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Will Congress find a way to avoid the massive budget cuts of sequestration by Jan. 1?

Yes. They will work together to iron out a compromise that makes sense.
2% (27 votes)
Yes. They will pass some sort of extension to buy time in effort to come up with a different solution.
32% (400 votes)
No. Congress could not figure this out a year ago and there’s no reason to think they will figure it out now.
33% (411 votes)
No. The automatic cuts give lawmakers an easy out, and they will take it.
33% (410 votes)
Total votes: 1248


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  1. I believe that congress will vote on an extension to avoid budget cuts and if President Obama gets re elected, republican moderates will have an argument for compromise with democrats as conservatives will no longer have rationalization to stop reelection of Obama.

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