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How will the federal government avoid falling off the fiscal cliff in January?

By increasing taxes
26% (361 votes)
By reducing spending
15% (208 votes)
No one will compromise, so sequestration will take its course
58% (799 votes)
Total votes: 1368


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  1. There is no willingness on the part of either the Democrats or the Republicans to compromise on anything. There hasn't been for years and at the present point in time there is a growing number from both parties that believe "going over the (so-called) fiscal cliff" will achieve better results (political numbers) for their political party the next election.

    Then there are the Libertarians that believe going over the fiscal cliff is much better now than just throwing away the debt ceiling and spending as if the government owned the money tree until the cliff we plunge over resembles the one Greece is teetering at the edge of currently. Either way, the economic cliff is inevitable because there is no such thing as FREE anything and taxing the "rich" (however you compute rich) even at 100% of what they make will not resolve the problem as long as there remains citizens that believe the government is there to provide for them from the cradle to the grave.

    Perhaps it isn’t, as suggested by the Libertarians, all that bad if we do go over the economic cliff now rather than waiting for this country to resemble Greece. Neither will be pleasant but the in current political atmosphere it seems the result most desired by both sides of the aisle might just lead to the realization that no matter how you try you will never be able to spend more than you take in without, sooner or later, going bankrupt. At least then there might be a political atmosphere more conducive to economic programs with well thought out cost and effect analysis that involves more than pandering for partisan political advantage at the expense of everyone else.

    Whether we do or not we will survive this just as the nation has survived every other stumbling block that has presented itself.

  2. Increase Taxes and Reduce Spending, Put every American to work, this will increase Taxes as they will be earning an income and pay taxes instead of a hand out. Take care of our senior citizens as they have taken care of us. Reduce spending by using what we already have, I am using the same hammer that i have used for over 40 years that cost 10 dollars. Put our people to work by buying made in USA, unless you want to go to work for the Republic of China in the US

  3. I think b4 Christmas we will have an agreement that both increases taxes and cuts spending. I hope that the DoD budget is left in tact

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