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Should the U.S. debt ceiling be raised?

No. Raising the debt ceiling will only prolong the need for reduced government spending.
48% (876 votes)
Yes. But only with a mandate to cut discretionary government programs and entitlement costs according to strict deadlines.
23% (416 votes)
Yes. The debt ceiling is obviously too low to pull our economy out of the recession and begin reducing the debt.
16% (284 votes)
It doesn't matter. This debate is more about politics than economy.
13% (242 votes)
Total votes: 1818


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  1. I'm very disappointed that instead of looking for ways to cut spending (like killing Obamacare), the president is looking to raise the debt ceiling and increase taxes. I pay enough in taxes and don't want myself and future generations paying for foolish pet projects for congressmen they make deals with so they will vote to make it happen. That wasn't the original intent of having a congress and a house.

  2. If the people we placed in charge really cared about the need forchange they would have been cutting there own pay to begin with to help secure a lower debt ceiling. this is nothing more the smoke filled coffee house garbage in my opinion!

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