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How can the United States best reduce its dependence on foreign oil?

Aggressively invest in the development and supply of alternate energy resources.
34% (314 votes)
Allow drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
61% (562 votes)
Enact subsidies and enforce regulations to reduce consumption.
2% (19 votes)
Tap into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
2% (19 votes)
Total votes: 914


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  1. "Drill, Baby, Drill" is only part of the answer. The regulatory policies must be relaxed to allow more refining and processing capacity. The U.S. is quite capable of energy independence in the near future but our present energy companies should also invest in research leading to greater efficiency and environmentally clean use of the resources we have. As the population grows we will eventually need a combination of nuclear, fossil fuels, and solar (solar includes wind). Fuel derived from agriculture should be abandoned; our agricultuaral capacity is and will be needed for food.
    How about trading food to the mideast for oil?

  2. A combination approach that agressively seeks alternative energy sources while just as aggressively exploiting the available domestic sources would be far better than any of the offered choices.

    Robert Ireland (PUFL) Post 174 Willits, CA

  3. I concur with comments above. Your poll has presented marginal answers to the problem, with no possibility presented for a real solution. It is true, though, that massive quantities of oil are recoverable in the Bakken formation, in reserves found in Colorado, in known reserves offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, offshore California,as well as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. And massive reserves of natural gas exist inside the borders of this country. Estimates I have read show oil and gas reserves in this country greater than any other known reserves on the planet. Coal, too, is sufficient for multiple hundreds of years, if only hysteria over the environment can be relieved enough to make use of it.

  4. There needs to be another optional answer added. It should be "OTHER". Then the author should be able to explain. Your choices are just not enough.

    Blackhawk 6 Delta

  5. Please look at this. I have also seen it mentioned on TV, briefly.
    "This oil find is in North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana." This is a quote I received. I can give you website if needed that substandciate this claim. It also stated that this will produce more than we import and will last for years. I don't think our government wants this know.
    It's a formation known as the Williston Basin, but is more commonly referred to as the 'Bakken. Type them into google and you will find a ton of information.

    We have hundreds, maybe thousands of workers in the area from Alaska and other places.
    Lap dancers were on a major TV interview talking about how much they are making from oil workers in N. Dakota.

  6. defenitely agree, exploring oil and gas in our own country thereby creating jobs and fulfilling our needs

  7. The nation is literally sitting on huge reserves of natural gas. The BO Administration is doing nothing about natural gas production. It's time we exploit our natural gas resources and use our natural gas instead of foreign oil.

  8. Spot on!
    I fail to understand and am continually amazed at the lack of attention that is given to this "alternative".

    We have enough NG to last for the next 10yrs right here in the domestic US. It's much less costly, abundant, efficient and IS NOT FOREIGN!

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