whether they could afford them or not. Financing was made available to a significant portion of the population that could not afford the items purchased. Most declined to save for their eventual retirement. Most didn't lead healthy lifestyles ie obesity and smoking. A large portion of America believes the government has or will have a plan for their future, they do. It's called poverty or working until your in a box! Don't misunderstand, I dont care how you live or what you buy, its your right as an american. I don't support cuts for combat disabled Vets!

  3. I think that the first cuts should be Congress then the Senate not only there pay but also they should be on Social security when they retire not the inflated retirement they voted themselves. Then the bean counters need there wages and benifits cut since they want to cut the ones who to the fighting. Those cuts would fix not only the DOD budget but get Social Security fixed and then the system would fix its self.

  4. sorry guy and ladies ,i was declared disabled by social security on 1 june , i lost my military medical benfits due to being eligable for mediaid part b which i will have to pay 145.00 dollars per month . and because of my previous employment i get no funds for this disability . (dont spell check this)

  5. Doesn't sound right. Suggest you check with your local veterans assistant group usually located in county seats. They are very helpful.
    Thank you for your service, Marine!

  6. Wonder about the above comment... "close all of our military bases not involved in Afghanistan and Iraq" My unit that went to Iraq a few times, was a National Guard base.. how do you close all the bases that have to do with these war zones. Do we close our National Guard Bases? Now a days we're not just talking about active military bases involved, after we cut our active military down to bare minimums, we've had to use our National Guard & Reserves that were not used in Vietnam & previous because of the draft. Half the time our troops now have to wonder if they'll be paid?, have the right equipment for what they need to do? some are worried they'll have to pay for their uniforms?? You know the cuts they will make will hurt the troops. They will cut our VA benefits, they will cut the availability of current drugs for us, they will cut our ability to receive wheelchairs/powerchairs, and other things we need to live. No don't cut cause they will cut the wrong things...

  7. Yes, the DOD, our military committments throughout the world, inefficiency and all contribute to gross over spending by the Congress and DOD. We need to close all of our military bases not involved in Afghanistan and Iraq and bring those troops home. Procurement contracts must be more stringent to end cost overruns and delays in development. Waste, fraud and sbuse still exist in the military and must be stopped.

    Perhaps the DOD needs to heed Eisenhower's warning about the military-industrial complex because this is where the cost overruns are occurring.

    Leave troop support alone, including benefits, pay and family support.

    Eliminate the overlapping programs and offices; streamline the DOD and simplify its administration. If we do not clean up all of the messes in our federal government, we will continue to sink into bankruptcy.

    Ron Kriel
    CAPT USN (Ret.)

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