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What is the most important issue veterans face this Veterans Day?

Health care
39% (595 votes)
Career opportunities
17% (251 votes)
Understanding of the military experience from the public
9% (131 votes)
The VA claims backlog
25% (377 votes)
Education and training opportunities
3% (46 votes)
Family support
2% (27 votes)
5% (80 votes)
Total votes: 1507


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  1. Does anyone have any update information regards to the recoupment that was suspended in Jun or July of 2010 by DFAS.

  2. The VA has been very good to me over the years. I've never had any Problems with them at all. I have always got my health care there, they paid for me to go to school and helped me buy my first house. When I came home from the Army in '77 I went to VA Health care the first time I got sick, my care was free. As I made improvements in my employments I gave them my health insurance info and they bill them. I don't Have a problem with it. That helps pay for an uderfunded system and for those that can't pay. I have never went anywhere else for health care.

  3. The most important issue for all of us is the loss of the freedoms we fought so hard to keep for ourselves and future generations of Americans. Our government has been going in the wrong direction (i.e. bigger gov't) for some time now. The only thing different now is the increased speed of gov't growth. Also, that politicians are less apologetic these days when they get caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

  4. When I entered the Army 43 years ago I was told that the VA medical care would be there for me when I needed it. Don't have war wounds, don't have any service connected disabilities, honorably discharged. Now the VA Medical Center doesn't want to give us that free medical care in our old age. I guess that's Obama's American dream.

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